juice fast: day 2

hey, everyone! today is day 2 of my juice fast cleanse. today, i am feeling great! i feel better today than i did yesterday! i have lots of energy, i feel awesome and i am experiencing the benefits of a fast… detox. today’s juice was special and different. i enjoyed my juice today more than i did yesterday! this juice was deliciously sweet! (recipe below)




my dad says that today’s juice was his favorite; possibly number one! i agree with him! this juice was an all-sweet juice. i have a mega-sweet tooth, so i definitely enjoyed this juice! come to think about it, this juice is now my number one favorite! i am planning on drinking this juice again tomorrow, but i’ll add apples and vegetables this time! phew, talk about detoxing, cleansing and rejuvenating of the cells! 😉 

pineapple kiwi juice ingredients pineapple kiwi juice jars
deliciously sweet n’ epic pineapple tangerine kiwi juice:
1 pineapple
6-10 tangerines
6-10 kiwis 
(i added more tangerines & kiwis after i took the picture)
cut, peel, juice, pour in super foods, mix, drink, enjoy! 
pineapple kiwi juice jar
pineapple juice
hugs! 🙂 


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  1. Im so happy you and your dad are enjoying your fast so much! nothing better than that!!
    I love fresh juices! I dont uice fast obviousely ( with my baby growing inside me), but I juice every day anyway 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your fast!

    • =) thank you!! i makes the fast so much more fun when you have a buddy, especially like my dad! 🙂 it makes the fast stronger when you have support from another.
      haha yes of course! this would not be a great time for you t fast… funny cause i was thinking how you can’t fast since you’re pregnant. at least you juice everyday that’s important! 🙂

      thank you and i shall!


  2. hmmm, that looks like such a sweet juice. I have a major sweet tooth myself, but during my juice fast I learned that it’s better to not have too fruity juices so you don’t spike your blood sugar levels. But I can imagine this would be such a great tasting juice

    • it was & i enjoyed it! 😀 i see what you’re saying, but there are juice fasts where you drink pineapple juice for 3-4 days (even weeks!) for a parasitic cleanse. to be honest, i’ve never drank an all-sweet juice like i did on my day 2 juice fast. my intention was to actually make an all-sweet juice on purpose. (plus, the fact that i didn’t have veggies on hand at the time).
      yes it was amazing!! you should give this a try sometime! 🙂


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