Sweet Green Kale Apple Juice

sweet green kale apple juice
This juice is naturally sweet and delicious! This will provide you with natural energy and amazing health benefits. I love kale and apples; in a juice, it’s even more delicious! The health benefits of this juice is just wonderful; you’ll be losing weight, improves vision, bone strength, iron, magnesium, copper, contains vitamin K, A and C, cleanse your blood, anti-inflammatory, lowers high blood pressure, detoxifies, and so much more!
green kale apple juicegreen apple juice 

As I was juicing just the apples, I was amazed at the color of the apple juice. Ever notice the store bought brand apple juice is a red color? Real apple juice color is actually NOT red. It’s actually a golden color. You would think that apple juice would be red, but in reality, it isn’t. The reason why it looks red is because they add red food coloring. Not surprising though. Just like grape juice isn’t actually purple (the store bought one would be because they add purple food dye/coloring). They color the fruit juice the actual color of the fruit! Kids are tricked into thinking that apple juice is red and grape juice is purple. Interesting, right?! You have been enlightened.

this is REAL, PURE APPLE JUICE! Notice the color. It isn’t red! Hmm….
 pure real apple juice
pure apple juice
pure apple juice
pretty neat – this apple is a shape of a heart! <3
apple in a shape of a heart

I could drink this same exact juice recipe everyday. Seriously. My favorite types of juices are the sweet ones. Not to mention, apples are high in chlorophyll along with greens. Apples are just amazing. Be sure to use organic apples as much as possible. It’s way better than the non-organic ones (you may assume). You wouldn’t want pesticides in your juice would you? Yuck, drinking pesticides? I don’t think so. I use all organic ingredients for all my juices. You notice better results when you choose organic. Hope you enjoy this juice as much as me and my dad did!

sweet green kale apple juice ingredients
Purely Sweet Green Kale Apple Juice:
serves 2 (approximately 4 cups)
3 stalks of organic kale
3 stalks of organic celery
3 organic carrots
piece of sliced fresh ginger root
1 lime, peeled
4 organic apples 
1 drop of Oceans Alive liquid Marine Phytoplankton (for an optimum health boost) 
Wash, cut and peel as needed. Juice it threw a juicer, pour, drink and enjoy! <3


kale_apple_juiceinside view of juice
Do you like kale and apples? Do you choose organic over non-organic produce? Did you ever notice the fake color of ‘natural’fruit juice? What do you think of this? Let me know and share in the comments below. 🙂

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    • Thanks, sisters! Thank you for commenting! 🙂 Apple and kale is very delicious and super healthy… you girls should give it a try. 😉 Have a wonderful day as well!!!!!! =) <3

  1. This looks so so good! I love to make fresh juice every day, its so refreshing and I just feel clean and happy afterwards.
    Kale is one of my favorit things, and I always choose organic. Except mangos, just because we dont have good organic mangos in Norway. And Im addicted and neeed them even though I have to go for the non-organic ones 😉

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