What To Do With Leftover Juice Pulp + Composting

colorful juice pulpI’m sure you’ve wondered what to do with your leftover juice pulp. I used to throw away my juice pulp not knowing that I could have saved it. There are a few things that you can do with your leftover juice pulp. Now, I really don’t recommend doing the same by throwing away your juice pulp. Instead, you can turn the pulp into recipes! I listed four suggestions and ideas what you can do with your next leftover juice pulp.

4 Suggestions & Ideas To Do With Your Leftover Juice Pulp:

my backyard juice pulp compose
My compost scarps in my backyard!
Did you know? when you compost the leftover juice pulp and take care of it properly, you will slowly grow your own produce! That’s the whole point in composting.  Here’s a link that explains a bit more about composting. It’s a surprise what exactly you will start to see grow. My compost is slowly beginning to look like dirt. I will keep you posted when I start to see more progress! I am really curious what will grow. I’m really hoping for berries and other fruits. I have to be patient!
this is the compost in my backyard. i’ve started composting since last year. it’s so colorful! the stick (branch) you see in the photo is the stick i use to move my compost around. you may need to find yourself a very strong stick or tree branch to mix around the compost. let me warn you, you’ll need muscles! the compost mixture can be tough to mix around:}
my juice compose
 i like to add a plastic bag inside my juicer’s bin. this way it’s easier to throw into my compost. i suggest you do this too. it’s smart in my opinion. i find it to be better because i don’t have to take the whole bin outside – just the bag. it’s just lift up, close & compose! it’s that simple! 
juicer bin compose bag
juice compose in bag
you’ve gotta love the juice pulp. all the fibers & nutrients are actually presented in the pulp. maybe one thing not to like about juice pulp are the fruit flies that comes along with it. but at least you’ve gotta love the beautiful colours from it. it looks like a rainbow! 😉

leftover juice pulp

I hope you found the suggestions and ideas above helpful. If you don’t have a backyard, you can still compost. You can place the compost in tall trash bins. You can search on google. If you search on Youtube, you will find helpful videos that show and explain about how to compost. it talks more in depth. I will tell you this: you will need patience when composting. It may take months or years to actually start seeing something grow.


Questions of the Day:
What do you do with your leftover juice pulp? Do you compost? Will you start composting if you don’t do so already? Did you find the information above helpful? If you have any ideas or suggestions on what to do with leftover juice pulp, post it in the comment box below. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. 

Happy Composing & Juicing! =)

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