Miliany Interviews Chiara Francica, the 6 Figure, Newly Vegan Lady Boss!

I am excited to share with you all my interview with Chiara Francica, a ROCKSTAR, vegan, internet marketer, and a 6 figure lady boss who’s dedicated to spreading and promoting the Health IS Wealth message. She’s been vegan for 8 months now and has lost 7 kilos! I’ve teamed up with Chiara to bring you recipes, tips and inspiration to help you in your path to bettering your health and transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

Chiara has been through quite an inspiring transformation. Her biggest struggle was not to lose the weight but to keep it off!

She binged for years and years and never saw the end to her bad eating habits. Chiara believes that we shouldn’t even be dieting and that we should have a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable and we should be addicted to it.

After 10 years, Chiara finally discovered how to be on top of her health game through eating vegan. 

I got the wonderful opportunity to interview Chiara so that you can get to know this amazing lady and be inspired by her story.


Interview With Chiara Francica, a Newly Vegan. 6 Figure Lady Boss!

How and why did you go vegan?

 I went vegan back in July 2018, I had met a friend who had just turned vegan herself and she explained to me how 45779645205-61ef65935b-zbeing pescatarian is not enough as I had already taken out meat from my diet at this point. Being pescatarian or vegetarian even may sound more logical to most because people who love animals in their hearts do not want to pay for animals to be slaughtered.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the dairy industry was just as cruel and this is what my friend had to explain to me. She made me watch Earthlings that night and it was a real eye opener to me. If people truly love animals, even if they still consume any type of animal product, once they make the connection and see how real the animal suffering is, veganism is in their heart.

When I made the connection it was an overnight change. Cheese, milk chocolate and eggs which were 3 products I really enjoyed consuming were simply the result of a horrific industry I was paying for as long as I consumed them.

I love animals, I always did, and if that meant changing my lifestyle for them, then so be it! Animals are not here to suffer for us, they are here for us to protect and I went vegan to protect and support animal liberation.


How many pounds did you lose going vegan?

I lost 7 stubborn kilos that I could never kept off with other eating lifestyles.



What are your top 5 weight loss tips?

Number 1: If you want to lose weight then focus on nutrition. This is where most of your energy needs to be concentrated. I paid a professional athlete to help me train and I became strong in the gym, however if I didn’t pay attention to my nutrition I grew fat even if I trained 5 times a week!

Nutrition is more important than exercise if you want to lean up. Look around you in a gym, most people are bulky despite the endless hours they put in the gym, that’s because they neglect the nutrition part. Don’t be one of those people, man up and start making healthy nutritious choices.

Number 2: Get that white sugar out of your body. This is the hardest one for most and was the hardest for me but here is the hard cold truth…  It’s going to make you sick, bloat you or should I say make you fat and make you feel tired and sluggish. This wasn’t easy for me until I discovered I can naturally sweeten my food with raw plant based produce like agave and maple syrup. The amount of nutrients they contain is endless, its healthy and tastier… I promise!

Number 3: Go on a whole food plant based diet, in other words become a healthy vegan. This is the only diet that allowed me to eat and feel satisfied without having to count calories, weigh food or refrain from tasty and sweet food. Nature provided us with 70,000 flavors including chocolate. We don’t have to stop eating food we like on a plant based diet. It’s just the healthy version that prevents you from being killed by some nasty disease.

Go through your kitchen and remove eggs, cheese, cow milk and animal products. These are only going to make you feel unhealthy and potentially put you at risk for cancer or disease.

You can stock up on grains, legumes, seeds, fruit, vegetables, sugar free plant based milk and still enjoy abundance in your health journey.  

Number 4: Become obsessed

Like anything in life if you want to achieve something you need to become obsessed by immersing yourself in whatever it is you are pursuing. Watch influencers who are on track with nutrition and learn about the power of plant food and superfoods altogether. Have a vision board of what you want to look like. Unprocess your unhealthy pantry and turn it into a healthy looking one. Learn new recipes everyday from Instagram, YouTube or health blogs. It doesn’t stop here, just do what it takes.

Number 5:  Change your circle  

Want to lose weight but you hanging with people who go to McDonald’s during the weekend ‘’to hang?’’ Oh heck no! If you want to make healthy choices and you are still learning how to say no, then hanging out at fast food restaurants or places where there are no choices for you is a big NO NO.

I recommend you either recommend a health place for you and your friends to change it up, or missing out on the McDonald’s session and meet them after or change your circle. I am big on who stays within my circle and I definitely do not tolerate people who do not want to respect my health choices. I became healthier when I was around healthier friends who chose the right foods for their body and exercised a few times a week.


How are 5 ways going vegan has benefited you in your life and health?

  1. I learned compassion, vegan is a kind choice that eliminates the animal suffering for us to get to feed our bodies. We don’t need to murder animals to enjoy a meal. We can go straight to the source by eliminating them as the middle man.
  2. I became more zen. I suffered from a lot of anxiety and stress and I would snap at people for no reason. Plant food had this calming effect on my mind and body. It’s a beautiful feeling.
  3. It eliminated binge eating. I suffered big time from binge eating and it felt the right thing to do when I got stressed. Because plant food is so satisfying and as mentioned before, has this calming effect on my body, it eliminated this all together. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I am the same person because just this one change impacted my eating habits drastically.
  4. I have more mental clarity. Eating plant food detoxes the body and cleans the blood, I noticed I had more mental clarity and felt more switched on in life and business.
  5. It made me look and feel younger. I am now 31 and I never had anyone tell me I look my age. I get people telling me I look 25 at most and it’s very flattering especially when you are above 30. Not to mention, I feel younger now then when I was 25, so it pays to be vegan.


