Raw Vegan Teen 9 1/2 Days Water Fast Experience

Hey, my lovely readers! I’d love to tell you all about my recent 9 1/2 day water fast experience. This was my longest fast ever; I feel so proud and accomplished! The last fast that I did was a juice and water fast, which was for 2 weeks. I didn’t strictly drink just juice, I also drank water too. But technically, this was my longest fast because I ‘strictly’ only drank JUST water for 9 1/2 days!

this is me breaking my 9 1/2 days water fast on a medjool date. I was very happy! 🙂 My face definitely got smaller. 

this is me on my water fast. I think it was my 4th, 6th, or 8th day?? I look vibrant, slim & happy! My face was clear and glowing! 

Initially, my dad and I were going to do a 3-4 day water fast. But instead, (as you can see I went beyond 4 days!) we decided to go with the flow and not say an exact date on when we would finish. It’s always best for us. Yes, my dad water fasted with me too! We’ve always fasted together, and it’s always fun! But he didn’t break his fast yet. He’s still going strong! I am happy for him. For me
fasting for 9 1/2 days – that’s something to feel proud of. I remember when I first fasted back in October and that only lasted for 3 days. It was my very first time water fasting. But I will say, on THIS water fast, I had way more strength than on the first one. As you guys already know, last month I did juice and water fast for 11 days.

Why Did I Do This Fast?
I did this fast for weight loss, give my system a break, gain mental clarity, detoxing, and detox and cleanse my liver and kidneys.

Anyhoo, without further ado, here’s my water fast experience.

Before the fast….
I started my water fast on Monday 19th, Sunday was my last day eating before the fast. On Sunday, I drank 2 epic juices: 1.) a heirloom watermelon ONLY juice (I tried heirloom watermelons for the first time! it was so sweet, soft, organic, filling, refreshing, especially when cold! Heirloom watermelons are my dad and I’s favorite watermelon! I am not too excited about cantaloupes. >< Have you ever tried heirloom watermelons before? if not, you should!) and juice 2.) an awesome, delicious and refreshing apples and cucumber juice! I suggest making it today! So gooooooood! <3
apples cucumber juice
Water Fast Day 1:
So my day one of water was great, might I say. I felt great, strong and had strength! My dad and I thought of great recipes to try when we were back to eating foods again. I had a productive day (nothing crazy like lifting boxes or weights.) But I did do a one minute plank today for the abs. Day 1 on my fast was hilarious and fun!
Water Fast Day 2:
I felt calm, tired (i had energy, but not wanting to do much), slow, and relaxed. My dad and I both felt great! Definitely felt the detox symptoms: sore leg muscles. Again, another productive and busy day working on one of my BIGGEST projects. I promise, you guys will soon know about it. For now…
Water Fast Day 3:

Felt great, gained a bit more energy throughout the day, felt calmer, lighter, relaxed, and slow when walking. I had another busy and productive day. My dad and I were watching a video from John Kohler (I highly recommend watching that video to learn what we discovered about Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.) and learned some very interesting things. We had learned that Bragg’s liquid aminos naturally contains MSG! We couldn’t believe it. If you’re familiar with MSG, then you are aware that’s it’s unhealthy. For those who don’t, MSG stands for, Monosodium Glutamate, a toxic ingredient. MSG is a killer ingredient in your kitchen and super market. It’s hidden in more than
40 FDA-approved ingredients (not surprising to me). MSG is commonly found in soy, seasonings, chicken, burgers, chinese food, commercialized SAD foods, candies, pastas, canned goods, cereal, the list goes on. I’d never recommend buying and using MSG in ANY of my recipes!! If by any chance the recipes in my past posts contain MSG, please DO NOT ADD IT!
Here are some of the many dangers of MSG and Why You Should Stay Away:
  • causes blindness (instead of improving ones eyes, MSG damages the retinal cells that help improve eyesight!)
  • causes headaches
  • damages the brain and brain cells
  • leaves to nervous disorders
  • depression
  • obesity
  • fatigue and disorientation
  • nausea
  • weakness
  • chest pains
  • tiredness
  • short of breathe
  • inflammation
  • sweating
  • burning
  • numbness
  • rapid heartbeat
  • upset stomach
  • the list goes on and on!
To learn more about this toxic killer ingredient read this post and this post. Educate yourself. You DON”T want MSG in your kitchen, do you? Stay away, I warn.

