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Greens are part of a healthy lifestyle, and unfortunately, many people on the Standard American diet don’t eat enough of them. Fruits and vegetables are high in minerals and are essential to living a happy and healthy, long life. 

Growing up, your parents constantly told you to “eat your veggies, they’re good for you!” Many of us don’t like the taste of certain vegetables, and that’s explainable. However, that’s no excuse, as there are over a dozen different ways you can easily sneak in your daily green intake while your foods are green and yummy!

Incorporating greens into your diet just got easier thanks to Daily Green Boost barley grass juice powder!

I first heard about Daily Green Boost when I attended my first raw food lecture by Don Bennett at Arnold’s Way Cafe. Bennett spoke about the importance of this green boost powder and why he believes we should be supplementing in this modern world, due to soil depletion. This made total sense, and Bennett swore by this product! I knew I had to try this product out for myself to experience the boost and all the great benefits that barley grass provides. 

Daily Green Boost is made from extracting the juice of barley grass. This product is then dried into a powder at low temperature, being careful not to damage its nutritional properties. Don Bennett wrote a blogpost on his site, explaining a little more about this product, which you can read here

I personally love this formula. It makes a great addition inside my smoothies, juices, banana ice cream, and even inside my water (although, I much rather prefer to add it inside my food). The powder tastes to me quite nutty and a slight cheesy… I’ve never tried barley grass alone, but I can imagine it has a bitter, nutty flavor. Overall, I like the boost of energy I receive and the vibrancy it gives my face and the mental clarity it gives me. 


So if you’re looking for an affordable, easy and convenient way to increase your greens intake, along with increasing your energy levels, improve your digestion, and overall health and vitality – Daily Green Boost powder can make that happen for you in a boost! You can order your 8-ounce bottle of this powerful green juice boost powder here

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If you’re interested in trying Daily GREEN Boost yourself, they have a 0.7 ounce bottle that you can sample for just $5.99! 

Comment below and let me know how you like this product and what benefits have you noticed by incorporating it in your diet! Discover what others have to say about Daily Green Boost here!

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