Do you do intermittent fasting and if so, do you recommend it to others in doing the same?

I will be lying if I said I do. I did however do intermittent fasting and I plan to start again because it’s a great way to get mental clarity, it’s very anticancer as you give your body time to digest food from the day before and it’s a great weight loss hack. So yes I highly recommend it!


What does an average day of eating looking like for you?

Right now it is winter in Madrid so I do need warm food. I usually start the day with vegan banana pancakes or I mix oats with plant based milk, agave, ceylan cinnamon, hemp seeds and fruit. In the afternoon I will have something light but this depends on how hungry I am. Sometimes I might just eat half a papaya, but I might make me a baked spanish potato with spanish black beans mixed with tahini and different spices and place it in the centre of my potato. In the evening once again, depending on how hungry I am I might make me some lentil soup or butter squash soup, or because I am madly in love with eggplants, I will bake the aubergine and fill it with lentils after I have flavored them, or with a mix of vegetables such as asparagus and mushrooms.


What’s your top favorite fruit? Meaning, if you could feast on this one fruit, what would it be and why?

Mango hands down because it’s sweet and it has so many benefits at the same time.


What are your top 3 (or 5) tips for those transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle?

50041701-2253995677978660-4568962054588727296-oTip 1: Start at home because this is where most of your meals will be made. You can’t eat what you don’t have and you will eat what you do have. Go to the local market and get all the different vegetables and fruit you fancy and go home and start learning how to cook with them through the internet. Involve your family especially if you have kids and start enjoying the abundance nature provided you with.

Tip 2: Watch documentaries on the truth behind meat and their products. Watch ‘What the health’ and Vegan 2018 to start. Learn how what we were told about animal products is a lie. You will want to protect your health after watching these and the switch will be easier.

Tip 3: Make a connection with animals. The first step to becoming plant based is by eliminating meat and their products. Go to a farm and connect with animals. They are no different to domesticated pets. Once you make the connection it will be hard for you to eat their dead body the next time it is presented to you.


Wealth & Lifestyle Questions:

How did you become a 6 figure lady boss? (please explain how you went from making nothing to earning 5 figures i less than 2 months!)
Becoming a 6 figure earner literally means making a choice. You need to decide that you have had enough with your normal everyday life and you have to start doing the things most people don’t do to live a different life.

When I understood this it meant doing what is uncomfortable, I had to shut out the naysayers and the people in my circle that wanted to drag me down. I spent more time alone and listened to a lot of motivational speeches from people such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Oprah Winfrey. I had to spend most of my time inside working on revenue generating roles, and using up my money to acquire knowledge and test different marketing methods that worked.


So for 14 months I did all the above patiently without ever being in profit, on the contrary I had a huge minus. For 14 months I was great at building a network for free, I was great with providing value, but I realised I didn’t believe in my heart I deserved a better life, that paradise was waiting. So overnight I did a mental shift and worked with a different philosophy, this time I knew in my heart my new life was knocking on the door.


It changed the way I spoke about what I was offering to people. I told them it could change their life like it was already changing mine and I worked at the same speed with so much focused intensity… within the next 45 days I made $10,000, the 30 days after that I made $16K and it was game over from there.


For those looking to start their digital nomad journey and make 5 to 6 figures like you did, what do you recommend they do?  (briefly share some tips on how they can start making 10k online)

chi-2Dilute the negativity and listen to podcasts from high end influencers, educate yourself with YouTube videos that speak about living your best life and how to do it and do not hang around negative people. First fix your mind because you can’t figure out the nuts and bolts if you don’t have your mind right.

Change your circle… the concept is simple, broke people will make you broke, rich people will make you rich!

Find your passion and be ready to provide content around it without expecting anything back for 12 months or possibly more. I didn’t make any profits for 14 months but I was in love with building a brand around my passion and this kept me going.

Focus on revenue generating activities. Perfection is not necessary, people will actually appreciate human error from your part because it will look and feel more real to them if they decide to follow in your footsteps. So ask yourself how you want to bring eyeballs onto your brand, will you build an audience for free from scratch? Will you run ads? Where will you run ads? Write down what you want to monetize and how you plan to do it for maximum productivity.

Remember also to follow up, whether you are talking to people one on one on Facebook or if it is an email list or have a YouTube channel, people need to see you more than once before they buy in. So follow up through newsletters, uploading YouTube videos or whatever it is you are doing to start monetizing your brand.


What’s your philosophy? (in the health, wellness, lifestyle niches)

My philosophy is all about waking up every morning by passion and not an irritating alarm clock.

If you can’t take another day clocking in and out of work, the challenging journey that will make your dreams come true is worth all the blood and tears. Get down to work, hustle even if it takes more than one year to get there, cause when you get to your destination you will celebrate big because nothing beats living life on your terms.

Also keep your health on track, there’s no such a thing as being wealthy but unhealthy. When I had wealth it was all good and dandy. Sure I traveled and had a ton of awesome adventures, but I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and I never felt I could enjoy my lifestyle to the maximum.


As soon as I had my health on track I had so much mental clarity that it allowed me to think bigger for myself and have the energy to pursue it.

Listen to your body and look closely at your life and you will make better life choices that will help you achieve ultimate and inner happiness.



Hope you enjoyed my interview with Chiara and that you’re inspired by her transformation. Chiara is dedicated to helping others that she even created a Telegram group where you can connect with her there and receive daily tips, recipes and inspiration. Or, if you want to connect with Chiara socially, be sure to follow her at the below social channels:

Chiara and I are actually blogging buddies and she’s been sharing inspiration, tips and recipes 3 times a week on her blog, so be sure to follow her blog also for more motivation to start eating healthy and learn her strategies on how to pursue your goals and dreams and make a living building your brand on social media. 


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