The Secret {the movie}

the secret book I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS MOVIE! IT WILL LITERALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE, LIKE IT DID TO MINE! I watched this movie and read the book for the first time when I was 8 years old! I love this movie so much, I can watch it over and over again – non-stop! I watched it a few times already, and I highly recommend that you do, too!The movie and book is just amazing! Literally, everything that’s said here is ALL TRUE! The movie talks about how we can attract ANYTHING we want, the way you think really makes an impact in your life,
think positive thoughts, attract what YOU WANT (yeah, that’s right!), how to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, be happy, and more! Basically, the movie is about “The Law Of Attraction”. Attract what you want! Every time I watch this movie, it always changes my mood. In fact, I’m using “the secret” to improve my vision… and it’s quite working! Everyday, I see a small improvement. I’ll write another post about that the day I get 20/20 vision. I have a great, inspiring testimonial + story.

the name of the author of the book and movie, “The Secret” is Rhonda Byrne. She has such a beautiful spirit, and an angelic voice. Just watching, reading and listening to both the movie and her – your mood changes (well mine certainty does, anyways). Watch and listen to the movie below – your life will never be the same again if you do your part, of course to achieve it. It all starts with the mind. Remember, a thought becomes a thing! Uh, oh! :}

If you own a Netflix account, you can watch this movie there for free. If not, don’t worry about it – I found the full movie on YouTube for your lovely eyes and positive spirits to watch! I promise you – if you take about 1-2 hours of your time (depends if you have to stop it, etc. ya know), you won’t regret it! You will thank me, in fact! 🙂 The Secret has worked
miraculously in my life, and it can be for YOU, too! Do what makes you HAPPY (remember, happiness must come and start from yourself – within! Nobody can make you happy, but yourself! Others can only make you happier, yes; but they cannot control or start your happiness!) Be around positive, uplifting individuals! Be around those who make you smile, laugh and happier!

keep calm and live your dreams

hope you watch and enjoy this movie as much as i did! never again will you have to have a bad day (all depends on your mood and thoughts, of course) if you play with The Law Of Attraction {the universe} the right way. Remember, the universe can either work with you, or against you! Which Enjoy and be sure to tell me what you think in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Have the best day ever!! =) 
Peace & much love, 
Miliany Bonet 😀 xoxo 
Sending my positive energy to you, my lovely readers!!!
Be sure to share this movie/post around! Everyone should read, watch and know about “The Secret”! 

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  1. We read the book a some years ago and it was a TRUE wake up for us. We realized lots thanks to the book how the world actually is functioning and it opened our eyes to continue on our spiritual journey. Continue to share books/movies you find interesting!! 🙂

    • Aha! I had a feeling you two read the book, lol! 😉 No wonder why you guys are so positive and open-minded! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to ask you two if you ever heard of “The Secret” book/movie, but I’m happy you saw, read and commented on this post – you answered my question! 😀 The book is amazing and it made me realize lots, as well. The book is deep, but once you comprehend it – your life transforms into something beautiful and spiritual! Thank you for your inspiration!! I will continue to share more interesting movies/books I find interesting!! =) <3

  2. I love that movie! and the book 🙂 When I saw it the first time, it really helped me establishing some goals, and start visualizing. I have also read Hick´s book, and I think it is a nice supplement, understanding the law of attraction from yet another perspective. Great post, and so nice to hear about what inspires you!!

    • Awesome!! 🙂 <3 What’s not to love about the book/movie?! I tell you, the book/movie has power – it really makes people realize the world around them and so fourth. Hick’s book is another great one – another great source to understand more about the law of attraction. Thank you so much, Thess!! Glad you liked the post. I will continue to share more about what inspires me, and what I find interesting!! Sharing is caring 😉 Thanks for the comment! =)

  3. Oh, I LOVE The Secret! I read the book and saw the movie a few years ago, and really fell in love with it! It really was an eye-opener for me. So helpful.
    Hope you are having a great week Miliany 🙂

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