Nori Rolls With Sprouts, Mango Garlic Dressing & Other Goodness + Tips On Mastering The Rolls

Nori Rolls With Sprouts, Mango Garlic Dressing
nori rolls with goodness

Oh My Goodness Gracious. Make this ASAP! The dressing I used was my mango garlic and cheddar cheese. Here’s another great recipe that will dress up your sushi really epically with my mango sauce. You can use any of your fave dressing sauce, and your add-ins are really up to you. These
are delicious and easy to make. The thing I like about making sushi (nori rolls), its similar to making salads; you can add in whatever you want! Plus, making them is fun! The fun part is rolling them.

let’s roll, baby!
nori sheets collage
tofu raisin, cheddar cheese and sprouts
sprouts and tomatoes
nori rolls

These nori rolls makes a great lunch with family and friends, or even yourself! You can have a nori sushi party! I remember when my dad and I first discovered nori, we had nori (sushi) party. We would eat LOTS of nori
rolls for lunch, dinner and as a snack (appetizer). They would be so satisfying, too! You don’t need to use nori rolls if you don’t want to. You may use collard greens. I like both rolls. Nori rolls have amazing health benefits that you should know about. Nori contains vitamin A (by eating just two sheets of nori, you consume enough vitamin A per day!), vitamin B, C, B12, and B2, iron, fat free, and much more! It’s really epic! I think you should give them a try if you haven’t yet. The first time I tried nori, I loved it.

collard green wraps
nori rolls filled with sprouts and cheese

I’ve made a few nori rolls, and this recipe in specific, is one of my favorites!
This is filled with my cheddar cheese, tofu, kelp noodles, sprouts, tomatoes, and guacamole! All goodness that’s yummy and great for your body. This is yummy in my tummy! You can make nori rolls early, and just leave them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat your sushi. I made these nori sushi rolls with my dad, and we both enjoyed it.

nori rols
nori rolls with mango garlic dressing
collard greens with noodles
Raw Sushi Rolls With Sprouts, Mango Garlic Dressing & Other Goodness:
makes 10 sushi nori rolls 
(remember, with raw food, measurements are not precise, so just add more or less of everything. the measurements are up to you. this is what I added in my sushi rolls. there are really no exact measurements for this because you can make as many nori rolls as you’d like. I made 10 rolls using the recipe below.):
Sushi Rolls:
1/3 tub of organic, non-gmo tofu 
handful raisins
11/2 cup sprouts 
1 or 1/2 avocado 
1-2 heirloom or a few baby tomatoes
1 cup kelp noodles
1/2 cup cheddar cheese or hummus (i used my “cheese” recipe)
1/4 cup mango garlic dressing  
1 tsp each natural seasonings such as salt, pepper, hemp seeds & anything else you like!
seaweed sheets, like nori 

add in whatever you want! these are your sushi rolls. i encourage you to get creative! 

To make the Sauce: Peel and slice the mangoes & garlic. Throw everything in your blender & blend until creamy and smooth. Add water if you’d like to thin up the sauce a bit (I didn’t have to add any water. I like it a bit thick). Pour into a bottle & set aside.

To make the Cheese: Blend all ingredients in blender until creamy. Taste the cheese to your liking. Add more or less of the seasonings. Pour “cheese” into a bowl, serve and enjoy! If too thick, add more water. If too loose, add more cashews. Place in a bowl and set aside. 

To make the Sushi: drain the water from the tofu, and cut desired amount. Place it in a bowl. Using a fork, smash the tofu into crumbles (it should look like tofu scramble), and season it up with salt, pepper and natural seasonings. Add in a heaping handful of raisins, and mix around. Taste and adjust to your liking. Set aside. 
In a separate bowl, smash the avocados into guacamole, or just add in thinly sliced avocados iside the rolls. Wash, cut and slice everything as needed. Now, take a sheet of seaweed (long or short. I used short because that’s what I had on hand), and add spread the tofu raisin, the sprouts, the avocados, the cheese and the sauce, plus everything else you’re using. Be sure not to fill up your nori with too much stuff though. You want to leave a bit of space at each end and on the sides, like so: 

nori rolls with cheese, sprouts and noodles
nori rolls with cheese and noodles

Once you are finished adding your nori ingredients, roll it up like a pro! Don’t roll too loose because everything will fall off when you take a bite. I suggest rolling into a tight log. Here’s a great way to roll the perfect nori roll

  1. Place a sheet of sushi nori over a bamboo sushi mat with the shiny side down. Spread about 2 cups (if using a long-full nori sheet. but if using a small sheet, fill about 1/2 cup?) of your ingredients your using. Just eye ball everything to know if you’ve added enough. If your using tofu, I would suggest spreading 1 cup of the tofu on your sheet, and then add the rest of the ingredients you’re using on top of that). Spread about 2 cups of tofu or rice (for example) evenly over the nori and leave a 1 inch space at the edge of the nori. 
  2. Place your favorite fillings across the center of the sushi tofu or rice. 
  3. Place your thumbs on the back of the mat and begin rolling away from you. Be sure to support the fillings with the rest of your filings. 
  4. Roll sushi until the edge of the nori is placed under the sushi. 
  5. Shape the roll by pressing lightly with both hands. 
  6. Remove the bamboo sushi mat and slice sushi roll into six eight pieces. 

I like to add a bit of water on the tops to make it easier to pull out when you bite into it. Here’s another way to roll sushi (with pictures). it’s really easy once you’ve got the hang of it. Store your nori rolls in te fridge until ready to eat. Enjoy! if you’re using collard green, just fill up your collard sheet with your toppings and roll up into wrapsCheck out this tutorial on how to roll up the perfect collard wrap! I am not yet a pro (like my dad) on mastered the roll on collard wraps! 🙁 But I’m slowly learning. 🙂 

collard green wraps with noodles and cheese
nori rolls with drizzled with cheese and sprouts
nori sprouts and cheese
nori rolls with sprouts, cheese and noodles

Do you like sushi (nori rolls)? If so, what are your favorite toppings & add-ins? Have you ever tried nori? If not, do you think you will give it a try? If you have tried it, do you like/love it? What’s your favorite sushi recipe? Do you roll like a pro? What do you think of the combination of raisins in tofu? Feel free to post a comment below. 🙂

epic nori rolls
nori rolls on a palate
epic nori rolls with noodles and cheese
nori rolls with mango dressing

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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through Ragnhild. Are you from Belgium? Your blog adress ends with .be ; If so I’m from Belgium too!
    I love nori rolls, my favourite way to eat them at the moments is with parsnip-pinenut rice, mango and cucumber. I have a rolling mat, and that makes the rolling easier, but I’m still not very good.
    have a nice day!

    • Hello and welcome, Sonja! 🙂 I’m so happy you found my blog:) I am actually not from belgium.

      Mmm… mangoes in nori rolls are great. I think you will like my mango garlic dressing inside your nori. I don’t use a rolling mat at the moment, and I roll pretty good without it. 🙂 Thank you! =)

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