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Earth Circle Organics superfood samples

For those who have been following me or know me personally know how much I rave about the amazing wonders of incorporating superfoods in one’s lifestyle. Superfoods have been an essential part of my lifestyle since I went vegan for 4 years ago. There are thousands of superfoods in the world, all in which serve a unique purpose. My top favorite superfoods are coconut oil, avocado, dates, and cacao. I cannot be without those 4 superfoods in my life. 

With thousands of superfoods in the world, you can imagine how many THOUSAND of companies there are out there who are providing and offering these amazing products. One of my favorite superfood companies by far are Earth Circle Organics. I am NOT being paid to say this; simply, I am sharing my review for their great products.

About The Company
Earth Circle Organics are an organic, GMO-free, raw vegan superfood company selling high-quality products for our overall wellness and health. They sell an array of products from coconut oil to superfood powders to dried fruits. Their packaging comes in a really cool design; it kinda of reminds me of chakra healing. You can learn about their packaging art here. You can check out their website to learn more about them at

They don’t sell directly to consumers, as they are a wholesome importer and distributor and have been since 2006. You can purchase their products on Amazon, Vitacost or maybe find a place near you, as depending on where you live, you can find them at your local store. Find Earth Circle Organics in a place near you here.


My Review On Earth Circle Organics Products

earth circle organics superfoods raw vegan living

I really like the freshness and quality in Earth Circle Organics products! Their cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil is made with 100% raw and organic coconut and is free from GMOs and pesticides. It’s never heated, deodorized or treated with hexane. Really fresh and quality. 

Their dried mulberries are soft and chewy. Much different than the dried mulberries that I’ve tried before.

I love their raw and organic coconut palm sugar! It’ sweet and has a nice coconutty aroma. I makes a great sugar alternative as it’s naturally sweet and great for those with diabetes. I used their coconut sugar to sweetened up my smoothies, desserts and chocolate and oh my goodness! Definitely my favorite raw coconut sugar.

They have the most delicious raw and organic Ecuadorian cacao powder that has a nice flavor to it and makes amazing chocolate! I really like their cacao powder.

One product I found to be unique and yummy was their cacao cashew clusters! It’s basically cashews covered with cacao powder, and it makes a great topping for smoothie bowls and banana ice cream. It also makes a great snack, too. 

Another product I was able to try for the first time was golden berries. Golden berries tastes sweet and sour and is a great addition inside your salads.

I love supporting companies who are making a difference in this world, and Earth Circle Organics has a positive impact in this world and brings many beneficial products to this world so we can better our health. I highly recommend checking Earth Circle Organics out and definitely trying out their products. They are all about eco-friendly and giving back and promote fair-trade. To get a better understanding about the company, check out their about us page here

If you’re looking for a wholesale superfoods company, definitely check out Earth Circle organics superfoods.

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