Juicing Vs. Smoothies. Which One is Better & What’s the Difference

juicing vs. blending

Have you ever wondered what the differences between juicing and smoothies were? Are they the same thing? What’s the difference, anyways? Well, if your not sure or confused what the differences between the two, read this post! I will breakdown the differences for your better understanding. To get an even more better understanding of this topic, read this post here.

Okay, let’s start with juicing first. When you juice, you may already know that a juicer machine is required.
When making smoothies, a blender is required. Just because they both produce a drink (more like saying a liquid) does not mean they are the same. I want to explain a little bit about the differences between the two.
epic juice
  • a juicer is needed
  • still kinda hungry (in other words, juices makes you feel lighter & hungrier)
  • the fiber and nutrients are separated form the drink, leaving the juice. in other words, when you juice, all the nutrients and fiber (from the ingredients that you are juicing) is separated form the juice itself. Ever notice when juicing, you are left with this: 
this is the leftover juice pulp that you are left with after juicing. this is where all fibers & nutrients are presented. wow, colorful!

All you are pretty much left with is juice – not the fiber and the nutrients! I’m not saying that juicing is not epic, cool, boring or does not have any benefits. All I’m saying is that juicing just juices OUT all the fiber and nutrients. Of course, you can still benefit from juicing; all the fiber (and other beneficial benefits) is just left out. Basically, the fiber and the nutrients are separated from the juice, which can be used as compost. To read more about the differences, read this post here. 

  • a blender is needed
  • the fiber stays within the smoothie (drink) unlike juicing, ALL the fibers and nutrients are in the drink, so you absorb ALL the benefits. in other terms, the smoothie is high in fiber and more easier to digest. it also keeps you full! 
  • you achieve ALL the beneficial fibers and nutrients. 
  • you are left fuller & more satisfied! 
* the only thing that juices and smoothies have in common are that they both are liquids. That’s pretty much it! 

So, which one is better? A juice or a smoothie? A smoothie is better (most of you will agree) is better than a juice because the fiber and all the nutrients are blended and incorporated in the smoothie. Since smoothies contain all the fibers and nutrients, they keep you fuller and satisfied longer. Juices, however, do not contain the fiber and all the nutrients in the juice – making you a bit hungrier (of course, it may all depends on the amount of juice you drink). 
Okay, I adore and love my juices very much, but I just love smoothies more. (hmm….. maybe I love them both the same. Nah, I have more love for smoothies than juices. Although, don’t get me wrong, i still love juicing. Okay, i LOVE BOTH the same.:}). Well, all I know is that I will always have a love affair for both juicing AND smoothies. All I’m saying is, if you would like to achieve ALL the fiber and nutrients in your drink, go for SMOOTHIES! Yum!;)
I hope this post helped give you a better understanding of what the differences between juicing and smoothies. Hopefully, you aren’t so confused anymore about this topic. 

Question of the Day:
Which one do you think is better: a juice or smoothie? Which one do you think is better? Which one do you prefer to drink? Do you have a love affair for both? Please feel free to share your thoughts by commenting in the box below. Did you find the information above helpful? 


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