Miliany Bonet runs and owns 2 other vegan websites, where she shares her passion for a plant-based lifestyle with others. Please feel free to stop by her sites and give them a follow. She would love it if you would leave her comments, like and share her posts and follow and connect with her socially. was the first blog that Miliany created. This blog began with sharing recipes, then it quickly turned into a health and wellness site with informative articles on healthy living and tips for living a plant-based lifestyle. Today, 0medz0 has grown rapidly and is like a news site for plant-based information. Learn how to live a medication-free lifestyle, detox and cleanse tips and recipes, lifestyle tips, 
Miliany created to help those looking to transition to a raw foods lifestyle but don’t know where to begin a one-stop shop so they can be lead on the right path on their journey to better health. Learn how to transition to raw the healthy way, and all new subscribers receive a FREE report on how to transition to raw in 3 easy and simple steps, along with the top essential basics very raw food transitioner must know! 
Please don’t hesitate to email Miliany at with any questions, comments or concerns. She is also open to any suggestions. 
All the best in health and wellness, 

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