MSG monosodium glutamate

BUT – there is a healthier alternative to liquid aminos! *drum roll please*…. COCONUT AMINOS from the wonderful company who brought you coconut nectar!! Coconut aminos is way healthier than liquid aminos. As you already learned, liquid aminos contains MSG, coconut aminos doesn’t. Coconut aminos is made from coconuts rather than soy. It naturally contains 17 amino acids, 100% organic, enzymatically raw, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan! So it’s a 100% soy-free and MSG free! The benefits of coconut aminos are awesome, as you can see in the picture below. 

you can now use coconut aminos in any of my recipes that calls for liquid aminos. Liquid aminos does not fall in my book; i deleted it already and you should too! CLICK on the pic to go to coconut amino’s page on their site.
Coconut Secret are truly a great company, go support them! 
coconut secret coconut aminos
One more thing I’d like to mention, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar IS healthy, BUT – I learned (not from John’s very informative video) that COCONUT VINEGAR is more nutritious than apple cider vinegar, because researchers found that apple cider vinegar does not contain vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, coconut vinegar DOES contain traces of vitamins and minerals! Coconut vinegar is made from coconuts and apple cider vinegar is made from apples. See here to buy and to learn about coconut vinegar. But, I am not saying that apple cider vinegar is not healthy, which it IS like I said. All I’m saying is, coconut vinegar is more nutritious than apple cider vinegar, according to researchers. Although, I do believe apple cider vinegar does have some traces of vitamins and minerals. 
Luckily, this case is not like liquid aminos where you shouldn’t add it to your shopping list; with this, you have an option to choose which vinegar you want and like (apple or coconut vinegar?). If you’re not a fan of coconuts, you can go with the apple cider vinegar. Both are healthy, and as long as you stay away from MSG – you’re rawkin’! 
health benefits of apple cider vinegar
ow, continuing with my water fast experience… 
Water Fast Day 4:
When I woke up, I weighed myself. One of the amazing benefits of water fasting (or any fasts) is weight loss. My dad and I definitely lost weight on this fast. Before the fast, I was 115 and when I weighed myself today (day 4) I was 110! I lost 5 pounds! I felt lighter, slimmer, calmer, relaxed, tired, a bit of dizziness, energy here and there, and sore legs. Detox, detox, detox! Laid down, prayed and meditated a bit. It felt great and I was energized afterwards. We both felt great, so we continued on with our fast.

Water Fast Day 5:
Felt strong, lighter, calm, relaxed, and tired, but with energy. I felt great and had another busy productive day. Gosh, I wish I could of have recorded each day of my fast. Oh well. Next time. 
Water Fast Day 6:
Felt great, looked great; calmer, relaxed, slow, strong, weakness, and lighter. Another busy and productive day. My dad was going really strong; moving around, driving and lifting. You should of seen him. His water fast experience is inspiring! I am still going strong.
Water Fast Day 7:
Felt calmer, relaxed, lighter, slimmer, slow, and strong. My dad came up with this great facial to smooth and moisturize the skin using only 2 simple ingredients we had on hand. Here’s the recipe:
Coconut Oil & Salt Facial:
makes as much as you want
a pinkie size of coconut oil
a few dashes sea salt
Take a pinkie size amount of coconut oil and place it on the palm of your hands. Add a few (not too much, though! like 3-4) dashes of sea salt on the palm of your hands. Spread the oil and salt together with your the two palm of your hands and spread it all over your face (and arms if you like). 
If you’re applying this on your face before bed, you don’t need to wash it off with water. You can safely sleep with it on your face, if you don’t care about your pillow getting coconut oil and salt on it. If you’re doing this during the day, you can also leave it on or wash it off. It’s really up to you. If you want to wash it off, wash it off. I slept in mines, and my face was super soft (like a baby!) the next morning! It was glowing with life! Next time you have coconut oil and salt on hand, try this easy facial. You’ll love it, especially if you want clear, anti-aging, glowing skin. My dad and I have been doing this almost every night. Love it. 
Water Fast Day 8 & 9:
I weighed myself today and I was 108! I was excited! I almost felt like breaking the fast today, but I keep going strong. I felt calm, relaxed, skin glowing, dizziness, and slight headache. I came up with epic rawesome recipes, I can’t wait to try them. I was craving all these foods each day of my fast, but I took control of my mind. I did well. On Sunday I stopped eating at 9 PM (I drank a watermelon juice as said above), which would have my dad and I entering our 9 day water fast. 
Water Fast Day 9 1/2:
Woke up, felt weak, asked the infinite spirit within if I’m reading to break the fast, and I did. My body felt ready to break the fast, and so I broke them on a date, just like I did on my juice and water fast. I felt better. Dates are a great comeback food when doing a fast. I ate 3 dates (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Wow, the dates were perfect! So delicious, soft, chewy and medjool. I drank more water. My body still felt like I was on a water fast, though. My dad continued on his fast, good for him! 
medjool date
I hope you enjoyed reading the Raw Vegan Teen’s 9 1/2 water fast experience! I am eating light foods until the fourth day, then I can bring it up a notch. My dinner today is going to be a few dates with coconut water. Yum! Light, alkalizing and refreshing. I highly recommend that everyone does a water fast. At least for 3 days. Then take it up to a week, and so fourth. It’s just an experience that YOU have to experience for yourself. Read this post on the benefits of water fasting by Dr. Doug Graham

