Yes CaCao Chocolate Bars Product Review

Samples from Yes Cacao, a raw vegan, organic chocolate company

I love cacao, and I personally find it hard to find really good, gluten-free, raw vegan chocolates. That’s why, I was SUPER excited when Yes CaCao came into my life, as my search for sacred, epic chocolate has FINALLY been solved! ūüôā

Yes CaCao chocolate bars are one of the BEST and most AMAZING chocolate bars on the market. I’m not just saying that either; I really mean it. There’s something magical about their chocolate bars that optimizes my mind, body, soul, and even my heart and third eye. Let me tell you about my Yes¬†CaCao¬†experience…¬†
When I first tried Yes CaCao chocolate bars, I was amazed and in chocolate heaven. I immediately felt the YES¬†after eating their chocolate bars. Their bars are more than magical; they’re energetic, delicious AND beyond nutritious! This is, quoting Yes CaCao, “next level chocolate”, for sure!¬†
Yes CaCao currently have 3 RAW and WOWmazing flavors, and I was lucky to try them all… ūüėČ
Ingredients: Cacao, Lucuma, Coconut Palm Sugar, Sundried Cane Juice Crystals, Kava, Gaba Extract, Vanilla Bean, Turmeric, Coriander, Blue Lotus Spagyric, Himalayan Salt.
This was the first bar I tried, and let me tell you, I instantly felt the YES and the¬†amazingness of their chocolate. I ate it on an empty stomach, and I gained more¬†mental¬†clarity, focus and energy. This one almost tastes like dark chocolate. It’s rich, sweet and creamy delicious. I felt calm, focused and relaxed when I ate it. Loved this one, and it’s my second-third favorite.
I’m a very busy girl with a chattering monkey mind, and this chocolate helped to calm down my mind, body, soul, and nerves, and put me in a meditative zone/mindset. Besides the taste being WOW and YEStastic, the smell was quite pleasant, too.¬†
Ingredients: Cacao, Coconut Palm Sugar, Sundried Cane Juice Crystals, Lucuma, Coconut Butter, Maca, Mesquite, Reishi, Vanilla, Shilajit, Tulsi, Gynostemma, Himalayan Salt, Fennel, Peppermint. 
This one was really delicious. It was minty, rich, sweet, and fresh. The taste almost reminds me of a minty dark chocolate. This one is my second favorite, and it made me feel grounded during and long after eating dirty. The smell was minty and heavenly. Really gave me a brain boost. 
And last but certainly not least….¬†
Ingredients: Cacao, Lucuma, Sundried Cane Juice Crystals, Coconut Palm Sugar, Maca, Mesquite, Yacon, Vanilla, Lion’s Mane, Ginko, Bacopa, Turmeric, Coriander, Pine Pollen, Cinnamon, Almond Oil, English Toffee Stevia, Gynostemma, Eye Ens Spagyric, Himalayan Salt. 


Yes CaCao’s karma mellowl chocolate bar. This is known as the “golden chocolate”. Notice the golden color and how it stands out from the Dirty and Gaba Baba chocolate. I love the YES printing on each chocolate bar piece. Just magical….
WOW, YES… In all frankness, Karma Mellowl was my number ONE favorite!!! My dad and I really LOVED and enjoyed this one A LOT. Both the smell and the taste were pleasant and heavenly. This bar is called “golden chocolate”, and it even has a golden color. The taste is very rich, creamy and sweet. In fact, this one is the sweetest chocolate bar of all three.


The flavor reminds me of caramel, white chocolate and latte, and the smell is…. WOW. Almost smells like white chocolate caramel. Words can’t describe how delicious karma mellowl is; it just makes you mellow when you eat it. You just have to experience it yourself.¬†Karma mellowl truly won my heart and taste buds. I feel the epic combinations in this bar are truly wonderful and makes the perfect golden chocolate marriage <3¬†


As you see, their chocolates are made with more than just a¬†batter of cacao and coconut sugar…¬†Yes CaCao¬†is epic raw vegan chocolate infused with healing herbs (Ayurvedic, Taoist and Amazonian), powerful superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, crystal elixirs, flower essences, love, and prayer. Their bars so truly unique and authentic, and definitely like no other chocolate on the market.¬†

Of course,¬†Yes¬†CaCao¬†chocolate bars are all raw vegan, organic, non-GMO, soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, wild-harvested, low-glycemic, and botanical. Their bars are never roasted, so you can feel the YES even more powerfully. When you eat their bars, you’re literally going to be vibrating at a high frequency (which is love and happiness) <3 ūüôā
Not only are their bars delicious and nutritious, they also smell heavenly goooood. Immediately when you open up the package, the aroma hits your nostrils and your cells begin to dance¬†with¬†joy and love. Your taste buds will sing “YES” to the chocolate gods when you take your first bite. It’s simply wonderful…¬†
Yes CaCao chocolate bars are¬†approximately¬†3.25″ tall x 2″ wide, and¬†comes in a cute, small packaging.¬†
I definitely felt the YES during and long after eating Yes CaCao chocolates. I felt really amazing afterwards, and I even felt my heart chakra and pineal gland opening up. It was an epic experience; totally ‘next level chocolate’ they call it. Their chocolates are magical… There is one rule that they encourage everyone to do before devouring/enjoying each the chocolate: MAKE A WISH, then TAKE A BITE. YES, I did just that ūüôā
I really LOVE Yes CaCao chocolate bars. If you’re a chocoholic like I am, I KNOW you’re gonna fall in love with Yes CaCao chocolates :).
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One of my favorite ways to enjoy Yes CaCao chocolate bars are inside fruit salads (like this one), inside banana ice cream, or simply eat as a monomeal snack. Can you feel the yes?

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  1. Wow, this chocolate sounds delicious and dreamy! Thank you for sharing this terrific editorial. I ordered three of each flavor using your coupon. I look forward to trying the chocolate and to more posts from you as well ūüôā

    • Thank you so much, Anelia!! I’m happy to share and im glad you enjoyed this post ūüôā the chocolate bars are very dreamy, creamy and delicious‚ÄĒI’m excited for you to to try them ūüôā I know you’re going to love and enjoy them. Stay tuned for more posts coming for sure! Xx

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