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Activation Products were kind enough to send samples of their products for me to review. They are a great company that provide powerful products for overall, optimal health and well-being. Living in a world where toxins are building up and we’re exposed to them on a daily basis, it’s crucial that we take necessary steps towards improving our health by detoxing daily and incorporating potent products like the ones I’m reviewing below.

Activation Products are a good example of products that help with daily detox, as they provide the most nutritious and powerful products on the planet! Their products include the world’s most pure phytoplankton; pure and calming pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate; and organic panaseeda oil with a 5 oil blend.

All their products are organic, non-GMO, raw, and vegan. Their products are necessary and should be found in every American’s home. Ian Clark, the CEO and founder of Activation products has a great testimonial using Activation products to overcome his own health problems. Truly inspiring and amazing results! Check it out here


Oceans Alive is such an amazing product. It’s made with a powerful blend of superfoods, such as phytoplankton and other concentrated sea minerals, all in which are microscopic. This is believed to be the most purest phytoplankton on the face of the earth! It’s basically marine phytoplankton.

For those who don’t know what marine phytoplankton is: marine phytoplankton has been on this planet for billions of years and provides a powerhouse of nutrients. It’s a single-celled, microscopic organism that’s much like chlorella and spirulina. Believe it or not, marine phytoplankton is responsible for the creation of the oxygen environment on this planet. Since we rely on oxygen to live, life without marine phytoplankton would be no life. It can also protect us from human life here on earth! Here’s another fascinating fact about Oceans Alive (aka marine phytoplankton): According to Activation Products (I quote): “every drop contains more than 5 billion identical cells of energy that feeds your mitochondria like nothing you have experienced before.”

Oceans Alive is a complete protein, as it contains 10 amino acids, including the ones our bodies can’t produce on its own, along with trace minerals. If you’ve got cancer, diabetes, low energy, indigestion, foggy mind, or any other health problems, Oceans Alive can enhance your health and overall well-being significantly. It also protects and reverses DNA damage and feeds every (billions) of cells in the body. Both my dad and I had increased energy levels, more mental clarity and better digestion.

It has a green color, with a seaweed/nori, almost salty taste. The taste isn’t my favorite, however, I like it overall. My dad really likes the taste though! It really helps to add it into foods to balance out its taste. I added about 10 drops everyday in my watermelon juices, and you don’t even taste it! I even added a large drop into my banana ice cream once, and it was yummy (when you swirl it in the ice cream, though…)

Oceans Alive is a product EVERYONE should take on a daily basis to stay healthy and/or achieve optimal health and well-being. Even if you already eat a healthy lifestyle, it wouldn’t hurt to implement these superfoods into your life.

Learn more about this product here.





The pananseeda oil is a combination of 5 oils in one! It’s a combination of sunflower, flax, pumpkin, black sesame seed, and coriander seed oils. This nutritious blend is healthy and supports overall, optimal health and well-being.


This oil has a great sweet and nutty aroma to it, and it tastes quite pleasant. I love adding a teaspoon to my salads and marinated mung beans recipe, as it enhances the flavor and adds a healthy fat. My dad and I really enjoyed this one.


Learn more about this awesome product here.



This spray is great! I sprayed it on my face, arms, legs and feet right before bed, and it really helped me sleep more soundly, calmly and even quicker. I also sprayed this on my dad’s ankle (which was hurting him and needed a good message), and it helped to ease the pain. My dad and I were amazed…

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals, and is predominantly responsible for calming your nerves, bones and muscles, helps you sleep better, supports brain health, avoids diseases, and more. Just 30-40 sprays a day can increase your optimal health and well-being! I highly recommend this EASE Magnesium spray for those who are deficient in magnesium (hint: if you or anyone you know has a disease/illness, they are magnesium deficient). It will change and improve your life significantly. Especially if you’re an athlete, you can definitely benefit from magnesium.

Learn more about this amazing product here.

So, that’s my review on Activation Products! Hope you guys enjoyed. I could go on and on about the miraculous benefits of Activation Products, including on marine phytoplankton.

I strongly suggest looking into Activation Products and really consider adding these potent superfoods into your lifestyle. Even if you already eat a healthy lifestyle, it wouldn’t hurt to implement these potent superfoods in your life. And if you know anyone who is ill or who needs kick-start/reboot their health – suggest to them Activation Products!

Check out their awesome products here!

Peace, love, health, and happiness

xoxo, Miliany



Check out the video below on Activation Products

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