Its Here! My First E-book! + How To Make A Swirl

raw vegan living raw chocolate desserts e-book cover First of all – on Friday, May 10th, it was my 15th birthday (happy birthday to me)! And I have some really exciting news for my lovely readers today. I am proud to announce that my first free e-book is finally here! I’ve been planning this book for three months, plus one month prior to planning it before it even went into full production. So, all those months of good planning – my book came out just right! The recipes came out just the way I wanted them to come out. Like a dream come true. I’m super happy to finally show you what I’ve been working on for three months. This is my first, real, published book ever – and I’m super proud of myself. *happy & proud face* =)

My dad is seriously the luckiest man. He is my number one taste tester, and he tastes everything I make. He actually didn’t see my e-book until it was finished. So, it was a complete surprise for him. My dad was extremely excited for me to launch my first e-book, and he was really excited to eat my last recipe in the e-book. The last recipe was suppose to be a raw vegan cake, but instead, I decided to add tofu, which in that case, isn’t raw. Its all good, though. As long as you eat this cake in moderation – you should be fine. I’ll be posting a post soon about my personal thoughts on tofu.  Stay tuned! 

The recipes you’ll find in my “Raw Vegan Living Raw Chocolate Desserts E-book” are:

1. Chocolate Covered Stuffed Almond Dates Drizzled With Butter Nectar Cream Sauce (mmm… doesn’t that sound epic?! its raw vegan)
2. Easy Raw Mousse Vegan Pudding (the mousse is raw, but the pudding is vegan)
3. Marbled Brownies (raw vegan)
4. Chocolate Orange Datetacious (mmm… orange + chocolate = heaven! this is actually my dad’s recipe. genius, i know. its raw vegan, too)
5. Tofu Dates Swirl Cheesecake (not raw, but vegan because of the tofu. everything else is proudly raw!:)

Now, doesn’t those five recipes sound epic?! Two vegan recipes, and three raw recipes. All are guilt free, too! 😉 If you choose to download my e-book (yay!), you’ll see the well-organized ingredients dictionary that will give you great excuses on why you should eat these desserts. Great to share with family, friends or whomever! By showing them all the health benefits of what they’re eating, they’ll hopefully realize that these raw vegan desserts aren’t like your typical, ordinary desserts. It proves to them that healthy CAN be delicious! 

For my last e-book recipe (tofu dates swirl cheesecake), my dad was actually really excited to try it out! I’ve never seen him this excited before for the foods that I make. Not that my food isn’t exciting or anything… but my Tofu Dates Swirl Cheesecake happen to be an even more special dessert then my other ones. He had no clue how my last recipe would turn out or what it was… so when it was all done, he was surprised and wanted to eat it immediately. My dad is so funny hilarious; when he’s excited, he starts singing and dancing… which in this case, he did! I had to tell him to be patient because my cake needs to be firm before I cut it. I’m a patient person, so I waited patiently and eagerly. My dad though, was upset because he didn’t eat it the day I made it (i made it the day before my birthday, and I let it firm in the fridge over night). I’m so glad I did and waited because look at this masterpiece! 

tofu dates swirl cheesecake piece

My dad is one lucky taste tester. He tasted every recipe in my e-book. He loved them all, but the last recipe – he was just so excited! And it made me very happy to see that he was excited and interested in what I had in store. I have to say, I’ve made cheesecakes before being a raw and vegan… but my Tofu Dates Swirl Cheesecake was my biggest dessert project ever! And it turned out divine! I was a happy camper birthday girl. =)

Now, onto the e-book!

my free ebook


As you already read early in this post (i spilled the beans out to early maybe…) but my first raw vegan e-book has finally ARRIVED!!! I am so excited to share my first recipe e-book with all of you! As a gift from me to you, this e-book is FREE to download! Cool, right?! Downloading is easy and quick. Just follow the downloading directions below, and you’ll have your free rawesome e-book in no time! The name of this book is called, “Raw Vegan Living Raw Chocolate Desserts E-book”. Do you like it?! Be honest with me. Hey, don’t judge a book by its cover! hehe 😛 😉

The recipes in this e-book is to die live for! The recipes ingredients all are made using wholesome, super food ingredients that are all so good for your body. If you’re a chocolate lover, I’m pretty sure you will love my recipes presented in this e-book… I hope. Yes, there are chocolate recipes. Actually, ALL the dessert recipes are made with chocolate! Woohoo! Chocoholics, can you agree with me?! I actually didn’t notice that all my recipes were made with chocolate, until I was proofreading and designing my book cover. 

