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My favorite nut butter company has been Artisana Organics since going vegan 5 years ago. They make one of the most nutritious and yummiest butters on the planet. And I am not saying that because they sent me samples of their nut butters in exchange for a product review (no, the company didn’t pay me to say this, either!) – it’s just a true fact, and anyone who’s tried their nut butters before would agree. 

Artisana Organics are known for creating unique, healthy, delicious, gourmet foods. All of their products are certified organic, raw vegan and NON-GMO verified by the project. For me, they make the most yummy and nutritious nut butters and they are probably one of the most popular nut butter brands out there that can be found at your local store

Artisana Organics makes the world’s purest, organic, yummy, and raw nut butters made from a variety of nuts and seeds like walnut, almond, sunflower, cashew, and pecan, to just name a few. And for all you tahini lovers, they also have organic tahini made from organic, raw sesame seeds! I haven’t tried tahini before from any brand, but I’m sure coming from Artisana Organics, it tastes amazing!

Their nut and seed butters are raw, organic and 100% pure with no added ingredients like salt, sugar or oil. It is actually engaging to try their flavors which are almond, cashew, pecan, walnut and raw tahini.  They are perfect ingredient for snacks, smoothies or  added to your favorite main dish. Each variety has a deliciously unique flavor. Since I’m a big fan of nut butters, they really caught me and my favorite of them all is their cashew butter. It’s creamy, smooth and goes great with most things like ice cream, spreading on food, etc.

They also have Coconut Butter and Oil which I believe are great sources of fat and has good flavor. They were freshly made from whole coconut flesh and puree’d into a rich and thick spread that melts in your mouth with full coconut taste and aroma. Totally ‘coconut manna’!

Artisana Organics’ Chocolate Spreads are also in demand. Their cacao spreads are organic and will leave you guilt-free. They have 4 flavors to choose from that are excellent in smoothies, energy bars, ice cream, spreading on toast, and anything you want to turn into sweet succulence.

Their cute Single Serving Squeeze Packs are the perfect solution to enjoy their products while on-the-go and to include in your child’s lunchbox to spread on fruits like apples and bananas, and even on vegetables like celery and carrots. They also have 7 flavors of this squeeze packs and my favorite is their almond butter and cashew butter. I love the texture and the attracting aroma of the raw almond purée.

ALL of their products are a great source of plant-based fat to keep your hair, bones and nails strong. They have a recipe page on their website with a variety of desserts, break fast meals, smoothies, dip, treats and more. Their Facebook page is awesome s well, promoting videos with delicious recipes using their products.

Aside from those healthy and quality products, Artisana Organics is also acknowledged business brand by most popular brands in the world like Fortune 500, San Francisco Business Times and Bloomberg Businessweek

I will proudly give a perfect 5 star to Artisana Organics nut butters as they are amazingly delicious! 😍



FTC Disclosure: This post contain Amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase from any Amazon links above, Miliany may receive a small commission. While Miliany received samples from Artisana Organics to review, she did not get compensated to do so. This is an unbiased review. 

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