Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Product Review + 3 Healthy Peanut Butter Superfood Bowl Recipes!

Peanut Butter Samples from Crazy Richards
I LOVE peanut butter. As a child, I’ve always been a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, enjoyed with a glass of puss (aka dairy milk). I thought this was a healthy meal, and often ate it a lot for lunch.
A year after going raw, I eliminated peanut butter from my life back in 2013 and I wrote about it here in this post. Obviously , there’s a good update now for that post, since I’m eating and loving peanut butter again. The biggest reasons why I stopped eating peanut butter was because of all the known recalls that the well known PB companies had and I couldn’t find PB that was not roasted.
Crazy Richard’s peanut butter is truly amazing. It’s made with just one ingredient: 100% pure peanuts. Although, their peanut butters are not made with certified organic peanuts, Crazy Richard’s peanut butter is by far the purest and healthiest peanut butter on the market! And you can find them at your local Walmart and Shoprite.
Crazy Richard’s Review
Crazy Richard’s has 3 different types of peanut butter: creamy, crunchy and powdered PB.
This one is very creamy. It’s more like a thick peanut sauce, but gets firm when placed in the fridge after you stir it. It’s important to make sure you stir their creamy PB very well, and you can learn how to stir their PB here. The creamy PB is great to drizzle on top of raw desserts, inside salads as a dressing, dip veggies or nori rolls, and drizzle on top of banana nice creams.
Mango Rawnola Peanut Butter Bowl! First, make the rawnola by processing 1/2 cup raw and organic corn flour with 4 tablespoons organic hemp seeds, 5 fresh medjool dates (pitted), and about 1/4 cup filtered water. Process this mixture until the dough sticks together into a sticky yet crumbly, dough like consistency. Pour the rawnola in a bowl and make the mango pudding by blending/pureeing the mango flesh for 30 seconds, until smooth. Pour pudding into a bowl and top it off with rawnola, mango chunks and a whole pack of Crazy Richard’s smooth PB. Enjoy 🙂
This one is my favorite, as it has crunches of peanuts inside. Just like the creamy PB, you gotta stir this one too, as the natural oils fro the peanut are on the top. My favorite way to eat peanut butter is inside my banana ice creams. WOW. It’s so delicious and the BEST superfood ice cream bowl ever!
Plain banana ice cream topped with homemade rawnola, drizzled with black strap molasses and 1 tablespoon Crazy Richard’s crunchy peanut butter.
This one is my least favorite. It’s not even sweet and it has more a bland taste. Powdered peanut butter from Crazy Richard’s contains 90% less fat and 75% less calories. It’s made by gridning dry peanuts into a powder and pressing out most of the oil and fats peanut butter naturally contains. This may sound sweet, especially if you’re looking to lose weight while still eating peanut butter. If you’re famialir with PB, then you already know what pwodered PB is and what’s the deal with it.
Plain banana ice cream topped with mango chunks, homemad rawnola made out of corn flour, hemp seeds and dates, and topped with a tablespoon of Crazy Richard’s powdered PB. 
Powdered peanut butter is like a Slimcado – an avocado that contains reduced fat. I’ve eaten a Slimcado a few times only because there weren’t any ripe hass avocados and I really wanted avocado in my salad. Being that a Slimcado contains less fat, they lack flavor and tastes kinda watery.
If you want a better, in-depth explanation on powdered peanut butter, check out Crazy Richard’s blogpost here. Plus, get the top 50 ways to use powdered PB.
Powdered peanut butter is great inside smoothies, drinks, and inside banana ice cream. This makes an excellent smoothie protein pack and a boost of energy.
Love to stuff dates with peanut butter! Makes a great enraging and filling snack. Plus, it’s fast and basically takes no time to make, making it great for busy people. 
Overall, Crazy Richards peanut butters are amazing and if you’re a PB fan, you’re gonna fall in LOVE with their nut butters. if you’d like to sample their butters, you can purchase their sample package here.
Since my dad first bought it at the store, hes’ continued to buy a jar ever time we run out. PB is such an amazingly delicious and guilt-free indulgence; I can’t believe I went so long without it in my life! Well you know the old saying, better late than never, right?
Oh, and I probably should add, that Crazy Richard’s is a sister company of Krema. Krema Nut does NOT belong to Crazy Richard’s.
You can find Crazy Richard’s peanut butter at your local Walmart or Shoprite, nearest you. Go to their website and look up your store locator via zip.



I would check out Crazy Richard’s blog here: for more recipe inspiration and to learn about their products and company.
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