I am humbled by the experience of helping others achieve their goals and desires, and am moved when someone is inspired and/or motivated by me and my blogs. It brings me joy when to know that I helped and inspired you in some way and have touched the lives of many others. 

I have gathered some of my best testimonials here to display on the blog. These testimonials are unedited and raw. Some are screenshots of comments or emails of individuals telling me their testimonials. Real stories from real people.Read below to see how you too can be my next testimonial! 

My about me page has a lot more testimonials, along with my raw food basics post too. 




Testimonial via Twitter @rawveganliving 

Hi Miliany I had to tell you my experience on an all fruit diet for three weeks long.Three weeks ago I started this fruit only eating plan. I ate cherries and grapes organic and some organic bananas each day. I also when I woke up made some fresh grapefruit juice with lemon. I bought some pomegranate juice not fresh but bottle. Drank a glass of that each day. I found I felt so much better most of the time.And a pain I used to get near my stomach area went away. I had that pain for over a year and a half. And my thinking become so much clearer. Next I want to drink veg green juices fresh only for seven days. Then go back on another three week fruit diet. I believe of course this is for detox and not a permanent diet. My diet Miliany is going to be a mix of fruit and veg and juices. And also whole grains cooked and lentils and other bea ns with some steam veg. But a lot of raw food too. Thanks for sending your emails with all the good information. Hope your doing good. Keep up the good work your doing. –  Wayne


“You have been a big inspiration to me. I a 62 year old who always had a problem 12th with my eating habits all my life. One day I seen your video with Arnold Kaufman I notice how excited and happy you were to be at Arnold’s way. You spoke about others like Christina who inspired you to eat a diet of raw foods .  You being a young person I thought how wise Miliany already was. And that you got control over your diet and health at a early age which most people do not. So I felt that I needed to be like that myself. I started to eat fruit everyday. And when I felt like eating wrong I would think of your dedication to eating healthy.  And I saw your Father and you eating fruit after a 6 mile jog on a Video. That inspired me to ride my bike and eat fruit. You guys are inspiring ! I have others who inspires me too like Dan the Man and Arnold . But your a big influence too. I think your going to be a strong force in the raw food and health world . I can see you being a CEO of some company selling health products and writing books.If you write any e books I would love to buy and read them. Take care” – Wayne



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