Product Review: CocoRoselle Coconut Flour & Coconut Oil

I was contacted by CocoRoselle, and was asked If I would like to sample and review their products, and my response was yes! I am a coconut lover/fan, and a big believer in the amazing health benefits of coconuts. The company sells organic coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut sugar, and coconut syrup/nectar, and they sent me all their products! All their products are organic, non-GMO and raw vegan. 
CocoRoselle is a coconut company, based in Australia. They are big believers in the numerous health benefits of coconuts, and promoters of a raw foods diet. Their goal is to contribute to the ecosystem, as they are big believers in the power of fermented foods. 
I’m going to review two of the products that they sent me in this product review: their coconut flour and coconut oil. 
Their coconut flour and oil has a unique, coconutty taste, smell, flavor, and consistency. Out of all the products they sent me, my favorite one is the coconut flour. 
cocoroselle_coconut_flourCoconut Flour
I’m in love with CocoRoselle’s coconut flour. In fact, it’s my favorite (and the best!) coconut flour that I’ve ever tasted! The smell, taste, flavor, and consistency of their flour is perfect, I love it. 
When I tried their coconut flour for the first time, I was surprised (in a good way), because the other coconut flours that I’ve tried, were sticky and very floury, almost powdery. For this reason, I was expecting CocoRoselle’s flour to have the same consistency. 
CocoRoselle’s coconut flour has a consistency of finely shredded coconut shreds, which I like. The flour has an amazingly sweet aroma, that’s different from other coconut flours I’ve smelled. The aroma is heavenly and smells fresh and coconutty. 
Coconut Oil
I love the taste and smell of their coconut oil. Its very different from the oil I normally use. CocoRoselle’s oil has a very fresh, coconutty taste; you can literally taste the freshness of the coconut in the oil. Of course, their coconut oil is raw, cold-pressed/pressured, organic, and non-GMO. 
The oil is great for the skin (which is what I predominantly use coconut oil for), as it naturally moistures and shines it. The aroma is fabulous, and smells different from the other coconut oil that I’ve used. 
I love CocoRoselle products! They’re truly a great company, with amazing tasting and smelling coconut products. If you live in Australia and in New Zealand, CocoRoselle products are available nationwide, and will go expand in Hong Kong in the beginning of 2015! The company are working on getting their products in the U.S., which will be exciting. 
I highly recommend that you check out the companys website to learn more about them HERE
If you’re a coconut lover, you’re definitely going to love CocoRoselle products. 

Stay tuned for a product review on the coconut nectar and coconut sugar from CocoRoselle, along with rawesome recipes I make using CocoRoselle’s products!

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