4 out of 7 Raw Vegans & Vegans Who Inspired Me Mini Series: Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth was the third raw vegan I was introduced to in the beginning of my journey. She is one of my raw role models. I first saw Megan in one of Kristina’s videos. I found Megan threw Kristina and they’re friends, too! I found Megan’s channel and discovered that she had a YouTube Video, too. I started watching her videos, and I was fully inspired and hooked! Megan was a BIG motivation and inspiration to me! I loved watching her videos. She has a good vibe. If you don’t know the awesome Megan, I highly recommend reading more about her! If you do, you already know why I choose to feature her this week in my mini series
Two of my favorite Epic Raw Beauties: Kristina & Megan!!
Kristina Bucaram and Megan Elizabeth
megan elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth is an entrepreneur, raw vegan. She is the woman behind, Easy To Be Raw. She sells books about this rawesome lifestyle. In her books, she provides her tips and tricks, her exercise routines, her rawesomely healthy recipes, information about the health benefits of all the fruits in the world, her raw vegan makeup, and more! Megan is a really cool, funny, sweet, beautiful woman. I really enjoy watching her videos; they’re very informative, fun, funny and inspiring! Her videos are like a treat for me; Megan makes me laugh and smile every time! She likes to have fun in her videos, and she does it well! 😉 
LOL! ;P told you she’s funny! she’s a bit silly at times… 😛
megan elizabeth funny
her pictures are worth drooling over!! they’re so mouth-watering and delicious!! YUM!! <3 click on the pictures to get the recipe video! the third recipe is un-clickable. i made the carrot apple date bites last year (the second picture) and it was delicious and super easy!! 
oatmeal raisin cookies
carrot apple date bites
raw berry granola bar
Megan’s story about how she transformed her life is inspiring! For those who don’t know, here’s a little short story: Megan was a SAD eater for most of her life; she was a vegetarian for several years. As a teenager, she took medications for acne and anxiety. She ate almost pretty much anything in her high school years; soda, Twinkies, pizza, sandwiches, fast foods – you name it! By the time Megan was in her senior year, she was 170 pounds! When she was 21, she had left meat and dairy and lost 130 pounds. She was still a fat girl. Not only was Megan’s body weight at a risk, so was her head! She experienced hair loss. 
Long inspiring story short, she visited a holistic doctor who was able to help her. Her hair no longer fell out, she was feeling better little by little. Luckily, she met Arnold Kauffman and he took her under his arms. There, she was introduced to the vegan and raw lifestyle! You can read Megan’s full inspiring story here
megan elizabeth eating an apple

you can also watch her “my weight loss story”. in the video, she talks about her transformation in the video! 
these were the first two videos that i first saw when i was “introduced” to Megan! Oh my goodness, they are so funny and cute together! <3 🙂
her before & after pictures are SO inspiring! WOW!! 
Megan Elizabeth before and after
Megan’s mission is to motivate and inspire others to eat more raw fruits and vegetables into their diets. She wants to share her special talents and gifts with the world, and she’s doing a very great job at that! Today, Megan is as strong, vibrant and healthy as she can be! She lives a raw food diet and enjoying life at its fullest! 
megan elizabeth
Most raw vegans and vegans know Megan and how epic she is. If you don’t know her, I highly encourage you to please look into her, watch her videos (you will LOVE her videos! not only are they fun and enjoyable to watch, but her recipes and non-recipe videos are VERY informative!), follow her and send her some love!!! I am so happy I found Megan threw Kristina! Oh, did I mention I’m going to meet her at the Woodstock Fruit Festival?! I am so excited about that!!! 🙂 Yes, I’m a lucky girl! 😉 

megan elizabeth
Well, I actually DID get to meet Megan Elizabeth!! I met her on September 29, 2013. It was so awesome! 🙂 She’s my second raw vegan who I met, but my first raw vegan from my mini series! Wish the picture wasn’t blurry, though. 🙁
Megan Elizabeth and Miliany Bonet
To connect with Megan, please follow her in the links below:
Her Rad Website: http://meganelizabeth.com/
P.S. Megan, if you’re reading this – PLEASE post a comment below!! I’d mean the raw world to me!! Hugs!! 😀 xx
Hope you all enjoyed reading and learning about the lovely, Megan Elizabeth! 
Till next time, xoxo
megan elizabeth

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