6 out of 5 Raw Vegans & Vegans Who Inspired Me Mini Series: Mimi Kirk

Mimi Kirk+Mimi Kirk is one of my raw role models. When I first was introduced to her along my journey. My dad and I were searching for raw vegans and raw food recipes on YouTube, and we had stumbled upon one of her videos. We started watching more of her videos and learning about her; we were fully hooked and inspired! Mimi has been a BIG inspiration and motivation for both me and my dad. If you don’t know Mimi Kirk, I highly recommend reading this post! If you have, then you already know why I’m featuring her in today’s my mini series! 

Mimi Kirk raw vegan
Mimi Kirk is a raw vegan celebrity, as I like to call her. She has been featured and interviewed on Fox NewsThe Doctors (a national TV show), NBC and KUSI, along with the many magazine and newspaper articles that have written about her, as well as many blogs online. She won an annual contest and got the title, “sexiest vegetarian of the year (over 50)”. She 75 (she was born in 1938) and she looks like she’s in her 30’s! 
When I first saw Mimi in one of her videos, I had absolutely no knowledge on her age and bio. I thought to myself, “Wow, she looks vibrant”. It was then when I looked deep into her, I found out that she was in her 70’s! I thought then thought, “WOW! No way, she looks like she’s in her 30’s! She looks fabulous!”. Mimi lives off a raw vegan diet and juices daily, which explains her beautiful vanity at age 75! She is a true inspiration and living proof that the vegan and raw diet is the way to ultimate health. Mimi is truly epic. 
Mimi Kirk

This is what Mimi says about how she feels on this raw food lifestyle:

“Feeling like you’re in your 20′s at 74, is quite an amazing thing. I accredit this youthful look and spirit not only to my attitude, but really to my way of eating which is a raw vegan – living foods lifestyle.” ~ Mimi Kirk

Mimi Kirk Spiralizing
Mimi has truly transformed her life. Before Mimi was a raw vegan, she was heavy weight. She was a vegetarian for 40 years, and then went raw after finding out her blood pressure and cholesterol were high. She started feeling arthritic pains in her joints. When Mimi went raw, she experienced amazing physical changes; her skin looked better and she looked younger. After 6 months into the raw lifestyle, her doctor said her cholesterol was down 26 points and her blood pressure was normalized. She no longer felt arthritic pains since going raw! Just look at her before and after pictures! It’s inspiring! 
Today, she is as healthy and good looking as she can be! She looks fabulous!! 
Mimi Kirk before and after
who looks healthier: the paleo diet, Sally or the raw vegan, Mimi?? You may want to rethink your diet. 
raw vegan mimi kirk vs a paleo diet sally price
Mimi has two books about raw foods. Her “LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD” book provides 120 recipes to help you stay healthy and happy on this rawesome lifestyle! And her second book, “LIVE RAW” teaches you how anyone at any age can improve their health and looks by eating a plant-based diet. I highly recommend buying her books. 
When you buy her new book “LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD” directly from her site, www.youngonrawfood.com, Mimi will autograph the book and send you her new beautiful necklace. Click on the necklace picture below to buy her book and receive the necklace. 
mimi kirk LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD necklace
Her raw food recipes are awesome and mouth-watering! Her pictures are beautiful! Click on the beautiful food images below to get the recipe! 
Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Stuffed with Basil Pesto
raw roasted tomatoes in the dehydrator
Muesli - Raw Morning Cereal with Almond Milk
new fashion raw apple pie
Mimi has motivated and inspired SO many individuals in the world! Not only is her diet really keeping her looking young, healthy and beautiful – but her genuine love that she has, her warm smile and her enthusiastic for life! She has been an inspiration and motivation along my journey. I am so happy I found her! I absolutely love watching her videos, they make me laugh and smile every time! Mimi is such a sweetheart; I can write so much great things about her, this would be a very long post! 
mimi kirkMimi is passionate about helping others to look and feel their very best by eating a plant-based, raw food, vegan diet. She has touched so many lives, it’s amazing what she has done! She has been given a wonderful, blessed life and may she continue to shine her raw vegan power with this beautiful world! Mimi’s motto is, “Be kind, compassionate, laugh a lot and give and receive love with all your heart.” I love Mimi Kirk! I am so happy I was able to find her; she’s been a HUGE motivation and inspiration! She is healthier than most 75 year olds today who don’t live on a plant-based diet. 
Wouldn’t you want to be 75, feeling like your in your 30’s and having all this energy, looking fabulous, having beautiful hair with no gray spots (Mimi’s hair is gorgeous and healthy!) and strong?! I know when I’m 75, I want to look and feel like Mimi – healthy, strong, beautiful glowing skin, energetic, happy, and young!
mimi kirk, raw and sexy at 75
Here are Mimi’s raw food suggestions from her book for those who are new to raw foods:
“I like to encourage people just starting out to fix a green juice or smoothie every morning. Don’t give anything up, just add the drink. slowly you will notice how good you feel having this nutritious drink will help you transition. Then have a salad for lunch, eat a cooked healthy dinner and slowly make the change to raw. I find all raw best for personally, but if someone at 75-80% raw, that would make a big difference in one’s health.
A basic green juice contains 2 apples, 4-5 stalks celery, 1/2 cucumber, 3-4 handfuls spinach. Juice. If you blend, you will need to add water to desired texture. I changed this basic drink by adding berries, a banana, or other fruits in season. There are lots of green drinks and smoothies in my new book “Live Raw”, raw food recipes for good health and timeless beauty.”
mimi kirk with a bowl of apples
To learn more about this interesting, awesome, epic and inspiring raw vegan – I recommend reading her interview her! This interview is one out of soooo many that she has! Goes to show you how interesting she is! 🙂 I hope to meet her in person one day. I don’t think she’s going to the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Bummer. =(

Mimi Kirk in Italy
Most raw vegans and vegans (and omnivores, too) know who Mimi and how epic she is. She is a great role model foe this lifestyle. If you don’t know Mimi, I highly recommend looking into her, watch her videos (I love watching her videos! they’re like a treat for me! she will make you smile and laugh!), buy her books, make her delicious mouth-watering recipes, follow her and send her some love! 
Mimi Kirk
To connect with Mimi, follow her in the links below:
P.S. Mimi, if you’re reading this – PLEASE post a comment below!! I’d mean the raw world to me!! Hugs!! 😀 xoxo
Mimi Kirk

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  1. What a lovely surprise to see your post. So very sweet of you to acknowledge me with such love. I’m truly honored. Sending you all my love and best health wishes. xoxox Mimi

    • Oh I am SO happy you read this post and commented! 🙂 You deserve to to be recognized. You’re awesome, as you can see in the post. 😉 Thank you so much Mimi! God bless your sweet soul!! xoxoxo

      Miliany 🙂

  2. I love your blog. When I first seen Mimi on the internet I couldn’t believe my eyes how good she looks for her age so I became her follower on Facebook. This will be my first time going vegetarian as well as raw but I know this will be an amazing experience for me and my kids.

    • Thank you, Lily! I couldn’t believe her age either at first, but when I started to learn more about her, I was amazed!

      Good luck with your vegetarian/raw journey with your kids! All the best 🙂

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