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dara dubinet

+Dara Dubinet is an epic raw vegan. I actually found her threw the lovely Kristina. When I had first discovered Dara, I started watching more of her videos and learning about her. I was inspired and motivated! I started following her ever since. She is a BIG motivation and inspiration for me. Not only is she a motivation and an inspiration to me, she’s an inspiration to SO many people! Her videos were a great impact along my journey. If you don’t know Dara, I highly recommend reading this post! If you do know her, you already know why I’m featuring her today’s mini series! 

Dara Dubinet is an epic raw role model. She is a raw vegan, a certified Feng Shui practitioner, an entrepreneur, a skilled metalsmith, and a raw foods chef. Her jewelry is worn by recognizable people on TV, film and music industries. Dara dedicates her time making YouTube videos that will motivate and inspire others to eat a plant-based diet. Her videos are like a treat for me; she makes me laugh and smile every time. Her story on how she became raw is quite interesting. The information she provides in her videos are not only educational, but they’re fun to watch and her recipes are fantastic! She’s been making videos about raw foods for 2 years! On her YouTube channel, she talks about an array of topics: Feng Shui, de-cluttering your house and mind for a better life, raw food recipes, raw food nutrition, detoxification, and her journey onto raw foods. 

Her epic raw food recipes are awesome! Very creative and mouth-watering delicious! Her recipes are in videos (aka recipe videos!)
dara dubinet raw food
raw pasta
Dara Dubinet and raw food

Dara’s story is very inspiring! Today, she is as healthy as she can be! She is a true testament to the healing wonders of a raw vegan diet. Her mother was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Dara, as a great daughter, transitioned her mother to a raw foods diet, adapting her mothers favorite cooked meals, turning them into raw meals that suit her taste. With a beautiful spirit, soul and energy, along with fantastic raw foods — Dara is an inspiration! 

This was the very first video I saw of Dara; her with Kristina. Watch the video below to get inspired like I did! You can feel both Dara’s and Kristina’s positive and loving energy. You will love them both! 


One day, Dara went to this restaurant in Santa Monica, California and ordered a raw chocolate milkshake. She took a sip and she didn’t like the taste. It didn’t taste like the chocolate milkshake that she remembered that was made with dairy and sugar. So, she took another sip into the milkshake, and she actually loved it the second time around! She felt the milkshake’s vibration! She was feeling high and happy. 

After that, she decided to go 100% raw! A raw chocolate milkshake did it for her! So, she went to that place everyday for two weeks. There, she learned how to make raw foods, she went on a David Wolfe retreat and she met new friends who were into this raw vegan lifestyle. Two and a half years went by, and she felt amazing! She couldn’t believe that raw foods was the secret to life, beauty, happiness, youth, energy, glow, and health! 

Dara Dubinet raw vegan

Before Dara started raw foods, she had adrenal fatigue, poor vision (she wore glasses) and lower thyroid disease. After eating raw, her adrenal fatigue and lower thyroid disease went away, and her eyesight was restored! Two and a half years later, she was fully raw. She went on a 40 day juice cleanse (aka juice fast) and when she was off the fast, she was craving cooked foods. So, she went with her craving, but didn’t feel so well, like she normally would eating raw. She couldn’t understand what was the problem. Within one month of going back to raw foods, she felt 100% better! Through her experience with cooked foods, Dara now understands and knows that raw foods is the way to optimal health! 

I highly recommend watching the video below, where Dara shows you how raw foods restored her eyesight and her test results! This was very inspiring for me, as my goal was to get my vision back. Raw foods DOES improve eyesight!! 


Dara wanted to spread the word and love with others about the power of raw foods; she did just that! She fed 4o people samples of raw foods! She then decided to go to Living Light Culinary Institute school, where she graduated as a chef. Dara has changed, touched and inspired SO many people’s lives! She continues to spread the love everywhere she goes. She’s doing a great job at that! She has not only been a motivation and an inspiration for me, but to many other individuals, as well. Dara’s raw journey has been fun for her, and she continues to discover new things. She is truly amazing! I love her! She is a great role model to follow. 

 To learn more about Dara’s raw story/journey, watch the video below where she talks about it! 


Dara’s mission is to inspire others to follow a vibrant raw vegan diet. It brings Dara joy to educate others about the epic power of raw organic vegan foods! This is what Dara says about this lifestyle:

“I love eating these foods. They are delicious, and preparing them is fun and creative. The energy I have gained by following this lifestyle is beyond anything cooked food ever gave me! There is an immediate infusion of love and vibrancy that happens when someone eats organic living foods prepared with love.”

“Energy is everything that we are and all that surrounds us. Just like Feng Shui or chi in your home must flow, so must the chi in the body. To live our fullest lives, we must unblock the obstacles preventing our energy from flowing. In the home we remove clutter, in our bodies we remove mucus and toxins, and free compounded energy. Through a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, we get to clean, revive, and regenerate our health joyfully and deliciously.” 

 “We know true beauty comes from the inside. Nothing we put on our bodies can make up for true beauty. No makeup, or clothes can give us the vibrant glow that comes from eating raw organic living foods! Healthful foods, exercise, and practicing our skills and talents can help us to become the jewels and expressions of life energy we truly should be.”

Dara Dubinet

As you can read, Dara is truly an amazing person! She is so sweet, loving, beautiful and inspiring — you’ll love her! When you watch her videos, you can feel her positive energy and loving energy. Dara is just awesome; I can literally go on and on about how wonderful she is; this would be a very long post! I am so happy I found her! She brings joy, peace, love and happiness wherever she goes, and you can definitely feel it through her videos! 

keep calm and get your greens on - dara dubinetMost people know Dara and how inspiring and epic she is. I would love to meet Dara in person one day! That’d be awesome! When I meet her, I’ll film a cool and fun video with her and upload it on my YouTube channel! I don’t think she’s going to the Woodstock Fruit Festival, but I’ll get my opportunity really soon! If you didn’t know Dara before this post, I hope you were inspired and enjoying reading about her! I highly recommend watching her videos and following her in the links below! Be sure to tell her you found her through me and send her some love! To help gain that vibrant glow, as Dara says, “Get your greens on!” 🙂 


Raw Vegan Dara Dubinet

To connect with Dara, follow her in the links below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/darastyle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daradubinet

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/daradubinet

Her Website: http://liveloveraw.daradubinet.com/index.html

P.S. Dara, if you’re reading this – PLEASE post a comment below!! I’d mean the raw world to me!! Hugs! 😀

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