[Health Inspiration] Self-Love Starts On Your Plate πŸ’œ

Self-love is…

Nourishing your body with nature's purest and freshest, organic foods on the planet! Abundant in fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of nuts and seeds as your heart healthy, essential fats. 

You know the foods you eat loves you back when you see a heart shaped in your food. 

Love is everywhere, even in my food. 

Self-love is… 

Eating foods that LOVE YOU BACK. 

Food is meant to be fueling and nourhsing and leave you feeling happy, energitic and ALIVE, not sluggish, tired, and down and out of it. 

The foods we eat plays a huge role in the performance of our health, energy, vitality, the thoughts we think and speak, and our longevity. 

A raw foods lifestyle has helped me gain a greater level of self-love and care for myself and gain an appreciation for my body like never before. 

Too many young girls (and boys too) aren't confident in their own skin and the foods they're eating lowers their self-esteem and brings down their confidence levels. I was really insecure about myself and had low self-esteem; you wouldn't believe! 

Loving yourself is powerful and should be practiced a lot more by many. Self-love is important and it starts with YOU first. 


Nourish your body and cells with life giving foods so you can perform at all levels of greatness in your life. The ability is inside you, just waiting for you to harness it. Health is wealth. 

The foods you eat should bring the BEST out from you, not the worst. 

Do you love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle? Spread the love. Stay INSPIRED and THRIVE. πŸ’™

All the best and much love, light and health to you, 

Miliany πŸ’•

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