Creamy Mango Garlic Dressing Sauce

 creamy mango garlic dressing


Okay, don’t judge the taste of this recipe by reading its title. You’re probably thinking mangoes and garlic is a weird combination, and they don’t go together. Well, I thought the same thing too, but I quickly changed my mind. After the dressing was blended up and I tasted it, let me tell you, it was a WOW moment. Was I proved wrong! 

Believe it or not, mangoes and garlic makes a great dressing. I’ve made this recipe about four times already, and I love it. It has a different taste every time – it’s epic. Some of your taste buds may disagree on that. I loved the flavors, and I hope you do too. Sweet and savory is how I can best describe the taste for you. This dressing came out divine! It was creamy and delicious. My dad and I both really enjoyed the taste. This is one of our favorite dressing recipe. Who would think that garlic and mangoes taste epic together?! 

don’t be skeptical on the taste. it’s divine!
garlic in my hand

You can use this dressing as a dressing, dip and a sauce. This pairs well with salad, nori rolls, vegetable noodles, raw pasta, wraps, spaghetti, pad Thai, and pretty much anything you want to sauce up (except desserts of course). I’ll be posting a few recipes that will go great with this sauce. Just give this sauce a try! If you do, it will make your taste buds say……..

mmm…. mangolicious!

creamy mango garlic dressing

Creamy Mango Garlic Dressing Sauce:
2 large peeled mangoes
3 peeled garlic cloves
1 tsp of each coconut aminos, apple cider vinegar, salt & all purpose natural seasonings
Water, if needed (I didn’t have to add any)

Peel and slice the mangoes & garlic. Throw everything in your blender & blend until creamy and smooth. Add water if you’d like to thin up the sauce a bit (I didn’t have to add any water. I like it a bit thick). Pour into a bottle & store in the fridge. Enjoy as desired! 


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