Marine Phytoplankton: The Ultimate Universal Multi-Vitamin Everyone Can Enjoy!

Meet Marine Phytoplankton. 
The Universal Vital Sea Mineral Essential For Optimizing Our Health In More Than A Dozen Ways! The Superfood Responsible for over 90% of all the Earth's Oxygen, including the air we breathe! 


There's something wonderful about marine phytoplankton and the unique benefits it holds. According to Activation Products, Marine Phytoplankton is the best food based, multi-vitamin in the world! Being that it's highly nutritious, providing a plethora of health benefits and can resote damaged DNA and regenerate degenerate cells and reverse age related symptoms and diseases – is a true superfood! 

My eyesight has greatly improved and gotten clearer since I've increased my Oceans Alive intake; my focus, energy and stamina is high; I perform at my highest levels of health possible, and I feel overall amazing, happy and am THRIVING! My father also has benefited from taking Marine Phytoplankton as he's been able to build more strength and muscles mass too. 

Whether you eat Paleo, Standard American Diet or vegetarian – Oceans Alive is that one superfood that ANYONE can truly benefit from taking. And if you're in your elderly years, Oceans Alive can help you a lot to feel energized, have strong bones, and feel amazing all-around. 

Being that marine phytoplankton is impressively high in magnesium, a little drop goes a long way! Mike Adams from Natural News, tested Activation's marine phytoplankton and found it to be super clean and potent. Add a drop or two to your juices, smoothies and drinking water. You may even feel the detox immediately or feel the accelerating high health affects! Clrlearer skin, vitalty, strength, peace and tranqulity, relaxed muscles, mental clarity and focus, improved digestion, and a plethora of health benefits is what you can expect.  

Right now, too many people are prone to getting sick and caughting colds, flus and illnesses. The answer to prevention is found right in our kitchen pantry. What we intake plays a major role in our health perfomance and living a healthy lifestyle. Each and everyday, our body is constantly defending us to ensure we're healthy and at balance. A diseased body is simply a body at dis-ease (or a body not at ease). EASE magnesium is another excellent product I love to apply right before bed for a great night's sleep. This spray is such a unique and great way to get your magneisum to help release muscle spasm and tension. 

By incorporating Oceans Alive in your diet, you'll be sure to get an array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, including the ones your body cannot produce on its own. I highliht the nutritional profile in my blogpost here

The power to take control of your health is in YOUR hands. Quit outsourcing your healh to doctors who haven't even studied enough health to go ahead and take your health in their own hands.

Make no excuses when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to thrive, live long, be happy, reverse aging, and wake up with abundance amounts of energy and always feel refreshed – eating a raw pure living lifestyle rich in organic fruits and vegetables, with moderate amounts of nuts and seeds for great fats sources can surely improve your life in more than a dozen ways. 

Health is a drop away… with Oceans Alive 2.0. Discover how here.

I hope this post inspires you to take your health in your control as the power is within you, just awaiting for you to unleash it. 

If this post motivated or touched you in any way, please do let me know by leaving a comment below. I'd love to hear from you. Leave me a kind comment, ask me a question and I'll respond. Knowing what you guys like to read inspires me to blog more so keep the feedback coming! 

All the best health, love, light, and wellness to you, 


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