Miliany’s Response To ‘Vegan Bloggers Who Think Periods Are Toxic & Not Natural’

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Recently, there has been a lot of buzz talk about the vegan bloggers who think periods are toxic and not natural. Being that I shared about many ladies who have lost their period or have reduced their period, along with my experience when transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle – it’s no surprise that I was bashed by many doctors, dietitians and journalists. Dozens upon dozens of news websites such as Daily Mail, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Kansas City, Delish, Self, MSN, Yahoo, Health, College Candy, On Diet and Health, and even Hollywood Life, to just name a few. 

So, with all these outlets spreading the same false claims against me, I was compelled to write a response to hopefully clear the air and set the record clean and straight. 

Since publishing my period post on March 12, 2016, it has been the most popular article I’ve written on Raw Vegan Living. It’s gained rapid popularity in such a short period of time. The amount of uplifting comments and feedback I received has amazed me! Numerous of ladies and young girls have personally thanked me for writing and sharing my experience and research on menstrual cycles. So many women had the same experience as I did; went raw and lost their period for months, but then got it back by eating cooked foods. I am proud to say that all in all, my period post has been much help and a relief for hundreds of women from all over the world. 

But it wasn’t until the libel defamatory claims have spread that the troll comments started rolling in. 

Here is an overview of the false claims made against me: 

  • I suggest an ‘extreme diet’ to lighten up or stop periods @Daily Mail 
  • I am encouraging women to stop their periods altogether 
  • “Their periods stop when they avoid protein and fat.” Beverly, owner of On Diet and Health 
  • “Trying to convince their audiences that periods are toxic and stupid. Because of that, they’re proposing “extreme diets” to help women eliminate their periods.” “Encouraging young, insecure girls to develop an eating disorder.”  – Hannah Bleau, author at Chicks On The Right
  • Saying false claim ‘that I halt my periods with extreme dietary changes.’ – Lisa Gutierrez, author at Kansas City 

All these claims are INACCURATE!!! 

One thing you’ll notice in all those posts written about me is, they all claim that I suggest/promote/encourage an ‘extreme diet‘ to lighten up or stop periods. NOWHERE did I say nor suggest to ANYONE an extreme diet to lighten up or stop periods, so I don’t know where they are getting that information from! Never realized eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds was an ‘extreme diet’.

It’s written in my disclaimer: “I am NOT encouraging ladies to lose their period. I just want to shed light on this very controversial, yet important topic that needs to be discussed.” They definitely took what I said out of context, in more ways then one! 

Lastly, I never once said that I avoid eating protein and fat. Below is a screenshot of me clearly saying in a response to one of my comments to one of my readers who commented on my period post who told me that they know clearly that I eat fat and don’t avoid it! 

Proof that I eat fats in my diet without a problem!


So, Where Did All These Claims Arise From, Besides Coming From A Fake News Outlet Site like Daily Mail UK?

Meet The Deceiver! 

Alice Sholl, a journalist who writes for Vice/Broadly in the UK


It all started when I was emailed by Alice Sholl, a journalist who writes for Vice/Broadly who was writing a piece about how many raw and vegan bloggers are using their diets to lighten up or stop their periods. She read my post and asked if I was interested in commenting my perspectives to include in her article. 

At first, this sounded like such a great opportunity to get my period post heard by the masses. I was under the impression that Alice was going to write something positive, but little did I know, that she was going to be a deceitful journalist, who’s intentions was to write a deceitful, bashing article about a topic they don’t want women to know about. 

You can read Alice’s post here that she published on May 13, 2017: 

Broadly: The Vegan Bloggers Who Think Periods Are Not Natural. 


But it turns out, I’m not the only vegan blogger who thinks menstruation is toxicity leaving the body, and I’m not the only one being bashed! Freelee the Banana Girl, a world-renowned vegan YouTuber believes a light period or “mega light,” (in her words) is a healthy period, and that uncomfortable periods are “not natural,” and are caused by a fatty or “toxic” diet. She shared her experience in her video she published in 2013, which got over 400,000 views. 

Another vegan blogger from Wausau News wrote a post on her blog titled ‘NO MORE PERIODS! LESS TOXINS, LESS BLOOD!‘ This blogger says (and I quote):  

“Menstruation is the body’s desperate attempt to free itself from toxins.  After reading the anecdotes of extremely healthy women, the possibility of completely eliminating my menstrual cycle is a goal I strive for yet again.”


