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I’m a fan and big believer of including essential oils in one’s diet. Essential oils are essential for optimum health and well-being. They have many healing as well as Ayurvedic powers, and can be used by anyone of all ages. The company, Young Living, have an array of health products, ranging from skin care, beauty, household cleaning products, to oral care, and more. 

About Young Living
Gary Young, the CEO and founder of Young Living. The company has been around for over 20 years. Young is known as the pioneer of essential oils in our modern day. His journeyed around the world, staunchly to speak with elders and everyone who understood the healing powers essential oils possessed. Through the discovery of essential oils and using them in his life, he was able to reverse his debilitating health condition. 

Gary Young has developed the strictest policy of quality control called “seed to seal” meaning that young living quality controls the entire process from the moment they place the seed in the soil till the moment they put the oil in the bottle. Young’s mission, goal and integrity is what makes Young Living products a trust worthy and revered company. 

You can learn about their integrity here.  

You can learn more about Young Living here

I received the following products to review: 


This toothpaste is great for freshening your breathe and whitening your teeth, naturally, without fluoride, chemicals, or synthetics. It’s made with essential oils, so it’s great for improving the health of your gums and teeth. I received the 2 ounce toothpaste 2 months ago, and I still have! I brush my teeth twice a day. You don’t really need to use a whole lot of toothpaste, since a little goes a long way. Aromabright is a good name to call this toothpaste, as it describes it well. 


This floss is great for flossing your teeth from any residue and food stuck in your teeth. The rope is infused with essential oils, so it smells good. I highly recommend flossing with this floss to help clean up your teeth. 



thieves_hand_sanitizerI really love this hand sanitizer, especially since it’s free from chemicals! The majority of the hand sanitizers on the market are filled with toxic carcinogenic chemicals that cause all sorts of health problems. It’s no wonder why hand sanitizer has a toxic smell to it, but only a clean person would really notice that. Hand sanitizers really come in handy when you’re out and about and don’t have access to soap and a sink. This is great to carry around in your purse, wallet, bag, or even in your car. This comes in hand whenever you want to clean your hands from bacteria and germs, as it kills about 99.99%! Plus, this sanitizer has a nice smell to it, that’s quite refreshing and it leaves your hands feeling clean and fresh. 


This veggie spray is awesome. I use it to clean my fruits and veggies that require cleaning. In a bowl with clean water, I spray a squirt of this veggie spray cleaner in the water and it helps to get rid of the reside from my produce. It’s got the essential oils in it that are anti-bacterial and helps get rid of residue, so you can reassure you’re cleaning your produce in the right solution.


This spray is more of a disinfector. It’s good to clean your mobile devices, home office desktops, laptop, keypad, wood, etc. The spray has a strong cinnamon smell, partially because cinnamon bark is one of the ingredients. It makes your home and area smell really good (and cinnamony) and you could even use this to spray your bathroom if it smells bad! And the great thing about this spray is that it contains the true cinnamon, called ceylon cinnamon, not the cassia. Otherwise, that would have been a real concern for me. 


These oils are great for applying on your skin as an all-natural perfume, or add into your water for healing powers. I love the strong smell all their essential oils, and it really helps to cam you down and bring inner peace. If you have an essential oil diffuser, you could add some essential oils in there to infuse your home with the natural aroma of the essential oils. So this is a great way to help make your home smell good. 

So that’s my review on Young Living essential oils! I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you’re interested in ordering some products from Young Living, check out and speak with a distributor., Michelle Lynn Batterman.

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