Vegan Dawn ‘How Can We Have Peace’ Shirt Review

I love supporting companies who are making a difference in this world. Companies who promote the same message that I do is what I’m talking about. 

For those who know me, know that I am passionate about spreading the vegan message and promote it wholeheartedly. Veganism for me, is about saving the animals, transforming lives and living a life free from cruelty and filled with much peace, love, joy, and compassion. 

“How can we have peace if we kill other beings? 

That’s what my shirt says. Peace starts from within and if we want to see this world a happier and healthier place, change must start with YOU (ourselves) first. 

I absolutely love wearing vegan apparel. Not only do I live and breathe a plant-based lifestyle, but I also wear it! This ‘How Can We Have peace If We Kill Other Beings‘ shirt is from Vegan Dawn. They reached out to me and sent me a shirt so I could review here. They sell cool shirts with awesome vegan messages. Their shirts fit well fitted on me (aka ‘fit size’). I’m size small and this shirt is quite fit sized. 

Check them out at their Etsy store here: 

And you can enjoy 10% off by using promo code: RawVeganLivingBlog10. Expire December 31, 2017

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