breaking the 11 day juice fast

hey, everybody! happy friday! today, my dad and i have decided that we’re breaking our 11 day juice fast. i am ready to go back to eating solid foods again. we’ve fasted for 11 days; not bad for a newbie juice fasting. i am quite excited actually to be going back to eating epicness again! fasting really makes one appreciate food much more. i’ve thought of wonderful recipes to make while i was fasting. i thought of this wonderful, dreamy and heavenly ice cream cake with chocolate that i’ll be sharing with you guys… soon! 

but before i jump right into foods, i must come back light. so, i ate some dates and fresh, organic strawberries! oh so delicious! <3 

did you know? when Myans came off a fast (broke the fast), they often ate dates to welcome in food to avoid over-eating. the Myans were smart to feast on dates when breaking a fast. 
I am practicing the Myans teachings; I am breaking my day 11 juice fast on dates! and strawberries… 

medjool date
natural delight dates

notice the strawberry is in the shape of a heart! <3
heart shaped strawberry
later on during the day (my lunch) i enjoyed 2 super food covered bananas! they are filling and satisfying, too! click on the picture below for the recipe! i’ll be sharing another recipe like this one soon! 

chia super food covered bananan

since my first 3 days of eating need to be light, i’m going to have some yummy salad for dinner. yum! i think for the next 3 days, i’ll be enjoying some yummy salad. then on day 4, i’ll make raw pizza for dinner! oh, i can’t wait! i am excited! i will be enjoying food more and more then ever before! anyways, more epic recipes to come on the blog! i am REALLY excited to make my banana chocolate ice cream cake and share it with all of you! stay tuned for rawesome recipes! 
hugs! 😀 xx

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