You can read her blogpost here on the topic and her experiences


I’m just sharing my experiences, my research and discoveries on this topic in hopes to help other women who’ve gone through the same experience as me. So many women suffer with heavy and painful periods and if they only knew that a simple lifestyle change (that is NOT extreme) can help ease the pain and blood flow. Lighter periods just comes naturally when you eat a clean, raw pure living lifestyle. I’ve received and read hundreds of testimonials from ladies who have reduced or lost their periods, after transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. Many were afraid and concerned about losing their period, but after going to the doctor and being told they’re ‘clean and healthy’ – they felt better and began trusting their body more. So, GO FIGURE! It’s important to note ladies, that it’s still possible to ovulate even without a cycle. 


menorrhagia_Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Image Source: / Menorrhagia / Heavy Menstrual Bleeding


So, Why Would They Spread False Defamatory Claims Against Me? 

It’s simple: I’m spreading truth on the benefits of eating a clean, plant-based lifestyle, which in result, the body becomes cleaner. In result of clean eating, your menstrual cycle becomes lighter naturally. THEY are the ones encouraging women that having heavy periods are normal and healthy. 

One of the articles bashing me said: 

“Doctors are coming out and warning women about this 


practice and reminding them that periods are a natural biological function.” 

No one in the health industry is talking about this topic. Why would they? It would greatly affect the tampon industry which is worth BILLIONS. Doctors and dietitians don’t want ladies to become aware and enlightened about their menstrual cycles, as it would affect their profits. They were trying to admonish me and my post, to convince women all over the world that having heavy periods is OK, natural and part of a women’s life and health. Unfortunately, it’s not working because most of my readers are intelligent and are enlightened and know the truth about menstruation. 

This is what Kansas City said in their post:


 “But some physicians are not happy that vegan and raw food bloggers such as Banana Girl are telling their online followers that extremely tweaking their diets will release them from the “curse” of painful periods.” – by Kansas City

Sounds more like to me that they are upset that I am offering ladies the ‘secret recipe’ to help ease their painful periods! 

I said this from the beginning; I know there will be women and young girls who don’t agree with what I have to share about menstrual cycles, but the truth is the truth. According to one of the many doctors like Dr. Llaila Afrika, he says that mensuration is not necessary and if it does occur, it should only be small drops, averaging about 1-3 drops! This is considered ‘classical menstrual cycle’. He states that heavy periods is the body hemorrhaging (or also known as ‘menorrhagia’ in medical term), which isn’t normal and healthy. Watch his video here where he gets further in-depth on the topic


Image Source: Flickr / rbmay 


Other leaders in the raw food movement such as:

I have been predominantly vegan now for over 45 years, and know my case study similar was in the mid 1970s, a lady that went vegan and had no menstruation for months, thought she was pregnant until spotting half a year later. Another case was a woman that went pure raw vegan with a lot of fresh juices, and did not have a period for 5 years, then was celebrating after finally having a flow!. Medical doctors had told her it was unhealthy, yet I have since spoken with countless women that change to mostly vegan / raw then have little if any bleeding with hardly any PMS when eating the cleaner, healthier diet. I run the web’s “Healing News Network” and chronicle cases of miraculous healing through eating correctly. and diet can be a life saver.”  


And more! I’ll be sharing more about this in a later post. For now, that’s all I have to say. 


In Closing

I hope this post has post turned out longer than I expected, but I had a lot to say. To all those who made it to this ENTIRE post, thanks for reading! I hope my response was articulate enough and set the record clear. I NEVER said nor suggested to ANYONE to COMPLETELY STOP menstruating through extreme dieting. And those who have said and/or continue to say that I said such things have taken what I said OUT OF CONTEXT COMPLETELY. 

None of these defamatory claims define me. I’m just simply spreading light on a topic that needs to be heard more. 


I would like to give special thanks to those who have supported me and sent me their kind, warming messages regarding this matter. I am thankful for the ladies who see the ‘light I am shedding’ on this topic. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I really do appreciate. 

Love and light, 



These are all the sources that wrote about me: 

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