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The products we use on our skin is just as important as the foods we eat. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. So the skin care and hair care products I use are crucial for me. They must be free from chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, and made with organic, cruelty-free, raw ingredients. That’s one, when I find a really good company that provide organic, GMO-free, raw vegan products free from chemicals, I am have a desire to wholeheartedly support them. 

I am reviewing yet another company that provide wonderful products for hair, skin, beauty and some raw food chocolate. The name of the company is called Living Libations. 

About Living Libations

Living Libations is a luxurious Canadian line of pure source, raw, organic, and botanical beauty care and holistic dental products. Like a flower beaming luminosity on a sunny day, learn to glow with new vibrancy using Living Libations healing botanical wisdom. They offer a variety of wonderful products that can be viewed online at


My Product Review

I am in love with their hair care products! It has a nice smell and feel to it, softening and moisturizing your hair and scalp. Although their products are not made with any chemicals, their shampoo is naturally ‘foamy’ but not foamy in the sense like most commercial hair care products are, as the ingredients found in hair care products are made with chemicals and toxins. You just have to apply it into your hair and it lathers all around. I really enjoy living_libations_hair_careLiving Libations shampoo and conditioner products. 

Another great benefit about Living Libations shampoos and conditioners is, it alkalines your scalp, while improving the condition of your hair. Soft, clean, luscious hair is what you’re gonna get with Living Libations shampoo. And most people may like it more than shampoos that don’t lather. 

View their Blue Spirulina Shampoo here and Shine on Conditioner here. 


I love this oil. It’s sure to give you the best skin ever ;)! This is more like an oil that you can liberate on your skin, all over your body. I use this to wash my face twice a day with their organic hemp cloth. I leaves m face smooth, soft, radiant, and clear. My dad loves this oil too and uses it daily on his face. I’ve learned that this oil is also great for those who get stretch marks on their skin.

Nadine knows of a few woman actually who applied this product on their stretch marks after pregnancy, and it went away with this product!

It’s got an awesome aroma, too. If you want the best skin ever, I highly recommend using this product


If you got zits, this essential oil is right for you. It has a grey color with a unique smell. The smell reminds me of tea tree oil. This oil is especially useful for those who got acne and want to remove it. I use this after washing my face with the Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn and organic hemp cloth, and it helps to keep my face clear and refreshed afterwards. Highly recommend this oil if you want to clear up your skin. 


CHOCOLATE BARS – More Than Just a Feeling
Living Libations chocolate bars were more than just a feeling, alright; it was an EXPERIENCE! A heavenly treat at that. I don’t really have much to say about the bars, besides that it was so yummy. 



I really like this lip balmer. It’s soft, refreshing and smooth on the lips, and a little goes a long way when you apply it. It tastes yummy and has a nice smell. It has raw honey in it, which I don’t mind. 


It’s important to note that, not all of Living Libations products are vegan. I’ve listed their non-vegan products below for your reference. 

  • Foragers Balm and Jai Baby Balm – beeswax
  • Brushes – wild boar hair or horse hair
  • Lipbalms – beeswax
  • Candles – beeswax
  • SunDew Creme – Vitamin D (from lanolin???)
  • Perfect Pearl Powder – Nacre Pearl from Oysters
  • Rosemary Reset Powder – Nacre Pearl from Oysters
  • Chocolate – Honey
  • LoveWine – Honey
  • Frankincense Honey Mask – Honey


Living Libations has amazing products for hair, skin, oral health, essential oils, and products for staying healthy and optimum. give them a follow in the social links below: 

Facebook @livinglibations


Instagram @livinglibations


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