New Discovery: Poppy Seeds & Their Amazing Health Benefits

Yesterday, I had my first experience with poppy seeds. My dad was at the supermarket, and he spotted these beautiful, purple seeds. He came home and told me he found poppy seeds at our local supermarket. I’ve heard about poppy seeds before (in recipes) and wanted to try it out. My dad and I were both very excited about our new discovery. My dad
described how beautiful the colour of the poppy seeds to me. He told me it was a beautiful purple color. So, my dad and I went to the supermarket the next day (which was yesterday) and bought it.

simply organic poppy seeds
glass ful of poppy seeds
glass of poppy seeds

We were both very curious how the seeds would taste. Sweet or bitter? I have to say, the taste was not bad. The aroma was sweet, but the taste was not. It had a nutty crunch to it. I’m sure it would taste great in desserts,
of course! Although it wasn’t sweet, I know I’ll be able to find many uses for these little poppies. You can add poppy seeds to puddingscheesecakes, smoothies, pies, tarts, drinks, etc.! Poppy seeds reminds me of chia seeds because they look just like them! If you had the two seeds side by side, you may not be able to tell which one is which. But the differences I did find in the two were (in size), poppy seeds are much tinier, and chia seeds are a bit bigger. Actually, a great way to tell the difference between the two seeds easily is by soaking poppy and chia seeds in water, and watch and see which one gels in the water. The chia seeds will gel, unlike the poppies. Poppy and chia seeds look so identical, though! But the health benefits are completely different. Chia seeds have amazing health benefits, but poppy seeds provides wonderful health benefits, as well.

poppy seeds vs chia seeds

Poppy seeds are tiny, round seeds that comes from the poppy plant (a.k.a. opium poppy). The poppy plants can grow up to five feet in height. It contains plant derived chemical compounds that are known to have anti-oxidants, disease preventing and health promoting properties. Poppy seeds get their unique nutty flavor from their many fatty acids and volatile oils. The seeds adds a crunch to many foods, not just desserts. You may find poppy seeds sprinkled on bagels or in muffins (and other baked goods, along with raw desserts)!
The Health Benefits Of Poppy Seeds:

Poppy seeds are an excellent source of B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, panrothemic acid, phridoxine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, fiber, and phosphorous. Most of the vitamins functions as a high factor in substrate metabolism, especially fat and carbohydrate. The seeds contain great levels of minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium. They are believed to have rich sources of minerals, carbohydrates and calcium.
poppy seeds
poppy seeds
Poppy seeds is used as a modern medicine, and has been around since 3400 B.C! It serves as a great all-purpose tonic. The seeds are a great remedy for diarrhea. Poppy seeds in Iran are used as to treat boils (an inflamed pus-filled swelling on the skin, typically caused by the infection of a hair follicle), nosebleeds and tooth cavities. If you stuff your aching tooth with poppy seeds, it will relieve your tooth pain!

seeds aids in the prevention of breast cancer, heart attacks, kidney stones, insomnia, asthma, and certain digestive and stomach disorders. They are great for relaxation. They make you sleepy (hey, have you ever watched The Wizard Of Oz movie? If you have, do you remember the scene where Dorothy becomes sleepy when they stumble upon a field filled with poppy flowers? I love that movie, haha). That scene is actually quite true due to research. Taking one teaspoon of poppy seed (or poppy seed oil) before bed actually helps you feel sleepy and fall asleep at night. It’s great for those who suffer from a good night’s sleep. Instead of giving your kids drugs to “help” them fall asleep, why not give them poppy seeds/oil before bed? It will naturally make them sleepy. Although, poppy seeds are a source of energy, too.

Poppy seeds makes a great garnish. As I was photographing them, I noticed they looked a purple colour. They are one of the most beautiful garnishings I’ve ever seen. Simple amazing!

this is the poppy field where Dorothy falls asleep & takes a nap

the lion even says in the movie that poppies makes you fall asleep. (don’t quote me on that, I don’t remember the exact lines). 

As you can see, poppy seeds are amazing. I brainstormed of a few recipes that poppy seeds will go great with. These newly discovered, tiny seeds are definitely on my list. I like that they give that crunch to foods. The poppy flowers are so pretty. It’s so amazing how Mother Nature blossoms into wonder healers for us human beings. She literally provides us with EVERYTHING our bodies needs to survive. She sure knows how to provide abundance for all. If you just really seek deeper into Nature, you will discover the most astonishing things/foods/plants/animals out there that planet earth has to offer. I must say, she is a true super woman!


Have you ever tried poppy seeds? If so, do you like it? How do you use poppy seeds? Do you use them in desserts? Your drinks? Smoothies? Have you ever tried or heard of poppy seeds before? Have you ever watched The Wizard Of Oz Movie? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. 😀

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  1. Those flowers are so beautiful!!
    I actually love poppy seeds, but I havent had them that much after I startet eating raw. I just remember loving them on breads when I was younger. I want to buy them again, and make a lovely poppy seeds dressing that Ive seen on so many blogs.

  2. I use poppy seeds in a thick lemon poppy seed smoothie: 2 frozen bananas, the juice of 2 lemons, a bit of stevia, a tablespoon of poppy seeds blended into the smoothie and a tablespoon of poppy seeds as garnish.It’s been a while since I had that, should make it again soon. XX

  3. Raw poppy seed milk can be used by vegan body builders as an excellent source of protein. Its also a great dairy substitute due to the high levels of calcium.

  4. A beautiful article, Miliany! I have just came across it as I googled if eating poppy seeds before bed was good. I love their taste, especially when you get them straight from the poppy head! (not green anymore of course) And yes, they make me sleepy.
    I’m from the Czech Republic and the poppy is used quite a lot in our cuisine, especially for desserts. For example, we have sweet bread with poppy seed stuffing (ground poppy seeds with sugar and a bit of milk) – it’s called “makové buchty”.

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