Detox Cells Red Beet Elixir Juice

ginger, apples & oranges 

I’ve been loving my juices lately. Or should I say, my red beet detox elixirs. This juice recipe is similar to my other juice post before this one. This one has the same powers as the other one; provides you with energy, it’s an elixir, great to detoxify the cells, cleanse your livers & kidneys, and much more! This juice is nice and satisfying. This juice will make you feel amazing, or should I say – rawmazing! And not only will YOU like this juice and think it’s rawmazing; but your cells will love it! Vegetable juice recipes mixed with an epic sweet fruit is divine!

detox cells red beet elixir juice ingredients
red beet elixir juice

Not only are the colours beautiful – but the flavours, too! The ginger pops (okay, not literally but the spice from the ginger, if you know what I mean) & it almost tastes as if there were grapes in this. Although, there aren’t any. There’s apples. (hmm….. grapes would be nice and epic in this juice, though). I mean, if you don’t like the taste of your juice, your body will. Your body will totally benefit from the benefits, which is always a great thing because it’s HEALTHY FOR YOU! 

Just drink your juices knowing that your cells will be pleased. Your cells will love it. Not that this juice is gross or anything, cause it is way beyond that word. I’m telling you, it’s delicious and I think you should give it a try. What you got to loose? Maybe an epic elixir that is so great for you and your cells? Maybe. Just maybe

elixirs for life! 
 earthly tones detox elixir juice

Earthly Tones Detox Cells Elixir:
serves 2
• 3 organic celery stalks
• handful fresh organic parsley
• 1 fresh piece of ginger
• 3 organic carrots

• 1 whole red bet with leaves
• 2 oranges
• 3-4 organic apples

Wash, cut & peel as needed. Juice it! Drink it! Enjoy it! Love it! 🙂 

detox cells elixir juices 
cells detox elixir juice inside  


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