Epic Spring Mix Kelp Noodles Salad with Creamy Mango Garlic Dressing & Other Goodness + The Health Benefits Of Kelp

I made this for dinner and it was EPIC! Everything about this salad was awesome. The dressing was just divine and creamy, the flavors, the salad add-ins and the seasonings. I suggest making this salad ASAP! The perfect key to an epic salad is its dressing. If the dressing lacks in taste (fortunately, this dressing doesn’t), then the salad won’t turn out so epic (in taste). The dressing is the same dressing as my previous post (the mango garlic dressing sauce). Remember when I said that I’ll be posting a few other recipes that will go great with the dressing recipe? Well, this salad is one of them. The mangoes makes a perfect, creamy salad dressing.
Like total divineness!
mangoeslarge peeled garlic clove
mango garlic dressing
Salads are one of my favorite raw foods. They are so easy, quick and delicious – especially if the dressing is epic and creamy. Raw salads are way healthier than the junk (fake) salads that they make at salads works (or the ones that they make at restaurants). This is real salad, people. Plus, homemade salads are always better because you know what you put into it (just like you would when you make anything homemade). The store bought dressings are just made with fat and unhealthy ingredients. It’s not made with whole foods; all but processed. I believe raw salads are truly THE BEST!
what do YOU believe in?
The beautiful colours of this salad mix is just glorious. Wouldn’t you agree? !
spring mix colorful salad
kelp noodles packgae
kelp noodles
Kelp Noodles!

I recently tried kelp noodles for the first time, and I loved it. It has a neutral taste (just like tofu), but it just takes some getting used to. My dad and I both got used to the taste pretty quickly. Kelp noodles are unique out of all raw noodles because it’s a mineral seaweed that contains 70 minerals, including potassium, magnesium (anti-inflammatory), iron, high in calcium, and iodine. It aids in weight loss (fat free), bone strength (good source of calcium), it’s gluten free, good for cardiovascular disease, contains trace minerals, over 21 amino acids, enzymes, improves memory, and so much more!

The benefits are of kelp are just amazing. I think you will be surprised at what you find. Despite its mild taste, you can season it up nicely to make it taste delicious. You can dress it with my cheddar cheese recipe or my mango garlic dressing (which I used both). You can use any of your fave dressing you like. With my first experience with kelp, I really enjoyed it. So did my dad. You might too, but just make sure you rinse it to wash out any leftover debris. If you don’t rinse it out, it will taste funny and a bit too bland. Just be sure to read the package on the back. Kelp may need some help if you don’t rinse it out. Haha! Kelp rytms with help. Okay, don’t laugh.
kelp noodles are similar to angel hair spaghettis!
 kelp noodles

*Remember, with raw food, measurements are not precise, so just add enough of everything to get the flavour, texture and consistency you want. Just add more or less of everything listed. This is your salad, so you can adjust it to your liking. 
Epic Spring Kelp Salad Mix with Creamy Mango Garlic Dressing:
serves about 2-4
desired amount of baby spring mix salad
sliced avocados (maybe 1/2 for each bowl? it’s up to you. that’s what i did)
1 tbsp or tsp capers or handful olives
handful raisins 
sliced tomatoes
handful fresh parsley
handfuls of sprouts 
desired amount of kelp noodles
desired amount of cubed or crumbled tofu
sesame seeds, to garnish
1-2 tablespoons my cheddar cheese hummus recipe
use my recipe here
to make the Salad: place desired amount of the baby spring salad mix into your salad bowls. Slice up the tomatoes, red onion and avocado. Add in the tofu, capers, raisins and sesame seeds. Set aside. 
to make the Dressing: place all ingredients in the blender and blend until creamy and smooth, adding water as needed. Pour the dressing onto your salad and evenly mix in. Enjoy! Mmm…. this salad is really creamy! 
garlic mango dressing
Have you ever tried kelp noodles? Are you going to give kelp a try? If you tried it, do you like it? What’s your favorite dressing/sauce to season up your noodles? Feel free to share & post a comment in the box below. 🙂
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    Kelp is one of my favorit foos- so much fun to eat. And that mango dressing sounds soo so good! Im going to try that one out soon!
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    • Thank you so much, Ragnhild! My pleasure to post a comment over at your blog! 🙂 I’m so happy you found my blog too! I’m sure you will love my food as much as you love yours! I agree with you on the kelp;) I hope you do try my mango dressing soon, and let me know how you like it 😀
      I look forward to your comments, and I’m so happy your following my blog! =) xoxo

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