Why I Don’t Eat Mushrooms Anymore + Mushroom Recipes

Whoa, it’s been a month since my last post. So sorry about that, everyone! For those of you who are new around here, I am opening up the first raw vegan juice bar cafe in South Jersey! It will be opening up really soon, I can’t wait! I will write a blogpost dedicated on the launch day of my juice bar. I want to thank all of you for your love and support. I greatly appreciate it. I have a bucket load of recipes and interesting topics to share with you guys, thanks for your patience!

Today’s blogpost is very interesting. Last month, I decided to eliminate mushrooms from my diet, due to the disturbing information I found about them. Mushrooms were one of my favorite vegetables; I ate them everyday. I loved adding them into my salads, raw breads, burgers, pizza, wraps, and other gourmet raw foods. I was very disappointed to have found out that my favorite vegetable wasn’t grown vegan-friendly. What I found out may shock most of you, not only vegans, but those who are gluten-free. To find out why I don’t eat mushrooms anymore, head over to my other other blog, 0medz0 and read my blogpost HERE!

portobello mushrooms
For those of you who consume mushrooms or knows someone who does, I’ve got a few raw “vegan” mushroom recipes to share. The recipes I am sharing with you today are a Guacamole Mushroom Burger and a Mushroom Salad recipe. These were one of my favorite raw food recipes, until I disturbingly found out about the way they are grown. I really believe that all mushroom lovers would enjoy these recipes. They’re very delicious. I encourage you to play around with the recipe, as there are SO many different variations you can make. The key to enjoying this lifestyle is to HAVE FUN in the kitchen! I know I have a bucket load of fun in the kitchen! As I like to suggest in all my recipes, add more or less of the ingredients to make it according to your taste/flavor.
guacamole mushroom burgers

1 whole dominican avocado (they’re the best tasting avocados ever, in my opinion!)
1 beefsteak or heirloom tomato
1/4 piece red onion (use as you’d like) 
Juice from 1/2 lemon 
1 teaspoon of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
1 tablespoon seasonings, of your choice 
Toppings (add whatever you’d like! Here are some ideas I like to add to mines):
~ date, pitted and chopped
~ coconut flakes (don’t judge, just try it!) 
~ sprouted beans
~ mango slice 
~ more sliced red onions (or scallions) and tomatoes
To make the guacamole: cut open the avocado and spoon out the green flesh into a bowl or food processor. Add in the tomatoes, red onions, lemon juice and seasonings. Process or mix with a fork until creamy and to your preferred consistency of your choice.
Wash the mushrooms with lemon juice and pat dry with a napkin. Place the guacamole on top of the bottom of the mushroom. Add your desired toppings and enjoy!

large heaping handfuls of organic spring mix salad
1-2 oyster mushrooms
1/4 piece of red onion
1/2 or 1 whole avocado
1 beefsteak or heirloom tomato 
1/2 cup sprouted TruRoots mung beans 
1/2 cucumber, sliced 
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt
1 teaspoon hemp seeds 
1 tablespoon seasonings, of choice 

Add all ingredients in a bowl, mix and enjoy! Add whatever you like. Keep it healthy, clean and delicious!


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