All the recipes in my book are gluten-free, low-fat, extremely healthy, guilt free, and most of all, delicious! I even created a little dictionary for some of the ingredients’ health benefits that are used in the recipes in this book – to prove my point on how healthy the recipes and their ingredients are. How clever is that?! You’ll thank me later by making my recipes. Deal? So, we’re even.

Yay for healthy, guilt free indulgence! Life’s too short to be feeling guilty, so eat raw desserts! After you eat these desserts, you’ll be fueled with great energy. Trust me. You’ll feel AWESOME afterwards. You’ll be in dessert heaven, and the angels will be happily singing! Literally. If you know what I mean…. 

This e-book “Raw Vegan Living Raw Chocolate Desserts E-book” provides the following:

  • nicely designed cover (by me:)
  • about me page
  • dictionary of the ingredients listed in all the recipes featured in this e-book
  • raw tips, tricks and basics
  • 5 easy, exclusive, never-before-seen, {chocolate} raw & vegan recipes (but mostly raw) with 14 pages 
  • chocolate recipes for those chocolate lovers! =)
  • beautiful, high-definition pictures
  • ending appreciation page 
Who wants Chocolate Covered Dates Drizzled with Butter Nectar Cream Sauce? 
chocolate covered stuffed almond dates drizzled with butter nectar cream sauce
chocolate covered butter nectar dates drizzled with butter nectar cream sauce GIF

I am super excited to finally launch and share my first e-book with all of you!!! I’m so happy that you’re finally seeing it. I’ve been working hard into making this come together nicely. I’ve been working on this e-book for three months now, and finally – its here!! “Wow, for just five recipes it took you three months to complete your book”, you may ask? Well, yes. I wanted this e-book to turn out nice, neat and well… perfect. I wanted it to be pleasing to your beautiful eyes (which is YOU, my audience!). If you noticed, I haven’t been posting a lot of dessert recipes lately. I’ve been posting more juice, smoothie and dinner recipes. That’s because I’ve been working my butt off with this book, and I didn’t really focus that much on making other raw desserts. But that’s all going to change. I’ll be posting more raw desserts here. Working on my book also explains why there has been a gap in my posts. I’ve been so focused and determined to get this book finished ASAP. 

I can’t complain though – I had a great and fun time making the recipes, making the book and taking the beautiful pictures! This was a fun, first time experience for me. I also want to thank all my followers, subscribers and those who support me; for being there and reading my posts, making my recipes and just being supportive. A big THANK YOU to you!!! I appreciate all your love and support. I really hope you love and enjoy my e-book, along with the rawesome recipes inside. And guess what?! I, Miliany Bonet, published and wrote my book, plus I designed the book cover! But I gotta thank my wonderful, smart father who knows about designing and stuff. He was my judge on my book cover, (i know, don’t judge a book by its cover, but this time – its vise versa) and I think it came out pretty cool and neat. I love it, especially the colors (if I do say so myself). Be sure to give me your feedback. Your opinion matters. 

Please feel free to share this e-book with family, friends or whomever! If you choose to download it (which I hope you do:), please let me know in the comments below on how you like it. It would be very much appreciated. 🙂 I would love to hear what you guys think. If anyone makes my recipes in this e-book, please let me know, also. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. You know where to reach me. Thanks for all your love and support! Keep shining and spreading your love! You’re doing a good job at it. All your beautiful comments truly makes my day and puts a smile on my face. So, please continue. 🙂 I can’t show you my happiness and appreciation enough. 😀 Maybe you can feel my genuine energy! 😛 😉

Here’s How To Download My Raw Vegan Living Raw Chocolate Desserts E-book:
If you never subscribed to my blog before and would love to subscribe, subscribe using this LINK or using the subscription box on the right sidebar of the blog. My subscriptions are powered by MailChimp now and forever. I no longer use FeedBurner. 
Please Keep In Mind: only confirmed subscribers will have access to this e-book! If you do not confirm your subscription with FeedBurner by clicking on the provided link in the email, I won’t sent you your e-book! That means no book for you until you confirm your email address! But if you do confirm, I will happily send you over your book! 


* If you have any issues and questions with downloading your free e-book, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email. Please let me know if you don’t receive an email from me with the downloading link. Also, let me know if you have any questions, concerning my book. Email me know if anything isn’t clear for you. I’ll be more then happy to respond and explain in hopes to make it clear and understanding. Thank you & happy downloading, reading, making and sharing my recipes! 

