13 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Lamps

Since moving to Ecuador, my father and I have switched to a more holistic approach to lighting up our home with pink himalayan lamp.

The health benefits of pink himalayan lamps are incredible! I absolutely love using pink himalayan lamps and prefer it over the standard light bulbs and lamps. Pink himalayan lamps are unique and are more ‘earthy’. Plus, they provide an array of health benefits i am going to share with you today!

Top 13 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Lamps

  1. Good Vascular Health
  2. Better Respiratory and Lung Function
  3. Maintains Ideal pH Balance of your Cells
  4. Fights Aging Effects
  5. Better Sleeping Habits
  6. Improves Mood
  7. Prevents Muscle Cramps
  8. Enhances Hydration
  9. Strengthens Bones
  10. Lowers Blood Pressure
  11. Improves Blood Circulation
  12. Helps with Detoxification
  13. Reduces allergy symptoms

and so much more!

To combat air pollution, nature produces negative ions.

Negative ions are good. In fact, we want to be surrounded by negative ions so that we can breathe fresh and pure air. Negative ions stimulate the flow of oxygen to our brain, increasing our mental alertness and energy.

Invest in your health by buying yourself a pink himalayan lamp. 

Comment below and let me know how a pink himalayan lamp has benefited you and your health. I’d love to hear. 

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