Is Your Salt Real? Redmond Real Salt Product Review

I’m really excited to share with you today my review of the world’s healthiest salt brands – Redmond Real Sea Salt! My father and I are big fans of Redmond sea salt. We’ve tried many different sea salts in the last 6 years being vegan and none of the salts gave us impressive results that we received with Redmond sea salt!

The awesome team at Redmond were kind and generous to send me and my father samples of the products for my genuine review.


About Redmond
Real Salt’ is the perfect name for Redmond’s Real Salt because they are indeed REAL salt. Redmond is an amazing company, providing organic, non-GMO products that are truly pure in every sense of the word! 
Redmond’s Real Salt is ranked as America’s only unrefined, organic ancient sea salt that contains over 60+ essential trace minerals required by the body. Their salt flavor is unique and unlike any other salt out there (and No, I am not saying this either).
Redmond mine entrance
Redmond’s Mine to Table: The Real Salt Process
Redmond is more than just a salt company. From real salt to organic salt seasonings, toothpaste (earth paste), tooth powder (earth powder), bentonite clays, to foaming soaps, facial masks, and even Redmond t-shirts! All of their products are made using clean, pure, and real ingredients you can trust. 
My Redmond Product Review
FTC Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from Redmond.Life/shop using the affiliate links herein this post, I receive a small commission off your sale. In doing so, you are supporting Raw Vegan Living and the constant continuation of posting. Your support is greatly appreciated at Raw Vegan Living Blog. 
Real Salt 
There is a lot I can say about Real Salt, which I’ll continue to share further in my upcoming Real Salt post series.
I’ve noticed significant results in my health since sticking to Real Salt. In fact, the results I received are quite incredible! 
I no longer retain water or feel bloated like I used to with other salts. Even when I was consuming supposedly “pure pink Himalayan sea salt”, I would get water retention in my feet, ankles, and face. I used to measure my salt intake to avoid consuming too much, but now with Real Salt, I don’t measure at all (and I’m consuming more salt than I used to before!) and feel amazing! 
I love to sprinkle a pinch inside sweet recipes as it brings out the sweetness and in my savory and gourmet recipes, of course! Redmond’s Organic Salt Seasonings is perfect to sprinkle on top of popcorn, crackers, and to season up your recipes, such as salads, sauces, dressings, and a vast majority of your recipes. 
Since sticking to Real Salt, the health of my nails have gotten healthier. My nails are pinker and stronger, which is quite significant for me, as the other salts I used left my nails looking whiter than pinker. So this indicates the 60+ trace minerals found in Real Salt are abundant and nourishing my body and cells where they should be. My dad too has benefited from Real Salt. 
Peppermint Earthpaste
Their peppermint earthpaste product is great for brightening your teeth and leaving your breath feeling refreshed. Gotta love that peppermint feeling after brushing 🙂 
Earthpaste is an excellent and healthier alternative to commercial toothpaste, as it’s free from toxic chemicals like titanium dioxide, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate – a chemical foaming agent) and fluoride. Earthpaste is simply made with 7 clean ingredients: Purified Water, Bentonite Clay, Xylitol, Peppermint Essential Oil, Menthol, Sea Salt, Tea Tree Oil. 
Their ingredients are so pure and healthy — it’s even safe to swallow!  
Who says you can’t have a bright smile without chemicals?
Just to note, a little bit of earthpaste goes a long way…
Earthpowder Splashin’ Citrus 
Redmond Earthpaste Powder
I’m really enjoying this Earthpowder Splashin’ Citrus product to brush my teeth. It has an amazing citrus flavor and makes your mouth feeling refreshed. My dad loves this product, too. It’s infused with essentials oils from orange, lemon, lime, mandarin, and tangerine, which is great for removing stains. A total citrus party! You can imagine how good your breath would smell (and feel) after using earthpowder 😉 
Redmond has 4 other earthpowder flavors: peppermint, spearmint (unsweetened), black licorice (with charcoal), and peppermint (with charcoal). I’m actually glad I got the Splashin’ Citrus one to review, it’s quite a brushing treat 🙂 If you like the feel of a citrusy breath, then you’re going to love Redmond’s Splashin’ Citrus earthpowder!
Facial Mud
My dad and I really enjoy using this facial mud. We use it 2-3 times a week and leave it on as a mask for about 2-3 hours (sometimes longer!). Redmond Clay Facial Mud is an excellent skin care product that’s great for all skin types and helps eliminate excess oil, eliminates pimples, remove impurities, cleanses and detoxifies deeply into the face, and tones the skin. It leaves my face looking clearer and more vibrant. 
Facial Mud is made with two basic ingredients: purified water and bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is known as ‘montmorillonite clay’ in Europe and has been used for centuries to detoxify the body, defend against illnesses, and improve optimum health and well-being. Bentonite clay contains essential minerals, like potassium, sodium, and calcium. 
To experience a lighter cleanse, apply a thin layer on your face and for a deeper cleanse, apply a thick layer. It’s rejuvenating, especially on a hot summer’s day. 
Earthcure Lavender Foaming Glycerin Soap
I like washing my hands with Earthcure Lavender distilled soap. The lovely lavender aroma is great and leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed. 
Unlike most soaps on the market which are dry and slimy, Earthcure Lavender Foaming Soap is just right. It’s naturally foaming, but not in a chemical way because their soaps are FREE from toxins! FREE from Sodium Laureth Sulfate and many known chemicals. Earthcure soap is made from distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, and vegetable glycerin. Read more about this product here. Aside from lavender, citrus and peppermint are other earthcure soap aromas to choose from. 

Redmond Real Salt is on a mission to offer products with clean and real ingredients, free from chemicals. Their message is beautiful and inspiring and the quality and purity are reflected from their products.

If you’re looking to improve your health, vitality, and well-being, definitely give Redmond products a try and notice how your health accelerates. 

Real Salt can be found in most natural food stores and in some grocery stores like ShopRite. Best to check their store locator on their website to see if your local store carries Redmond. Their shop is filled with awesome products that everyone can enjoy. 

I partnered up with Redmond to offer my awesome U.S readers an exclusive 15% promo code so you too have the chance to experience the ‘real life’ with America’s finest salt. Enter your name and email below to reveal your 15% off discount. 

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I encourage you to learn more about Redmond at their websites at Redmond.Life and Real Salt has the power to transform your health in ways you wouldn’t believe. Try their salt out yourself and see the results you get. The results are amazing and worth noting. 

I Appreciate Your Feedback

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Redmond Real Salt. If you use Real Salt or any of Redmond products, feel free to share your feedback below in the comments. I’d love to hear. 

Sharing Is Caring

Feel free to share and share this post with as many folks you care about. We can all benefit from incorporating organic, chemical-free products in our lives. 

P.S. Stay tuned for my upcoming Redmond post series where next, I’ll be sharing the salt comparisons and share my Realt Salt experiences 


FTC Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from Redmond.Life/shop using the affiliate links herein this post, I receive a small commission off your sale. In doing so, you are supporting Raw Vegan Living and the constant continuation of posting. Your support is greatly appreciated at Raw Vegan Living Blog. 

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