Epic Earthly Tones Red Beet Cells Elixir Juice + Chlorophyll

epic earthly tones red beet cells elixir juice

I honestly cannot get enough of juicing red beets lately. I just can’t deny the beauty of them; their color is radiantly beautiful, and it makes my juices epically sweet! Due to their radiant red color, red beets makes the perfect food coloring! I would love to make raw vegan red velvet using red beets. The health benefits of beets are great to detoxify and cleanse out the liver and kidneys – making beet juices elixirs! This juice will make you feel great all day long and keep you focused!
look at all the glorious colours of the ingredients to this elixir. this is what my cells will be made out of & this is what YOUR cells can be made out of too. remember, you are what you eat!
epic earthly tones red beet cells elixir juice ingredients
detox cells earthly tones elixir
Detox Cells Earthly Tones Elixir:
serves 2 (32 ounces, 4 cups)
half bunch fresh organic kale 
3 organic celery stalks
3 organic carrots
1 whole organic red beet
handful fresh organic cilantro
handful fresh organic spinach 
1 lime (peel if non-organic, unpeel if organic)  
fresh piece of ginger
5-6 organic apples 
Wash, cut, peel as needed. Juice it, drink it & love it! Enjoy the red beauty!;)

detox cells earthly tones elixir & green apples
One more thing I would like to mention is the chlorophyll levels in this bottle (juice). In case you may not have realized or known, but chlorophyll is really epic. It has SO MANY health benefits that are wonderful! (of course, if it comes from Mother Nature, it is the best;). The more chlorophyll in your juice, the better! Red blood cells is made up of approximately 75% hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is identical to chlorophyll and our blood cells. We can absorb hemoglobin through nature by drinking these epic earthly tones elixirs & juicing LOTS of GREENS! And lots of greens = LOTS of CHLOROPHYLL, duh! =) 

Not all green juices contain high amounts of chlorophyll because it all depends on how much greens added in the juice or smoothie. I have noticed that the organic, dark greens contains more chlorophyll (you’ll notice more chlorophyll levels in the juice). Like I said, the more greens – the more chlorophyll. Spirulina powder is known to have high amounts of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll provides you with energy, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, keeps you healthy, antioxidants, treats bad breath, rapid speed of magnesium, contains vitamins K & C, folic acid, iron, calcium, protein, may prevent cancer, and much more! The benefits are endless, but the results you will see are noticeable and wonderful! Remember, ALL greens contain chlorophyll! So eat LOADS of it! 🙂
     look at all the chlorophyll in my red beet juice!! EPIC!

earthly tones red beet chlorophyll juice         

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