4 Ways To Detox Your Body From Heavy Metals With Nutrition – Part 1

We live in a world where toxins are lurking in our air, water, food, clothes, and many other things that are part of our well-being and living. No matter where we live or how healthy we eat – there’s really no escaping toxins, is there? 
You’re familiar with chemtrails, right? Well I sure hope you are! They are trails that disperse in the sky, composed of chemicals and heavy metals such as alumium, ethylene dibromiade, barium, sulfur dioxide, strontium, arsenic, cadmium, nanoparticles (which is responsible for Morgellons disease, and more immune disturbers. 
Chemtrails pose a serious health threat to millions of Americans. There are certain parts in America though like Nevada, with chemtrail-free zones.
Is it possible to detox the body from things such as chemtrails and heavy metals? 
So, how does one stay healthy in a world where you’re being bomabred with toxins everywhere? 
By simply eating the foods that help your body fight against these neurotoxins and free radicals. NUTRITION IS EVERYTHING. Eating the right foods that detox your cells at a cellular level helps a lot to cleanse and regenerate the cells, mind and body. 
I can sometimes smell the chemtrails penetrating right through the doors of my house, even with all the windows closed! Bonkers, I know! 
Luckily, I eat a clean, plant-based lifestyle that’s nutrient rich. And even more awesome news is that, with proper nutrition, we’re able to cleanse and detoxify the body from heavy metals. 
While we can’t control what they spray in the air, we can control what we eat. 
So, Here Are 4 Ways You Can Detox And Cleanse Your Body Today! 
1.) Change Your Mindset 
Changing your mindset is number one. Regardless of your environment and circumstances, as long as you keep a good mindset, you will be successful. A good mindset is part of living a healthy lifestyle. The mind is connected to the mind, so whatever you believe, you will achieve. 
So, don’t let your surroundings affect your mental health. If you’re constantly walking around thinking how chemtrails will cause so much damage to your health, etc… that becomes part of your reality and health. It’s one thing to be aware of informed about something (like in this case, chemtrails is the topic) and another thing to not let if affect you mentally and don’t allow it to drive you crazy! Do everything necessary to guard and protect yourself in many ways possible. 
2.) Eat Powerful Superfoods 
There are so many superfoods that are great for detoxifying your body. 
Here are a few: 
#1: Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton is a nutrient packed superfood that has the ability to repair damaged DNA and help transform your health to the next level of OPTIMUM. You’ve heard me praise this superfood time and time again, only because it’s THAT AWESOME and it has really benefited my health in more ways than one. Rest assure, one can detox from chemtrails with this rocket fuel superfood! Discover more about this superfood here! >>>
#2: Spirulina is another amazing superfood that helps repair damaged DNA, regenerate the cells and can help remove heavy metals from the body, also. It’s loaded with B vitamins and is a great source of amino acids and helps control hypertension and cholesterol levels. This plant can also help shield you from malignancy. Learn more about spirulina here! >>>
#3: And another powerful superfood is black cumin seed oil. Black cumin seeds has been used for centuries and have been known to reverse ALL diseases and a ‘cure all for everything but death’!  
3.) Ump Up Your Cilantro Intake 
Cilantro is one of the most powerful herbs you can eat on a daily basis. It’s powerful enough to remove heavy metals like fluoride from the body.  In case you didn’t know, fluoride is hard to remove from the brain, but with enough cilantro consumption – you have a great chance at removing it from your body. 
Besides from being a great detoxifer, cilantro is even great for opening your pineal gland, which is often referred to as ‘third eye or first eye’. But I won’t get spiritual right now, hehe 😉 
Some healthy and yummy ways to enjoy more cilantro is in your juices, smoothies, salads, and guacamole. I love cilantro ♥ Do you? 
And last but certainly not least…. 
4.) Drink Fresh Juices 
Juicing is one the quickest ways to healing and reversing disease. This is of course, when done properly. Drinking fresh juices goes straight to the bloodstream, feeding and detoxing your cells. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t add too many sweets (like fruits) in a single juice. No more than 2 fruits at a time (not included citrus like lemon or lime). I’ll elaborate further on this in a later blog post. 
But if you’re looking to detox at a deep, cellular level, drink more fresh juices. Daily, if possible. There’s nothing better than starting your day off right with a glass of watermelon juice or green kale apple juice! 
I hope these tips were helpful! How do you stay sane in a toxic world? 

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