Why I Moved To Ecuador

Today, I want to share with you why I moved to Ecuador.

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I am grateful to live here. I moved to Ecuador in September with my father and my vegan dog, Rubio. It was quite a fun and adventurous journey, especially getting my dog into Ecuador which was a bit rocky, but we did it! 

When I was little, I remember watching the National Geographic channel and being in awe with the beauty of the Galapagos and all the exquisite animals there. Ecuador is known for its rainforest, Andes mountains, produce, great tasting cacao, beauty, and much more. With so many activities to do and an array of parks to visit – living in Ecuador is like an everyday vacation! 

I’m New Yorker-Ecuadorian, and I’m really happy to be coming back to my indigenous roots. I feel ‘at home’ and in my element, right where I’m supposed to be. 

Ecuador is known as the Equator, which is actually located in Quito, the most historical city in Ecuador. 


6 Reasons Why I Moved To Ecuador 

#1: The Fruits! 

Well being that I’m a fruitarian, this is quite obvious (hehe)! Ecuador is known for having rich, clean soil, unlike the soil in States which is depleted of it’s nutrients. Fruits and vegetables here in Ecuador are fresh quality, locally grown, and in abundance. In fact, Ecuador is the world’s largest banana exporters and orito bananas (the REAL bananas) are very common here. You can make amazing fruit scores as there are so many Mecaldos (markets) widely available with exotic fruits, I have yet to explore and try. The mangoes, when ripe, are super tasty, especially when they are not the stringy mango varieties. And the most EPIC part about living in paradise is, not only is it fruit heaven here because of all the abundance and variety of fruits, but unripe fruits is never a concern for me any longer! Gone are the days where I have unripe fruits because finding ripe fruits is so easy, especially with all the mecaldos.


#2: Clean Air 

This is a big one.

Ecuador’s air is cleaner compared to the air in the States, for the simple reason that, chemtrails are not heavily sprayed. Living in an area where chemtrails are very minimum is important for me and goes with living an optimum life. While Ecuador is not a 100% chemtrail free country yet, they spray once in a blue. Clouds are actually real clouds and the air is fresh. 



#3: Clean Water 

The water is cleaner and non-chlorinated nor fluoridated unlike the faucet water in the States! You can feel the cleanness and purity in the water; it has no chlorine smell, which is great for the hair, skin and nails. 


#4: Endless Beauty

Everywhere you go/walk, there is beauty ALL around you. The views of the mountains from my window is beautiful and inspiring; being outside is so magnificent. I am in awe with the beauty of this country. So many beautiful photos to take; life here is wonderful. The environment is blissful, peaceful and very harmonious. 

#5: Closer to Earth and Nature

I’m an earth sign. Thus, I am very in tune with being in nature and exploring all the beauty this world has to offer. The views from my window are magnificently inspiring! And my neighbors, are cows! Moo. They look like a mother, father with their baby. It’s such a treat to have them live close to me, as I often see them outside my window eating grass. They’re such sentient beings and I feel so touched by them <3 


#6: Less Corruption 

While corruption exists everywhere you go, there isn’t much police corruption here. In fact, the police officers are actually ‘peace officers’. They don’t bother the citizens and everyone here is allowed to just be and do their thing, as long as they don’t bother or hurt anyone. 


So there you have it. My 6 reasons why I moved to the most beautiful country in the world 🙂 


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  1. Thank you Miliany. I live in Ecuador, too, and everything you said is true. (Well except for the clean water- they keep shutting mine off in the small town where I live and when they turn it back on, it’s got a strange yellow-brown color). The picture of the cows is a very common sight where I live. People back in the states don’t believe me when I say there are actually clean, white, puffy clouds and real blue skies (even when I send them pictures!)

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for your comment! Glad what I said was true and on point. In certain cities, the water isn’t so fresh. What city do you live?

      And you’re right about the clouds. Sometimes the clouds look fake because of how fluffy they are! Ecuador is a beautiful country with many magical cities. Sometimes it can look like the photos are Photoshopped!

      My father and I along with my business partner are hosting an epic raw vegan retreat in July here in Ecuador. I’ll be posting the details to this retreat soon on the blog, so stay tuned if you’re interested.

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