Raw Vegan Teen’s Colon Hydrotherapy Review with a “Closed System”

Ok, well today’s review post is a lot different compared to my many other product or food related reviews that I normally share here. Today’s review is all about my first colon hydrotherapy experience with a ‘closed system’. And we’re talking the importance of POOPING. 
On December 21, 2016, my dad and I treated ourselves to our very first colonic. Since going vegan 5 years ago, I have been doing research on colonics and heard so many great things about them. So I was eager to finally get it done. Pooping is an ESSENTIAL part to achieving optimum health and is something that (I hope) you’re doing everyday, frequently. 

So, what is a colonic? 
A colonic, also referred to as colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation, is where water is infused into the rectum by a colon therapist to cleanse and flush out the colon, particularly the large intestine. The word ‘hydro’ means hydrate. Thus, a colon hydrotherapy hydrates the colon.

Being that water is the world’s greatest solvent in the world, when it’s entered into the colon via means of a colonic, it softens and loosens waste and helps to eliminate toxins that have built up in the large intestine. 


What Is A Typical Colonic Like? 

Before your colonic session starts, the colon therapist will ask you to fill out a short, basic form and ask you a series of questions so she can get a background of your health history. She/he explains the entire colonic procedure and answers any questions you may have. They are the experts, so feel free to pick their brain on the gut and pooping topic. 
Once the therapist and you have discussed your health history, she/he will ask you to change into a gown and lie on the table. The therapist will make you feel comfortable and ask you to breathe in and out. It’s important that you are relaxed during the colonic session, as the experience isn’t the same if your muscles are tensed. 
Once you are ready, the therapist will insert a disposable speculum in your anus. Depending on the center you go to and the therapist you have, their practices will vary. The therapists soothes the tip of the speculum with coconut oil, so it soothes the insertion process and hydrates your colon. So when you go to the bathroom after the colonic is finished, your stools will come out very smoothly and won’t hurt a bit. 
The speculum is connected to a long disposable see through plastic hose that connects to the colon hydrotherapy unit. Since the hose is transparent, both the client and therapist can see all the waste that comes out. If you are using a closed system, neither the client or therapist can smell your fecal waste matter that comes out of you (luckily, haha!). 
There is absolutely NOTHING added to the water, so it’s pure H20. Warm, filtered water is slowly released into the colon via the speculum. The water causes the muscles of the colon to contract, called peristalsis. Peristalsis “pushes” feces out through the hose to be disposed of in a closed waste system. For this reason, you will feel the urge to go to the bathroom, and that’s when you say the words ‘release’ and the colon therapist will release the stuff coming out of you. 
You will feel some discomfort in the abdomen during the therapy. This is normal during a colonic, and to help soothe that feeling, the therapist will apply a light massage to your abdominal area to facilitate the process. 
After the session, the therapist leaves the room (or in my case, you go to the bathroom) so you can change back into your clothes and eliminate any excess poop which is basically mostly water. 

There may be a squatty potty in the bathroom, which helps you poop the RIGHT WAY

The Squatty Potty!


What’s the Difference Between a Colonic and an Enema?

According to VeryWell.com

Colonics and enemas both aim to cleanse the colon by introducing water by way of the rectum. Although the treatments are similar in approach and in their supposed health benefits, there are some key differences between colonics and enemas.

For example, enemas involve a one-time infusion of water into the colon. Also known as colonic hydrotherapy or colon irrigation, colonics involve multiple infusions of water into the colon.

ONE colonic is equivalent to 15 to 30 enemas! Enemas clean out the small intestine while colonics get into the large intestine. 


The Importance Of A Colonic 

Health starts in the gut, and so does death. It has been scientifically proven that our gut is our second brain, and can possibly pass as our first! What we eat plays a major role in our gut health and the health of our bowels. 

Too many people eat poorly and don’t get in enough exercise, which leads us feeling sluggish, tired and overweight. If the health of our gut is not on point, it will affect how we think, act, feel, and perform.

The Standard American Diet lacks fiber, which explains why so many people are constipated. Constipation leads to depression, acne, headaches, overweight, and cluttered thinking. Colonics are an effective way to clean out the large intestine and improve your digestion. Those who eat Standard American, paleo, vegetarian, or even plant-based (like me), could greatly benefit from a colonic to help them poop more. 

If you are looking for a good documentary to watch to learn about cleaning out your gut, check out this film The Gut: Our Second Brain.’ 


Who Can Benefit From A Colonic?

Those who are constipated, carry around excess weight in their gut, and looking to get their colon cleaned out. Pregnant women or those with leaky gut should not do a colonic. Too many Americans in the U.S are not fully aware of the importance of pooping on a daily basis. So many people are walking around carrying up to 40 pounds of FECAL MATTER WASTE, just lurking in their gut/colon! This is not healthy, as constipation and colon cancer are one of the leading causes of death in America and in all parts of the world. There are people who are chronically constipated and have not gone to the bathroom in WEEKS, or worse yet, MONTHS! A teenager died of a heart attack from not going to the toilet in 8 weeks! Pooping is a funny, yet serious topic that needs to be discussed more and should be taught in school to children of ALL ages. 

While colonics can be significantly beneficial for many individuals suffering from different health problems, those with leaky guts or other chronic indigestion, bleeding from rectum, colon cancer, people over the age of 70 or during pregnancy – should stay away from colonics in its entirely. 

The Benefits Of A Colonic 
The benefits of a colonic are many. Here are the top 7 benefits. 


So expect to feel lighter, gain more energy and mental clarity, clearer skin, improved bowel movement, improved bowels, a flatter stomach, and the list goes on! 

Why I Did A Colonic? 

Coming from the Standard American Diet filled with highly processed and genetically modified foods, a colonic was a good step towards the continuation of cleaning out my colon and improving my digestion and overall health and well-being. Digestion is EVERYTHING. Pooping everyday, frequently MATTERS in ways some people may not comprehend.  

My stomach was flatter after the colonic and my digestion was good. I eat fiber-rich foods, so my digestion is usually great. Although my colonic experience was not as profiund, my therapist was not concerned with the way I ate at all. 

I will link useful article sources below for you to read and check out so you can better understand this topic. 


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