Product Review: Sari Foods Turmeric & Acai Powder

I’m really excited to share with you today my review on Sari Foods organic turmeric and acai powder. I’ve never tried acai powder before, so it was quite exciting and a treat to sample it for the first time.

While turmeric has been a staple spice in my lifestyle since the beginning of my vegan journey, I’ve been hooked on turmeric more than ever before, thanks to Sari Foods superfoods! I literally add a teaspoon of turmeric powder inside my banana ice cream and inside savory foods like salads and really enjoy it. Banana ice cream mixed with black strap molasses and creamy peanut butter tastes fantastic, if you ask me 🙂

You might remember the review I wrote for Sari Foods early last year on how much I enjoyed sampling their acerola cherry vitamin C powder, spirulina powder and non-fortified nutritional yeast (which I loved all very much). Now I get to review and share their newly released superfood products; turmeric and acai powder.



About The Company
The word ‘sari’ means “essence” in Indonesia. The mission for Sari Foods is to bring their consumers the “Essence of Food” through their 100% pure, single ingredient products, and empowering conscious individuals to return to nutrient dense, pure, whole foods. Eating the way nature truly intended.

All of Sari Foods are organic, raw, vegan, and free from pesticides, GMOs and artificial color and flavoring, which makes their products super awesome and wholesome. 


My Review

Turmeric Powder

My father and I think Sari Foods turmeric powder is the best, and we’ve tried many. Since trying Sari Foods turmeric, I’ve been on a turmeric hook, adding it to most of my dishes. Sari Foods turmeric powder has a unique taste unlike other turmeric powders on the market. Sari Foods turmeric has a bitter-sweet flavor and it’s pure quality you can taste. The smell was great also. We felt the benefits immediately after eating it. 

Their turmeric makes a great curry, soup, smoothies, chili, yogurt, desserts, salads, and other savory foods. 

Turmeric contains many healing benefits, aiding in the reversal of cancer, soothes constipation, and contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. The benefits of turmeric are wonderful. I love turmeric and recommend it as a staple. 


Acai Powder

Wow! The acai love is real. When I first opened the bag of Sari Foods acai powder, I was in love with the smell. To me, it smelled like bubble gum! Acai powder is excellent inside banana ice cream, chocolate, smoothies, and other treats and desserts. Blend grapes with a teaspoon of acai makes the most pleasant purple drink/puree/smoothie.


My first experience with acai was epic. I love the flavor, aroma and the versatility of acai. 

Acai smoothie bowls are the most revered and favorited way to enjoy acai. You can find the hundreds of thousands of foodies sharing their magnificent acai smoothie bowls on Instagram.  

Acai does wonders for your body, helping in reverse aging,improve digestion, supports a healthy weight loss, clears up the skin from acne, supports a healthy and strong immune system; great for cardiovascular health, improves eyesight, increases happy mood, and much more. 

You’re in a treat because I’ve partnered up with Sari Foods to provide you with an exclusive discount so you can get 10% off code your order 🙂 


FTC Disclosure: I am a proud affiliate with Sari Foods. I was not paid to write this review post. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on their superfoods that I enjoyed very much. By using my affiliate code, you are supporting Raw Vegan Living Blog. 


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