The benefits of fasting is just amazing! Many raw vegans, vegans and people have fasts such as Jesus, Gandhi, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha, and much more! Many people have fastest for longer periods of time, which you have to prepare for. Before fasting, make sure to have a common goal (just like anything in life) on why you’re fasting and doing what you’re doing. I believe everyone can fast; not everybody has the mind frame to. I suggest you look into fasting and really consider it. Many people have cured diabetes, cancer, tumors, toxic, and anything else that they may have in their bodies. I can go on and on about how amazing and the benefits of fasting. Here are some videos on the benefits from Dan McDonald, The Liferegenerator.
    Much love, 
miliany bonet

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  1. Wow, Im so impressed! You did great!! I have never water fasted, only juice fasted and not for this long, so this sounds crazy to me, haha 😉 You should be proud!
    Happy wednesday to you!

    • Thank you!! 🙂 Oh, I am VERY proud at myself!! =) How long have you juice fasted? Haha, there are many people who’ve done it wayyy longer than me (20, 30, 40, 60, etc!). Our ancient anchestor’s fasted and I believe we should practice it a few times a year. Many of the greats back in the day have fasted (along with people in our day; raw vegans, vegans and many others): Hippocrates, Plato, Gandhi, Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, God, Myans, and much more! (a post series on this coming soon!) They all promoted, lived and supported fasting for several reasons and I can understand why.

      You think water fasting is crazy? 😉 I think it’s crazy that so many people stuff themselves with junk food constantly everyday and NEVER give their bodies, kidneys, liver and colon a break. Some people make big deals whenever they miss a meal. It’s so important to give your system a break from all the food that one consumes on a date to day basis. (I am not saying this is you, I am just speaking of people in general).

      Most people should really consider fasting more often. We ALL would benefit from it. Americans don’t need to suffer from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, stroke, heart attack, tumors, and any other chronic, unnecessary illnesses. Many have healed their illnesses/diseases through water fasting or any fasting. Even a 3, 4 or 7 day water fast! Our bodies can really benefit from it.

      Like the Hippocrates said: “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. Health is our wealth. 🙂

      Like I said in the post, everyone can fast; not everyone has the mind frame to do so. Some who don’t have knowledge about this topic, “fasting” might find it crazy than for those who do know. I am not saying anything about you or referring to you directly, Ragnhild. I am talking about people in general, as I do get this react a lot from people and many will say it 😉

      Happy Wednesday to you, too! =) xoxo

  2. I’ve never water fasted, and not sure that I ever will (since I have struggled with disordered eating, it is probably not a good idea), but thank you for sharing your experience. It seems to take incredible strength and sounds like it is good to have the support of someone doing it with you like your father.

    • Hi there!

      Water fasting has SO many amazing health benefits and one of them is it can cure eating disorders, so you would really benefit from it. As long as you do it right, you’ll be fine! If you want to fast, but not ready to do a water fast – that’s fine! Just do a juice fast first, then slowly go with the water. 🙂

      Thank you! I’m happy to share. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my experience, as that was my goal for all my readers! Yes, you need strength, the right mind frame and strong enough to continue. It’s way easier when you have someone doing it with you and to have that support, especially from your parents.

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