The Best Store-Bought Hummus In the World: Majestic Garlic Hummus Review

Majestic Garlic Hummus Samples

Hummus has quickly become one of my favorite dips and spreads. I never really ate much of it as a meat eater, and didn’t really get into making my own homemade hummus until I went vegan and raw.

Hummus is a common food in most supermarkets, however, the problem with store-bought hummus  is that it’s loaded with processed and refined oils, and made with cooked garbanzo beans and other seasonings.

I have been searching for an organic and awesome, raw vegan hummus at the store, and I am happy to say, that my search for store-bought hummus is OVER, thanks to Majestic Garlic! 


Majestic Garlic is an all organic, GMO-free company based out in Murrieta, California. They sell raw vegan hummus, fermented and seasoned garlic cloves and sauerkraut. 

Today, I will be reviewing 6 of their hummus flavors, along with 2 of their marinated garlic cloves. 


Delicious Creamy Garlic
This was the first one that I tried and WOW!!! It was so creamy, almost like a sour cream consistency. I dolloped this hummus on top of smashed ripe bananas that I topped off with chia seeds and crunchy peanut butter. SO good. 

The flavor of this one was creamy and a bit garlicky, but not too garlicky strong. This makes a great dollop on the side of salad, inside wraps, or use as a spread. 


This one was very delicious and basically just tastes like basil and garlic. 


This flavor is actually my second favorite, partially because it tastes like tuna!! No lie. You gotta taste it for yourself. It’s got more of a thick consistency, than it does a creamy and smooth consistency. 


This one was spicy, of course! Very good flavor, and is quite yummy. Perfect for anyone who loves spicy hummus and spicy dips/spreads in general! 


This one has a thicker consistency and is very flavorful. I love the twist of cilantro and jalapeno together. Makes a great spread inside nori rolls, enjoy as a veggie dip, or simply add inside salads for an awesome dip! 


Very flavorful and a bit spicy. I like this one a lot, and goes well inside homemade tomato sauce for a thicker sauce! 


I got to sample their plain pickled garlic cloves and their spicy pickled garlic. I like them both, and pickled garlic is quite yummy, just like pickled cucumbers. Makes a great addition inside sauces, dips, spreads, dehydrated flatbread, salad dressings, inside salads and wraps, or eat em whole! Pickled garlic is soft and does not taste strong at all, making it easier to eat. 

All in all, I love Majestic Garlic hummus and pickled garlic! They make amazing hummus and you should check them out if you are looking for healthy hummus. What I love most about their hummus are the clean, low in fat ingredients. No other store-bought, raw vegan hummus out there can compete with Majestic Garlic’s hummus!

You can buy their hummus at Whole Foods or on their website here. They’ve got over a dozen different hummus flavors to choose from!

So the next time you are at the store, look for Majestic Garlic brand. Definitely supporting them. 


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