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My friends over at Activation Products got big changes coming in 2017 (you’ll hear more about that later), but they won’t be offering savings this big ever again. With the year coming to an end and Christmas around the corner, Activation Products wanted to offer you HUGE SAVINGS on our premium products one last time.

THIS WEEK ONLY enjoy up to 55% off all Panaseeda Seed Oils. Give your loved ones (and yourself) the gift of top level health. Made with Activation’s Perfect Press Technology, all Panaseeda Seed Oils contain the powerful nutrients of thousands of organic seeds.

With a three-year shelf life, free shipping on orders of 12 or more bottles, and up to 55% off, you can’t grab too many. Stock up on your favorites or stuff your friends’ and family’s stockings with the most nutritious gift they’ll get this Christmas.

Don’t wait too long. Activation Products have limited stock and shipping at this time of year can take a little longer than usual.

As always, you are completely covered under our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


We’ll… a synopsis about each oil is attached below, in case you aren’t yet familiar with each one!

Just be sure to ACT FAST, as some of their inventory is already getting low…





~ A palatable experience, with foreign description. (Just know its intentions for your health are revolutionary!)*Immunity/skin healthWelcome to the “blue-zone” of unparalleled oxygenation capabilities. Packed with the world’s highest source of squalene, Panaseeda Amaranth Oil is a staple you need to experience to believe. While its revolutionary appeal is its anti-inflammatory and radiation-protection capabilities (*reduced fatality in irradiated mice 100%), this oil can also be applied topically for the most magnificent facial skin you may ever experience.Ingredients: amaranth seed oil (pressed from certified organic seeds)=========================================

~ The perfect balance to ignite your taste buds! This blend was formulated with not just vitality, but sensational taste in mind. (*This is the best oil for raw culinary use, like salad dressings).*Whole body healthFor whole-body wellness! This oil has everything… from Pumpkin Seed Oil for reproductive health and anti-yeast & parasites, to Flax Oil for nature’s richest source of inflammation cooling omega–3s, with Sunflower Oil for great skin, to Coriander Oil for liver and digestive health—also killing 97% of food borne bacteria and finally, Black Sesame Seed Oil for its unique kidney cleansing powers.*All seeds are 100% USDA certified organic, and pressed RAW with unparalleled Perfect Press Technology.Ingredients: sunflower seed oil, flax seed oil, black sesame seed oil, coriander seed oil, pumpkin seed oil (pressed from certified organic seeds)=========================================

~ Not going to LIE… this stuff tastes medicinal (*because it is!).*Immunity/pancreatic healthThis elixir is nothing to mess around with… this is where you look when you need to ‘pull out the big guns’. Black Cumin Oil has been historically referred to as the “Remedy for All Things but Death”. Otherwise known as ‘Nigella Sativa’, BC Oil is one of life’s ultimate defenses for pancreatic health, anti-diabetes, anti-cancer, anti-parasitic activity and above all—strengthening your immune system. There are over 458 published studies confirming what ancient cultures have already known for thousands of years…Ingredients: black cumin seed oil (pressed from certified organic seeds)=========================================

~ A warm, sweet and spicy aroma. It’s delectable.*Antibacterial/liver health/tummy reliefTheir Coriander is a world-exclusive; the only certified organic actual ‘seed pressed’ (not solvent extracted) coriander oil on the market! This is what you introduce to your body for a trinity of wellness, including digestive, liver and antibacterial. (In a study involving all common food-borne bacteria, coriander oil killed 97% of them, while also successfully treating harmful drug-resistant bacteria).Want to mitigate food poisoning? Check. Want to alleviate indigestion as quickly as 15 minutes? Nausea? Stomach cramps? Even whole-body pain relief? Check. Check. Check… and Check! Want to revitalize your liver and transport out dangerous heavy metals? Coriander oil is your baby.Ingredients: sunflower seed oil, coriander seed oil (pressed from certified organic seeds)=========================================

~ Sweet (and smooth like butter) … yet TASTELESS in your favorite morning smoothie!*Anti-inflammatory/ energyPacked with energy-lifting B vitamins and enough omegas to make our Panaseeda Flax Oil timid, this Chia Oil is exactly what you’re looking for—if you want that physical punch to steamroll through your day! Chia nutrition has lit natural health communities world-wide on FIRE—But this is your chance to consume the vitality of over 7 MILLION Chia Seeds per spoonful!Ingredients: chia seed oil (pressed from certified organic seeds)=========================================

~ Bitter, smooth, rich and golden… you’ve never experienced a Flax Seed Oil that tastes like this.*Anti-inflammatory/ brain-fuelThis is the seed oil that started it all for Activation… Flax oil is known as nature’s richest source of omega–3 fatty acids, for cardiovascular health and their inflammation calming capabilities. It’s thought to contain the ‘perfect balance’ of nutritional makeup and essential fatty acids to help produce perfectly healthy cell membranes—supporting the pinnacle of whole-body-wellness. It has also been known to improve sleep, alleviate joint pain, balance hormones and support healthy skin, hair and nails—for a beautiful body inside and out!Ingredients: flax seed oil (pressed from certified organic seeds)=========================================

~ Nutty, smooth as silk…*Liver/gall-bladder health, regeneration & detoxTraditional Chinese medicine calls your liver “the gateway to health”… And with a rough personal experience with life-threatening liver disease, I’m certainly not one to argue! Milk thistle is one of the most researched herbal medicines in the world, and for good reason! Simply taking milk thistle can increase your natural glutathione production by over 30x! Plus, it helps restore normal liver function and stimulates the production of new liver cells. A vital element in restoring my liver function to optimum, pre-disease levels. Everyone should be taking this.Ingredients: milk thistle seed oil (pressed from certified organic seeds)=========================================


…Act swiftly, as Activation can’t guarantee stock and you won’t see savings of this magnitude on their prime seed oils again.

Happy Holidays!!!!

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  1. Looking for an oil that will help with cartilage health. Cartilage damage due to lots of running.
    Very painful. Is there an oil that can reduce pain & rebuild cartilage?

    • Hi Sue,

      ooh, sounds painful 🙁 Well, you’ll be happy to learn that there is an excellent seed oil from Activation Products called Panaseeda oil, and it’s very life-changing and transforming! The Panasedda 5 seed oil blend is made with a mix of 5 organic seed oils, including black seed oil! If you’re not familiar with black seed oil (also known as ‘black cumin oil’), it’s known as a natural remedy for EVERYTHING but death! Black cumin oil is that powerful. I recommend taking 1-2 tablespoons of Panaseeda 5 seed oil every day to help ease your pain and boost your cartilage health.

      One of the healthiest and best black cumin oil brand on the market is from a really great company that I love dearly is called Activation Products. They have great 5 star reviews and give all customer’s a 60 day money back guarantee satisfaction if by any chance you’re not satisfied with their products! If you’re interested in purchasing this oil from Activation, I have an exclusive promo code you can use at checkout to save 10% OFF your entire order. Just enter ‘SPECIAL10’ at checkout and a 10% discount will be applied.

      You might be interested to know that Activation Products does sell the black cumin oil by itself, however, you’ll save $30 if you purchase the 5 seed Pananseeda oil mix. You can buy the product here:

      Also, another great product I recommend that can help ease your pain is a green barley grass juice powder called Daily Green Boost. I wrote a review on their products here:

      I have a few extra bottles left, and I would be willing to send you a FREE bottle if you purchase the 5 seed panaseeda oil from Activation. Just send me an email at with a copy of your Activation receipt, along with your mailing address and I will send you over your free DGB bottle!

      Hope this helps!
      All the best in your health.

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