Upcoming Exciting News: The Sun, The Woodstock Fruit Festival, Top 11 Raw Vegans & Vegans Who Inspired Me Mini Series & Juice Fast + What is Juice Fasting

The Sun

the beautiful sky

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Are you spending time in the sun? I know I am. Last weekend, I sat in the sun with my dad for an hour! It felt so nice just sitting there in my backyard soaking up the goodness from the sun… without sunscreen! I definitely got my vitamin D for the day! I was sweating as if I had exercised in the sun. Now that I’m a raw vegan, I don’t wear any sunscreen because I believe that the sun does NOT cause skin cancer! It’s a myth when people say, “the sun causes skin cancer”. NO, it’s the ingredients IN your sunscreen that’s causes skin cancer, not the sun! The sun wasn’t put here on earth to cause cancer. Think about it. The sun can actually protect you against skin cancer! But if you did want to use ‘sunscreen’, then you can use coconut oil. 

I remember when I was a carnivore, I used to sit out in the sun and I used to want to go back inside quickly (i couldn’t last sitting out there in the heat IN the sun for an hour like i did!) because I believed back then in my carnivore days, that the ‘sun’ would give me skin cancer. I used to complain about how hot it was outside and all. Now that I’m a healthy raw vegan, I no longer get or think that way anymore. I sat in the sun for an hour and I did not complain, not even once! I actually appreciated the heat. Then I felt the nice breeze. Ahh! So nice. 

The Woodstock Fruit Festival
the woodstock fruit festival

Anyways, moving on to the next subject. Next month is August(!) which means, the Woodstock Fruit Festival month!! Some of you may already know about this cool fruit festival that I’m talking about, but for those who don’t – allow me to explain. The Woodstock Fruit Festival is just like it sounds – a fruit festival that’s New York! This is the festival’s second year (they started in 2012!) Basically, this is a festival for raw vegans and vegans. So far this year, there are 514 fruit lovers who are going already! And guess what?! I’M GOING TO THE WOODSTOCK FRUIT FESTIVAL OF 2013!! 🙂 WOOT WOOT!! 😀 This is VERY exciting for me! I get to meet all the epic, rad raw and vegans! I’ll talk more about me going to the Woodstock in another post – in August.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival is a judgement free zone; you are surrounded with beautiful individuals who share, like and believe in the same lifestyle as you do! You can eat liberally without getting weird stares. Fruit lovers agree that the Woodstock is the number one raw food event in the worldYou don’t have to be a raw vegan or vegan to attend the festival though. You could be a carnivore who wants to eventually adapt a plant-based diet, or one who digs the lifestyle in general. They won’t kick you out if you’re a meat-eater. Everyone is so loving, as we should ALL be. =) BUT – the majority of the people are vegans and raw vegans. 

woodstock crew
I recommend watching the Woodstock Fruit Festival of 2012 Documentary so you get an idea of what to expect and the kind of people you’ll meet and see there. It’s a great documentary. 🙂 
Top 11+ Raw Vegans & Vegans Who Inspired Me Mini Series

Since the Woodstock Fruit Festival is next month, I wanted to do a mini series on the top 11+ {more} raw vegans and vegans who inspired me along my vegan and raw journey; this post is per request. Every week on Mondays and Fridays (until the Woodstock)I’ll be writing about vegans and raw vegans who are inspirational; I think you should know about them, too! Here are the people I will be spotlighting in the upcoming posts, and you may already know some/all: 

These eleven people (of course, there are SO many other raw vegans and vegans who are inspiring, but these top 11 are the ones that I new at the beginning of my journey) are so inspiring and I hope you find them an inspiration, as well. I am super excited to be spotlighting these epic raw vegan (or vegan) superstars! They’re like celebrities in this lifestyle. Each week up until the Woodstock (August 18th) I’ll be featuring one new and inspiring, epic raw vegan and vegan. I may even go over my 11 top ones (11+) – I’ll add more! My readers have actually requested that I write a post on the vegans who inspired me – so, here it is! When I spotlight each person, I’ll give a link back to their website and YouTube channel, so you can go spread the love to them, as well! I’ll make this fun! 🙂 
To find more epic raw vegans and vegans, check out my “resources” tab for even more! 
and last but not least…. 
Juice Fast

juice and fruits


Starting on Monday, July 15, my dad and I will be starting a juice fast. Those of you who are familiar with juice fasting, you already know what I’ll be doing in my upcoming days of fasting. But for those who don’t, juice fasting (aka “juice cleansing”) is a fast that consists of drinking only juice all day, everyday until you break the fast. When I mean by “juice”, I mean fresh fruits and vegetable juice that you juice yourself at home with your juicer – not the type of juice that you buy at the store. For newbies on juice fasting, it’s recommended that you do a 2-4 day fast. Those who are into it, you can do it longer if you wish. So whenever you get hungry on a juice fast, drink juice rather than food! I’ll be drinking nothing but juice starting on Monday. I am actually really excited about this juice fast, as this is something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now. I feel my body is prepared and ready for a fast. I am doing a 3-4 day fast. Let’s see how long I can go, actually. This should be interesting. 

Listen to your body. 

While on my fast, I’ll be blogging everyday about my juice fast experience. I’ll also be sharing with you my daily juice recipes. You guys are more than welcome to join in with me on this juice fast if you like. This is actually my first time going on a juice fast, but my second time fasting. My first fast was a water {only} fast. I did that for 4 days. It was intense as a first timer (I did it with my dad), but I survived. 🙂 But after the water fast, I felt great! I had gained more mental clarity, more focus, loved food even MORE, got more spiritual, lost weight, felt lighter, and had better digestion, too! The health benefits of water fasting is just amazing

glass of water

What are YOUR thoughts about the sun? Do you believe the sun causes skin cancer? Who’s going to the Woodstock Fruit Festival this year? Have you ever heard of the Woodstock Festival? If so, are you planning on going? Do you know anyone who goes? Who are your top 11 (or top) raw vegans and/or vegans who inspired YOU? Have you ever fasted before (juice, water)? If so, how was your experience? Hope you enjoy my inspiring mini series! Tell me in the comments below. 

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  1. wow Miliany, sounds like you are having an amazing summer planned!
    I think my first raw vegan cookbook was by Any Phyo, but I transitioned to raw mostly under the influence of several blogs I read (choosing raw, some like it raw etc)
    Well, you now all about my juice fasting experience. I wish you the best of luck !!

  2. Hi Miliany. I have been reading your emails that I subscribe to and the idea of introducing other raw vegans who inspired you was a great idea. You too should do videos on you-tube.

    • Hi Tracey!

      I’m so happy you are enjoying and finding my mini series on inspiring vegans! Thank you! I have a YouTube channel with 2 videos already. I will soon get on the grind with my videos. Stay tuned! I know and feel my videos will benefit so many! 🙂


    • Oh, thank you for letting me know about this. I didn’t know that she uses raw dairy butter until I saw the video. I would never expect that from her, because she promotes a lot of raw foodism. I don’t think she uses it often. Very interesting, though… now my readers now! Thanks for the info!

    • She has still inspired me along my journey and I love her! I think raw dairy butter is the only animal ingredient that she uses (besides honey). She’s more into raw foods than vegetarianism, though.

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