On this page, you’ll find useful information, videos, blogs, links, people, documentaries, books, and movies that I think you might find helpful, informative and interesting. These resources involve the following topics: 

  • veganism 
  • the environment
  • the air 
  • pollution 
  • the TRUTH about food and the food industry 
  • animal cruelty 
  • animal rights
  • human rights
  • the raw food diet
  • nutrition
  • health
  • videos 
  • the universe
  • government control
  • and more! 
These resources definitely inspired, motivated and helped me along my vegan and raw journey. I hope you find these resources helpful, and may it help you along your journey into better health. Please take an hour (or more, if you can;D) of your time daily to look through this page. I know this is a long list of links, but if I could only recommend a small list of documentaries to watch, I’d say: “Earthlings, Food Inc. & Forks Over Knives.” All these links are important and well worth watching! You will be enlightened with the truth and nothing BUT the truth! These resources will save your life! 


Please don’t hesitate to email me or post a comment with any other recommendations you may have that may be helpful. Let me know what you liked, watched, read, etc., anything listed below in the comments. Please share these resources with family and friends. Thank you! 


~ The Secret (not vegan or raw related, but involves about life and the universe!)~ The Power (not vegan or raw related, but involves about life and the universe! similar to “The Secret”. you can listen to the full audio book for free on YouTube!)~ The China Study~ The 80/10/10 Diet

~ Diet for a New America

~ Fit for Life

~ Eat to Live 

~ The Food Revolution 

~ Mad Cowboy

~ Becoming Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw 

~ Main Street Vegan

~ Raw and Beyond

~ The Way We Eat

~ Fast Food Nation 

~ The Thrive Diet 

~ In Defense of Food 

~ The Omnivore’s Dilemma 

~ Conscious Eating

~ The Raw Food Lifestyle

~ The Raw Food Detox Diet 

~ Eating Animals 

~ Eat More Weigh Less

~ The World Peace Diet 

~ Nature’s First Law

~ Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

~ Breaking the Food Seduction 

~ The Face On Your Plate 

~ The Raw Food Revolution Diet

Raw Food, Real World

~ Living Raw Food

~ The Secret Life of Plants 

~ The Complete Book of Raw Food 

~ Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine: How Self-Empowerment, a Raw Vegan Diet and Change of Lifestyle Can Free Us from Sickness and Disease

~ Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide To Raw Vegan Diet 

~ Eat Raw, Eat Well (a 400 raw, vegan, gluten free recipes book) 

~ Rawesomely Vegan!: The Ultimately Raw Vegan Recipe Book

~ Crazy Sexy Diet

~ Skinny B*tch

~ Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 

~ Chew On This: Everything You Don’t Want To Know About Fast Foods 

~ Animal Farm 

Food, Inc. (this one was my very first documentary that I watched about this lifestyle, and it changed my entire perspective on the food industry. This was the film that made me go vegan. Watch the full movie for free here on YouTube!)
 Earthlings (watch the full movie here for free! this was my second documentary that I watched about veganism.)~ Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (watch the full movie here for free on YouTube!)

 Forks Over Knives 

The Secret (the full free movie ad also free on Netflix)

Super-size Me (complete full movie for free on YouTube!) 

Queens Of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?Zeitgeist (all of them. they’re in series; the movie)

The Corporation 

I’m Vegan  

The Secret Life Of Plants (watch the full movie on their site! for free!)

A Cow At My Table (watch the full movie on their site for free!)

Flow (watch the full movie on their site for free!)

Hungry For Change (watch the full movie for free on Netflix)

~ Food That Kills (watch the full documentary on YouTube for free!)

~ King Corn (watch the full movie on YouTube here for free!) 

~ Get Vegucated (watch the full movie for free on Netflix)

~ Fresh (watch the full movie here on YouTube for free!)

~ Average Joe On The Raw   

~ Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (watch the full movie here for free on YouTube!)

~ Meet Your Meat (watch the full movie here for free on YouTube!)

~ Food Matters (watch the full movie for free on Netflix) 

~ The Future of Food 

~ Sweet Misery (watch the full movie on their website for free!)  

~ Processed People 

~ Mad Cowboy (watch the full movie for free on YouTube!) 

~ May I Be Frank

~ Fast Food Nation 

~ Think About What You Eat

~ Fast Food Revolution (watch the full free movie on YouTube!)

~ Animal Farm (watch the full movie for free on YouTube!)

~ King Corn (watch the full movie for free on YouTube!) 

~ Seeds of Death (you can watch the full movie for free on the site or on YouTube)


~ GMO Movie (watch the full movie on YouTube!)

~ The World According to Monsanto 

~ The Sick Story of GMO – Genetic Engineered Food – People as Lab Rats

200+ Consciousness Raising Documentaries

~ Fed Up (Full Documentary for Free!)

~ Farmageddon (Free to watch on Netflix)

~ The Beautiful Truth (Free to watch on Netflix or watch on Top Documentary Films)

~ Killer at Large



~ 5 Videos That Will Change Your Life Forever (a MUST watch! Very eye-opening!) 

