Sari Foods Product Review: 100% Pure Spirulina Powder, Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes & Vitamin C Powder from Acerola Cherries

I'm excited to bring you yet another product review from a great superfood company called Sari Foods. They were kind enough to send me samples of their 3 products: Spirulina Powder, Vitamin C Powder from Acerola Cherries, and Nutritional Yeast Flakes, which is a very special and unique product. All 3 of these products are organic, raw vegan, and free from pesticides, harsh chemicals, and made without genetically modified organisms. 


I received complimentary samples of each of the products for use in my review. All opinions and experiences are my own. Before I share what I thought about Sari Foods products, let me first share with you a bit about the company and what they stand for.  

About Sari Foods

The word 'sari' means "essence" in Indonesia.  The mission for Sari Foods is to bring their consumers the "Essence of Food" through their 100% pure, single ingredient products, and empowering conscious individuals to return to nutrient dense, pure, whole foods. Eating the way nature intended. 

Like me, Sari Foods believes that we are what we eat and what we eat becomes us. Food is supposed to be nourishing and has the ability to nourish our mind, body, and soul. We have TRILLIONS of cells in our body. They require specific nutrients to thrive. With the soil, especially here in the States, being depleted of vital nutrients—it can be hard for some of us to meet our nutritional needs. That's why, with the help of powerful organic superfoods, getting enough minerals and vitamins in our diet on a daily basis just got easier!
Natural nutrition is where it's at! Many people are not getting natural nutrition, as most of these "nutritious superfood powders" on the market are filled with unnecessary, synthetic chemicals and fillers that are harsh to the body. 
Delivering ancient foods to the modern world is exactly what Sari Foods Co. superfoods brings. 
Now, onto my review and what I think about their products. 
Please Note: All of Sari Foods products can be found and purchased on Amazon. if you are a prime member, you can get it shipped to you within 2 days. Free shipping on orders over $49.00. 
Raw Vegan Living's Sari Foods Product Review
Sari Foods Spirulina Powder
You probably heard of spirulina numerous times and the plethora of health benefits it provides. I'm a fan of spirulina, particularly the one from Sari Foods. Their spirulina is clean and quite tasty, especially when added to sweet and savory dishes. A few of my favorite ways to use spirulina in my diet daily are in my smoothies and salads. It makes a great addition to dehydrated flatbreads and add a scoop to my homemade chocolate. Spirulina is great for dogs, so I like to add a teaspoon inside my dog's vegan food we make for him at home and he loves it! 

Sari Foods 100% Pure Spirulina Powder 16 ounce pouch bag

Spirulina is a staple superfood for me and I love that it does not give me headaches. Research shows that spirulina is one of the most powerful superfoods you can consume. It's excellent for weight loss, boosting your immune system, regulating your circulation and lowers high blood pressure, promotes a healthy heart, high in protein and iron, and so many more benefits. Read my very informative post here about the many great benefits spirulina poses on our health. You'll be amazed!
The powder has a dark green color with a ocean like scent and taste. The smell and taste is similar to Activation Products' marine phytoplankton, which is similar to spirulina, as Oceans Alive is made with spirulina. After all, spirulina is green algae so what can you expect?! 
Sari Foods 100% Natural, Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes
I must say, I was most excite about their nutritional yeast the most! What makes Sari Foods nutritional yeast unique is the fact that it does not have any added man-made, synthetic chemicals that harm the body. Sari Foods nutritional yeast is 100% pure, organic, vegan, gmo-free, gluten-free, and made free from fortified ingredients. Their non-fortified nutritional yeast is great to sprinkle on top of salads and/or any savory, gourmet dish for a "cheesy" texture and taste! 

Sari Foods 100% Pure Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes on Sale Now on Amazon

To learn more about nutritional yeast and what you should be aware of when shopping for a good quality nutritional yeast, check out my post here
Sari Foods, along with The Raw Food World, seem to be the only ones who provide good quality, non-fortified, authentic nutritional yeast, which is hard to come by on the market, especially in stores. ShopRite sells the little packets of the nutritional yeast from RedStar which is pure compared to their bottled version. I burp every time I eat Red Star's nutritional yeast flakes, so it must be awesome, haha! 
The taste from Sari Foods nutritional yeast is great and I really enjoy it a lot. 
And last but certainly not least…
Sari Foods 100% Pure Vitamin C Powder from Acerola Cherries!
I really enjoyed this product and it's such a high-quality powder. It's made from 100% pure Acerola cherries, which is where the high amount of vitamin C comes from. According to Sari Foods package of this powder, just 1 Acerola cherry is equivalent to 65 oranges!! That's powerful, ain't it?! 

Sari Foods 100% Pure Vitamin C Powder from Acerola Cherries 

Vitamin C plays a major role in the body, as it helps keep the immune system strong and prevents us from getting sick. Taking vitamin C powder during the colder months is essential, as it can keep the cold and flu at bay. Vitamin C makes you get over sickness fast. Simply take vitamin C powder or eat more oranges if you can get a hold of them and boom! You're back to your better, non-sick you 🙂 
If you want to learn more about the super importance of vitamin C, here's another great video by Markus.
One of the best ways to add vitamin C powder in your diet is adding a scoop to smoothies and plain water. I've read that some don't like the taste of the vitamin C powder in their water, but I don't mind it. It actually sweetens it up naturally. I made the a delicious superfood banana ice cream smoothie bowl and sprinkled Sari Foods vitamin C powder on top. It was so yummy and filling. Get the recipe for this scrumptious bowl here

In Closing… I really enjoyed Sari Foods superfoods a lot and would greatly recommend it to anyone looking to eat healthy and gain an increase of overall optimum health. Maybe you need more energy, improve your sleep, get in shape, and more – Sari Foods superfoods can sure help you achieve those goals.

I've partnered up with the Sari Foods Company team to offer my RVL readers an exclusive discount. If you would like to try Sari Foods yourself, I have an exclusive coupon code that you can use at checkout right on Sari Foods' website and get 10% off your entire order! You can get your exclusive code emailed to you by filing out the form below. 



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