Two Types Of Followers Who Are Eligible To Download My E-book: 
  1. those who are confirmed subscribers to this blog &…. 
  2. those who follow my blog on Bloglovin’ (if you follow my blog via Bloglovin’, and wish to download my e-book –  please send me an email letting me know that you would like to receive a copy of my free e-book.) 
Thank you!! 🙂 
* Please Note: the recipes found in this e-book are (like I mentioned above) exclusive, never-before-seen recipes. In other words, the recipes found in “Raw Vegan Living Raw Chocolate Desserts E-book”, were never posted on my blogs before, and will never be posted on my blogs. The only way to get the recipes is to download the e-book! You will love it (I truly hope you do). If you have any questions, please let me know. You know where to get in touch. I’ll be more then happy to help. 

Now, onto swirling! 

raw marbled brownies
For those who choose to download my e-book, (yes!) you will find three recipes that call for swirls. Most of you may not know how to make a swirl, so I decided to make a moving image ‘video’ tutorial on how to form a swirl. Initially, I was going to add this tutorial in my book on how to swirl… but that didn’t make it into my e-book, so I’m posting it on my blog now! Hope you like the moving images, and hopefully you find it very helpful. 
How To Make A Swirl:
What you’ll need: (please note: the measurements will vary. but this is what i like to do: i spread the chocolate sauce first, then the white batter. i make more of the chocolate sauce, and a smaller amount of the white batter because you don’t really need to make a lot of the second batter that you use. in other words, whichever batter you decide to spread first, then make more of that batter. and whichever batter you decide to spread second, make that batter smaller than the batter you spread first. makes sense? i like to make the chocolate first, then the white batter. cause that’s how i swirl. You will need to know how to form a swirl for my raw marbled brownies in my eBook.)
white batter: 
~ cashew butter 
~ almond milk (or nay nut milk of choice)

chocolate batter – one of my chocolate recipes here:
~ cacao powder
~ liquid coconut oil
~ coconut oil
~ fresh pitted dates
 almond milk (or any nut milk of choice)
How To Make The Swirl:
1. to make the Chocolate: place all ingredients in your blender, and blend until creamy and smooth. or use a whisk to whisk all the ingredients. 
2. to make the White batter: place all ingredients in a bowl or in a small blender, and blend or whisk until creamy and smooth. 
3. to make the Swirl: first, spread the chocolate sauce all over the batter you are swirling on (for example: swirling on brownies & cakes; you’ll spread the chocolate all over on top of the brownie or cake) and drop tablespoons or teaspoons of the white batter in a row (you could pour the batter in whichever order you wish. read my “please note” above next to the text “what you’ll need”.) using a toothpick or a sharp knife, start swirling by starting at the center of the pie, and swirl at one direction, and then the other. Swirl in an “S” shape. “S” for swirling! 😉 
Tips: Be careful not to swirl too much, then otherwise – it will look like a big blurr (blob). You want the swirl to look pretty and cool. The chocolate sauce will harden almost too quickly, so I suggest that you add the white batter quickly before the chocolate hardens. The reason why I say to do this is, because the chocolate hardens almost too quickly when exposed to air. So, by adding the white batter when the chocolate is soft, it will make your swirling job much easier, and your swirl will look prettier. this prevents the swirl from blurring and blobbing! i learned that trick (my lesson) when i made my last e-book recipe. yeah, it had to happen. but i don’t mind the way it turned out, though. i have to say, my brownie swirl came out better than mu cake swirl. bummer. =(

this is my last e-book recipe; Tofu Dates Swirl Cheesecake!
tofu dates swirl cheesecake


how to make a swirl GIF - moving images

Happy Swirling!! 😉

Remember to let me know how you like my e-book, and if you have any questions or concerns! I would LOVE to know what you think. 

Happy {very belated} Birthday To Me! <3 

Stay tuned for my next post: My 15th Birthday Recaps! 

Questions of the day:
Was this post helpful? Are the e-book downloading instructions and “how to form a swirl tutorial” clear enough and helpful? If not, please don’t hesitate to ask me, so I can hopefully make it clear to you as much as possible. Do you like the way I wrote out the subscribing instructions? Are the information above helpful? Do you like the moving images? What do you like about this post? Hope you LOVE my e-book! 

Have the best day ever!! <3 =)

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  1. Hi Miliany! Thank you so much for your e-book, it is awesome! So many gorgeous recipes – I can´t wait to try them all! You have done an excellent job on this, very inspiring 🙂 Your blog is superb as well 🙂

    • Hi Thess! You’re very welcome and thank you!!! 🙂 I’m so happy you like my e-book and thanks for the comment!! 😀 I hope you like and enjoy all the recipes in there! 😉 Tell me how you like them when you give them a try! Thank you SO much!!! =) x

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