The Best Store-Bought Hummus In the World: Majestic Garlic Hummus Review


Hummus has quickly become one of my favorite dips and spreads. I never really ate much of it as a meat eater, and didn’t really get into making my own homemade hummus until I went vegan and raw.   Hummus…
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Ahimsa Apparel Shirt Review


I love supporting companies who are making a difference in this world. Companies who promote the same message that I do is what I’m talking about.  For those who know me, know that I am passionate about spreading the vegan…
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Interview with Instagram’s Top Raw Food Recipe Creator: Angela Meade-Tatum!


Today, I want to share with you an inspiring interview with Instagram’s top raw food recipe creator, Angela Meade-Tatum!   Angela is a Los Angeles based raw food lover and raw vegan recipe creator. She has been living a high…
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World’s Finest Hair Care Products On the Market! Morrocco Method Product Review


I have been a loyal fan of Morrocco Method hair care produts for 4 years now. I first found out about them was in the winter of 2012, the same year I transitioned to a vegan and raw foods diet. I was in search…
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Peanut Butter & Grape Sauce Superfood Smoothie & Ice Cream Bowl Recipe


Lately, I have been enjoying smoothie bowls for breakfast and banana ice cream for dinner, and I’m loving it. This is my first smoothie bowl recipe I’ve shared on the blog. Yay! Smoothie bowls are my favorite, and I see…
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Get Your Daily Green Boost On with Daily Green Boost Powder!


Greens are part of a healthy lifestyle, and unfortunately, many people on the Standard American diet don’t eat enough of them. Fruits and vegetables are high in minerals and are essential to living a happy and healthy, long life.  Growing…
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The One & Only Superfood You’ll Ever Need to Achieve Optimum Health


With all the superfoods out there, is it possible to just incorporate ONE superfood that’ll give you all the nutritional value you need? Yes, there is and it comes from the ocean! So many people in America are suffering with…
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Creamy Coleslaw Salad On a Dehydrated Pizza Crust


My dad and I made the most EPIC dehydrated raw vegan pizza crust made out of garbanzo bean flour, veggies and spices over the weekend, and it was the most delicious raw vegan pizza we’ve ever eaten so far! The…
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The World’s Healthiest & BEST Organic Castile Soaps: Dr. Bronner’s Product Review


The products we use on our skin, hair and for cleaning our home and clothes – matters just as much as the foods and drinks we consume. Our skin is our largest organ and it only takes less than 26…
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