Fast Food Facts

~ Animal Foods Have Too Much Protein Which Leads to Detrimental Health Effects – Dr. Michael Klaper 

~ The Truth About Chemtrails, Contrails & Geo-engineering

~ Geoengineering Chemtrails

~ Why In The World Are They Spraying   

~ What Is HAARP 

The Forbidden Cancer Cures

Food That Kills 

Meat Video

~ Understanding Candida

~ Candida: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 

~ How You Can Too Overcome Candida with the Raw Food Diet 

~ Why Low Fat Is Important 

~ Where Do You Get Your Protein On A Vegan Or Raw Vegan Diet 

~ B12 Vegan Myth: Freelee Share the Truth

~ The Woodstock Fruit Festival Videos (surf threw them all. watch them for free on YouTube!)

Issues With The 80/10/10 Diet: Interview With Dr. Douglas Graham part 1 & 2 

~ How To Get A Flat Stomach (5 easy steps)

~ What To Expect When Going Raw 

~ The FullyRaw B12 Basics: Are You Efficient 

~ How To Start A Raw Food Diet – Fully Raw Kristina

~ How To Start A Raw Food Diet – The LifeRegenerator 

~ Top 3 Best Juicers

~ How To Afford Eating FullyRaw 

~ Why Eat FullyRaw

~ Protein On Raw

~ 5 Tips To Stay FullyRaw

~ Breaking Bad Eating Habits (7 easy steps)

~ Easy Raw Food Storage

~ Overcome Struggles Going Raw

~ Kristina’s Raw Food Kitchen Essentials

~ Why Vegan Is Important

~ Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs & Wear Cows

~ Where Does My Milk Come From

~ GMO Food – The Biggest Lie & Scary 

~ Is Refined Sugars ok to Eat on a Raw Food Diet

Why Vegan? Q&A with Gary Yourofsky

~ What Is GMO? The Video Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To See

~ Bananas!* The Movie Dole Doesn’t Want You To See

~ Don’t Fear Radiation!



SOME COOL BLOGS~ Fragrant Vanilla Cake Deliciously Ella The Beauty Detox Solution ~ Rawmazing

~ Raw On 10 a Day 

~ Choosing Raw 

~ Happy. Healthy. Life 

~ The Raw Dessert Kitchen

~ Oh She Glows 

~ Beautiful on Raw (Tonya Zavasta has been raw vegan since 1997 and is now 56, has been thriving beautifully on a raw foods lifestyle. She shares with you really good, informative and eye-opening tips on women’s health, along with great recipes, and useful tips on how to live an ageless life with radiant skin! Definitely check her out, especially if you’re a woman)

~ My New Roots

~ Manifest Vegan

~ Rawfully Organic

~ Ascension Kitchen 

~ Vegie Head

~ Diviana Alchemy

~ Edible Goddess

~ Shakti Goddess

~ Chocolate Covered Katie 

~ Crazy Raw Vesegan

~ Easy To Be Raw  

Naturally Ashley Nutrition 

~ Gastrawnomica 

~ The Rawtarian 

~ In The Raw 

~ Nouveau Raw 

~ Sweetly Raw 

~ Healthy Blender Recipes  

~ The Raw Chef

~ Plant-Based Kitchen

~ Healthy Bliss

~ Beautiful on Raw

INSPIRING PEOPLE (YouTuber’s) YOU SHOULD KNOW OF~ Arnold KauffmanArnold’s Way ~ Kristina Carillo Bucaram – Rawfully Organic & Fully Raw~ Dan McDonaldThe Life Regenerator ~ Sophia PardiniMy Freedom is Now 

~ Jess Ainscough The Wellness Mama

~ Katrine Volynsky – Chernobyl Survivor 

~ Gabriel CousensTree of Life Center

~ Megan ElizabethEasy To Be Raw

~ Lauren AmersonShakti Goddess1

~ Bethanne WanamakerEdible Goddess

~ Mimi KirkYoung On Raw Food

~ Annette Larkins – Ageless Woman 

~ Whitney LauritsenEco-Vegan Gal  

~ Jason WrobelThe J-Wro Show 

~ Arnold Kauffman – Arnold’s Way

~ PriscillaGastrawnomica 

~ Tarah40 Below Fruity

~ John Kohler – OkRaw & Growing Your Greens 

~ Dara DubinetLive Love Raw 

~ Gabe – Easy Raw Food Life 

~ Koya WebbHolistic Lifestyle Coach

~ Dr. Douglas GrahamFoodnSport (he’s the Father of Raw Foods! he’s the author of the”80/10/10 diet” book.)

~ Markus Rothkranz – Beauty Life 

~ Lou Corona 

~ Maria MarloweCertified Health Coach

~ Ani Phyo – Health & Wellness Expert

~ Chloe CoscarelliChef Chloe’s Kitchen 

~ Kimberly SnyderThe Beauty Detox Solution

~ Julieanna HeverPlant-Based Dietitian

~ Kris CarrCrazy Sexy Kitchen TV 

~ Julia & Paul Tarbath – Rawsome Healthy 

~ TessThe Blender Girl

~ Tanya AlekseevaBetter Raw 

Tasha LeeFruitful Healthy Living

~ Diana StoboGet Naked Fast 

~ Alicia SilverstoneThe Kind Life

~ Jennifer ThompsonFind Your Healthy Bliss 

~ Jonny Freesh 


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