Nut Butter Nectar Filled Dates

This is probably one of the most easiest recipes I’ve shared on my blog so far! It’s super easy, fast and simple to make; you’ve got candy within minutes! (or seconds, depending on how many you make) This is REAL candy; literally, Nature’s candy! 
jumbo medjool date
pitted jumbo medjool date
pitted cut open jumbo medjool date
This recipe is kid-friendly, low-fat, delicious, nutritious, and filling (if you eat enough). This makes a good snack before or after a workout (or a ‘pick-me up’ snack!), fueling you with energy and provide you with happy, healthy fats (and protein!) I really love this recipe, and I think you will, too! 

jumbo medjool dates and almonds in a jar
nut butter filled nectar dates & chocolate covered dates
This recipe is great with just nut butter alone, but there are a few ways you can enjoy this; instead of drizzling coconut nectar (since its refined) on the dates, you can sprinkle stevia powder. It’s healthier and sweeter. Roll the dates in chocolate sauce, and place them in the freezer until the chocolate hardens. Have fun and share with family and friends! 
cashew butter filled medjool date
cashew butter date and coconut nectar
filled cashew butter date with raw coconut nectar

Life is like a box of dates… you never know what you’re going to get…!

jumbo medjool dates
medjool jumbo dates
raw cashew butter, raw coconut nectar and jumbo medjool dates
nut butter filled nectar dates


Nut Butter Nectar Filled Dates Recipe
Serves 1 (double up the dates for more) 
Nut Butter Nectar Filled Dates
Chocolate Sauce

Pit the date(s), and spread nut butter inside. Drizzle coconut nectar (or sprinkle stevia!) on top, and drizzle (or roll the sates) in chocolate sauce. Repeat for every date and enjoy! 
Another Idea: After coating the dates in chocolate sauce, you can place the chocolate covered dates in the freezer for a few minutes, until the chocolate hardens. Enjoy!  
GIF nut butter nectar filled dates
raw cashew butter and coconut nectar filled dates
nut butter filled nectar dates
jumbo medjool dates
This is why i love raw desserts 🙂
raw desserts

Do you like or love dates, too? Do you like chocolate? Feel free to share & post a comment. P.S. this is one of my favorite post! 😉

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