Sari Foods Product Review: 100% Pure Spirulina Powder, Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes & Vitamin C Powder from Acerola Cherries

I’m excited to bring you yet another product review from a great superfood company called Sari Foods. They were kind enough to send me samples of their 3 products: Spirulina Powder, Vitamin C Powder from Acerola Cherries, and Nutritional Yeast Flakes, which is a very special and unique product. All 3 of these products are organic, raw vegan, and free from pesticides, harsh chemicals, and made without genetically modified organisms.  I

My First Far Infrared Sauna Experience

Last week on Friday, my father and I treated ourselves to our very first sauna and it was great! I’ve been desiring to do saunas for quite some time now and finally got it done at a wonderful center located in Marlton, New Jersey, called Halo Wellness Center. I will be sharing my review here in this post. ABOUT THE CENTER Halo Wellness Center is such a wonderful and serene

Earth Circle Organics Superfood Product Review

For those who have been following me or know me personally know how much I rave about the amazing wonders of incorporating superfoods in one’s lifestyle. Superfoods have been an essential part of my lifestyle since I went vegan for 4 years ago. There are thousands of superfoods in the world, all in which serve a unique purpose. My top favorite superfoods are coconut oil, avocado, dates, and cacao. I

Spinach Banana Green Monster Smoothie To Activate Your Health & Well-Being

Happy New year, everyone! This is my first post for 2017.  I want to share with you a yummy, sweet and nutritious smoothie that will help kick start your health. Smoothies are a universal beverage. No matter what your diet is like or the lifestyle you live, smoothies in your life can be very beneficial.    This green machine smoothie is one I recommend making and its a smoothie staple

The Biggest Sale On The World's Healthiest Panaseeda Oil

“End of Year” Special from Activation Products: “…Which Oils are Best for YOU?” Enjoy up to 55% OFF This Week ONLY On Select Activation’s Therapeutic Seed Oils  My friends over at Activation Products got big changes coming in 2017 (you’ll hear more about that later), but they won’t be offering savings this big ever again. With the year coming to an end and Christmas around the corner, Activation Products wanted

The Best Store-Bought Hummus In the World: Majestic Garlic Hummus Review

Hummus has quickly become one of my favorite dips and spreads. I never really ate much of it as a meat eater, and didn’t really get into making my own homemade hummus until I went vegan and raw. Hummus is a common food in most supermarkets, however, the problem with store-bought hummus  is that it’s loaded with processed and refined oils, and made with cooked garbanzo beans and other seasonings.

Gift Yourself The Gift of Health

The holidays are here, which means overeating, binging, inflammation, and weight gain are common this time of year. With the new year slowly approaching, people are making it a goal (or at least they are trying) to eat healthier.  If you or anyone you know are in need of a healthy lifestyle change, then give yourself and your loved ones the Gift of Health this season. Activation Products are having their BIGGEST

Ahimsa Apparel Shirt Review

I love supporting companies who are making a difference in this world. Companies who promote the same message that I do is what I’m talking about.  For those who know me, know that I am passionate about spreading the vegan message and promote it wholeheartedly. Veganism for me, is about saving the animals, transforming lives and living a life free from cruelty and filled with much peace, love, joy, and

Interview with Instagram's Top Raw Food Recipe Creator: Angela Meade-Tatum!

Today, I want to share with you an inspiring interview with Instagram’s top raw food recipe creator, Angela Meade-Tatum!   Angela is a Los Angeles based raw food lover and raw vegan recipe creator. She has been living a high raw vegan lifestyle for the past 10 years now, and has over 150+ original recipes! She’s very talented in the kitchen, and by scrolling through her Instagram feed, you’ll think

World's Finest Hair Care Products On the Market! Morrocco Method Product Review

I have been a loyal fan of Morrocco Method hair care produts for 4 years now. I first found out about them was in the winter of 2012, the same year I transitioned to a vegan and raw foods diet. I was in search for a holistic and organic, raw vegan hair care company that was free from chemicals and animal testing. I was thrilled to have stumbled upon Morrocco Method hair care products,

Peanut Butter & Grape Sauce Superfood Smoothie & Ice Cream Bowl Recipe

Lately, I have been enjoying smoothie bowls for breakfast and banana ice cream for dinner, and I’m loving it. This is my first smoothie bowl recipe I’ve shared on the blog. Yay! Smoothie bowls are my favorite, and I see why so many people enjoy them. Not only are smoothie bowls colorful, but they’re an excellent way to get in your daily greens and an array of nutrients in a

Get Your Daily Green Boost On with Daily Green Boost Powder!

Greens are part of a healthy lifestyle, and unfortunately, many people on the Standard American diet don’t eat enough of them. Fruits and vegetables are high in minerals and are essential to living a happy and healthy, long life.  Growing up, your parents constantly told you to “eat your veggies, they’re good for you!” Many of us don’t like the taste of certain vegetables, and that’s explainable. However, that’s no

The One & Only Superfood You'll Ever Need to Achieve Optimum Health

With all the superfoods out there, is it possible to just incorporate ONE superfood that’ll give you all the nutritional value you need? Yes, there is and it comes from the ocean! So many people in America are suffering with chronic health problems and are looking for a change. Whether your goal is to lose weight, feel lighter, more energetic, etc – this superfood provides ALL (well mostly all) the

Creamy Coleslaw Salad On a Dehydrated Pizza Crust

My dad and I made the most EPIC dehydrated raw vegan pizza crust made out of garbanzo bean flour, veggies and spices over the weekend, and it was the most delicious raw vegan pizza we’ve ever eaten so far! The crust came out PERFECT; I just had to share it with you all. We have been desiring to master the right dehydrated pizza crust and we are happy with the

The World's Healthiest & BEST Organic Castile Soaps: Dr. Bronner's Product Review

The products we use on our skin, hair and for cleaning our home and clothes – matters just as much as the foods and drinks we consume. Our skin is our largest organ and it only takes less than 26 seconds for toxins to penetrate into our bloodstream. Thus, it gets absorbed right into our cells and body! That’s why it’s crucial to go the holistic, chemical-free route and be

Living Libations Product Review

The products we use on our skin is just as important as the foods we eat. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. So the skin care and hair care products I use are crucial for me. They must be free from chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, and made with organic, cruelty-free, raw ingredients. That’s one, when I find a really good company that

Raw Food Recipe: Sprouted Garbanzo Bean Hummus Nori Wrap

These nori wraps are simply heaven on a plate! It’s bursting with flavors and nutrients; your taste buds will explode with awesomeness!  I made these wraps for my mom’s lunch a few weeks back and she loved it! She’s not vegan nor raw nor vegetarian unfortunately, and she happens to be a tough critic, and I’m glad she loved these nori wraps.  These make the perfect lunch or dinner or