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Infinity Jars Product Review

March 8, 2017 RawVeganLiving 0

Imagine if there was a jar that had the capability to preserve your food for over 6 months without it going bad so fast. How would you like to keep your expensive herbs and spices […]


Young Living Product Review

September 20, 2016 RawVeganLiving 0

I’m a fan and big believer of including essential oils in one’s diet. Essential oils are essential for optimum health and well-being. They have many healing as well as Ayurvedic powers, and can be used […]

Product Reviews

Sacred Chocolate Product Review

September 14, 2016 RawVeganLiving 0

Received some mini samples to review from a company named “Sacred Chocolate”. They are heart-shaped, raw vegan chocolates. The size of the samples were so miniature, it was hard to really taste each flavor. But […]


Wondercide Product Review

August 5, 2016 RawVeganLiving 0

It’s summertime, and that means fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests are at their ultimate high! Many of us pet owners are looking for holistic ways to prevent fleas and ticks from feeding on our […]


Shanti Bar Product Review

July 27, 2016 RawVeganLiving 0

If you know me well, you know that I am an advocate and enthusiastic about living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. I love promoting and sharing companies who help spread the message about healthy living and […]

Product Reviews

Go Raw Product Review

February 14, 2016 RawVeganLiving 0

I was thrilled when the awesome people at Go Raw were kind and generous to send me samples of their products for me to sample and review! I love their products and have seen them […]

Product Reviews

Activation Products Product Review

September 23, 2015 RawVeganLiving 0

Activation Products were kind enough to send samples of their products for me to review. They are a great company that provide powerful products for overall, optimal health and well-being. Living in a world where […]