The Healthiest Chocolate Sauce in the World Recipe

Don’t you just love chocolate?! Chocolate is a food that most people eat as a “guilty pleasure” (I know I used to as a meat-eater), but what if I told you that you can indulge in chocolate WITHOUT the guilt?!

Chocolate is derived from cacao (a seed of a fruit), and is known as a superfood that has been used for centuries. Cacao provides an array of health benefits, and are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I love cacao, and so does my body. 

Although cacao is loaded with essential vital nutrients, the majority of cacao on the market are loaded with sugar, dairy and other processed, refined ingredients (AKA chemicals/toxins) that your body rejects. 
If you’re a chocoholic like me, you’re going to LOVE this healthier version of chocolate. Feel free to adjust the chocolate sauce according to your batch size, taste and consistency. These chocolate sauce recipes are low-fat, healthy, raw vegan, sweet, and 100% guilt-free! 🙂 Enjoy! 

Coconut nectarcoconut sugar, pitted dates, homemade date sauce (made by blenderized pitted dates), or stevia powder (avoid sweeteners like agave, maple and yacon as these are highly processed, refined sugars)
Optional Add-Ins
Ceylon Cinnamon
Superfoods (vanilla bean powder, nutmeg, maca, matcha, spirulina, etc) 
Blend (or whisk in a bowl, if you’re not using whole dates as the sweetener) all ingredients until creamy and smooth. Pour the chocolate sauce in a bowl and enjoy as desired. 
  1. If you’d like to the chocolate to harden, add 1 tsp (or less, depending on the batch size) of melted coconut oil. Placing the chocolate sauce in the freezer for a few will harden it. 
  2. If you’d like the sauce to be thick, add less water. If you’d like the sauce to be thin, add more water. Adjust according to your preferred sweetness and consistency. 
  3. Adding 1/4 tsp of mineralized, pink Himalayan sea salt brigs out the sweetness. 


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