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It’s summertime, and that means fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests are at their ultimate high! Many of us pet owners are looking for holistic ways to prevent fleas and ticks from feeding on our furry friends, and even on us.


Finally, there’s a truly all-natural and holistic way to get rid of these pesky pests from leeching on our blood, and it’s called Wondercide! You may have already heard about this wonderful company, if you watch TV because Wondercide were on the Shark Tank ABC show on March 18, 2016, and partnered up with the great, Lori Greiner!


Wondercide is an all-organic, chemical-free company that sells all-natural and holistic products for pets, people and property. They use only the very best organic and healthy ingredients, so you can feel safe about applying their products on your skin and on the fur of your pets.


Wondercide believes that you should ‘treat nature WITH nature’ as their tagline reads, and that’s without the use of chemicals that are toxic to the environment.


The Mission of Wondercide is to provide only the very best in holistic products for pets, adults and children, by eliminating the use of chemicals. And the fact that Wondercide provides chemical-free products, is a HUGE PLUS for me. I’m all about living a clean, plant-based, raw vegan lifestyle, along with living a chemical-free lifestyle, too. When you eat cleaner, you adopt cleaner habits and eliminate your use of chemicals by a great, high percentage. Reminds me of the saying, “when you know better, you do better.”


The Problem with Pesticides

It’s no surprise that pesticides are toxic for people, pets and the environment. It even has the warning on the label, if you ever bothered to read it!


Pesticides are just loaded with harsh chemicals that cause all sorts of environmental and health problems!


The use of chemicals is completely unnecessary when you can easily and effectively repel pests from your yard and garden, WITHOUT chemicals.


Pesticides are hazardous, as they are very carcinogenic and causes brain damage, to just name a couple. These chemicals are dangerous for our pets, children and adults. It’s advised that when spraying pesticides, you wear a mask. This isn’t necessary when you use a product so safe like Wondercide!


I would recommend researching the ‘dangers of pesticides’ in Google and see what you find. You will find a whole lot of case studies and research regarding the dangers of pesticides, if you don’t already know.


Click on the image to enlarge. See the ingredients in Wondercide products are so simple and made with holistic, clean and simply safe products. Compare with Pestidcies and you decide which one you would use for your yard and home. 


Since going plant-based vegan, I have ditched my old approaches to doing many things, and switching more to the holistic side.


That’s why, I was thrilled to have discovered Wondercide. Finally a product I can feel confident and safe about using on my dog and even on myself!


Wondercide is an excellent product for repelling fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests. It’s great for the outdoors and even inside your home! Their spray is so versatile; you can even use it to shine your dining tables, clean your kitchen counters to repel ants (this is what I do and it works like a charm to get rid of ants in my kitchen!), and even good for fruit flies.


The trick to repelling ants with Wondercide is to spray a couple of drops on your kitchen counter (a little goes a long way) and rub/spread with a moist napkin all over your counter. Do this every 2-3 days, depending on how often the ants come back. This method is better than having cinnamon spread all over your counter, hahaha!


The secret to prevent fruit flies from invading your kitchen is to compost your fruits ASAP and not let any fruit peels sit out or even let it sit in your trash bin. But this is something I’ll talk about in another post.


I always desired to find the most holistic products for outdoors that keep the pests at bay. And finally, I’ve found my go-to product for nature!  


And Wondercide is even great for keeping bees at bay, too. If you want to keep pests from eating your crops and flowers in your home garden, simply spray Wondercide in your garden area and crops and the pests won’t want to bother with hanging out in your garden at all!


I spray Wondercide on my dog, Rubio every 2-3 days. I find that this really helps to prevent his coat from becoming prone to catching fleas. And prior to Wondercide, my dog was very prone to fleas! And this would drive me crazy because I would constantly have to bathe him to remove these fleas. Messing around with fleas is not an easy task. Now thanks to Wondercide, Rubio can enjoy his outdoor fun and play. And he loves to play; it keeps him happy.


This is what my dog says about Wondercide… 

Whether you’re a dog or cat owner who truly loves your pet(s),you can protect them with Wondercide. And that’s exactly how Stephanie Boone, the CEO and Founder of Wondercide felt with her Luna dog. She’s got an inspiring story, you can read here. Rubio was sent their Lemon Cedar Oil spray. 


If you’re looking for a holistic, chemical-free pesticide to spray your yard and looking to protect your pet, Wondercide is here to the rescue!


Wondercide got a full line of products ranging from shampoo, skin care, flea, tick and mosquito repel, supplements & detox, ear care, treats and toys, skin care, personal insect repellent, and natural pest control products equipped for your yard. You an even use Wondercide to spray anything your dog may be biting to help him stop! 

I’ve partnered up with Wondercide to give you guys a discount on your order! So if you love savings and want to give Wondercide a try (or maybe you’re already a fan and want to save money on your next order), you don’t want to miss out on this EXCLUSIVE promo!  


Shop and Save on Orders Over $35.00

  1. Go to Wondercide.com
  2. Add items to your cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and Use coupon code WonderfulWondercide and get $10 OFF your entire order over $35.00! For first-time customers only.



And even if you’re not a pet owner – if you love to enjoy the great and glorious outdoors (especially during the summer), you too can benefit from using Wondercide.


When you choose Wondercide, you are supporting a safer, chemical-free world and making it a healthier place to live – for all of us. You’re also choosing to go green.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, will try this Wondercide repellent to replace Frontline which I recently my dog gets dozy after application each time.

    I am also looking for a natural & vegan way to prevent Heartworm disease, any recommendation? I’d prefer to buy the product myself rather than taking the dog to the vet.

    Thank you!

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